M3 Global health conference 2024 

empowered health missionaries. 

The mobilizing medical missionaries [M3] GLOBAL Health Conference 2024 at Lakewood was a great success. Dr. Paul Osteen and his nurse wife, founders of the M3 conference in its 9th year in 2024, met their expectations of providing guidance, resources, training, networking, and mentoring at the Lakewood Church venue.

Medical professionals and healthcare workers from around the world gathered at the conference to learn, collaborate, and share best practices in global health. The event was a hub for knowledge exchange and innovation in healthcare, furthering the mission of improving health and development worldwide.

At the M3 Global Health Conference 2024 , renowned surgeon Dr. Fosterand other esteemed plenary speakers captivated participants with invaluable insights drawn from their vast experiences in the health and development missions  field. Attendees were enlightened that the core focus should always be on serving others rather than seeking personal recognition.

The conference emphasized the profound message that true healing and transformation extend beyond individual efforts, highlighting the importance of faith and divine intervention in healthcare initiatives. Speakers reiterated that by aligning with the will of God, resources, especially financial support, are made available to drive positive change and impact within communities and cultures.

Dr. Foster, alongside other expert speakers, conducted enlightening lectures at the pre-conference workshop on the essential components of health systems within the context of health Systems and tropical diseases . The discussions centered on critical aspects of the 6 pillars of WHO HEALTH SYSTEM such as finances, infrastructure, insurance, service delivery, and human resources. Emphasizing the integration of these elements, the workshop highlighted how their cohesive functioning results in the ultimate goal of providing  HEALTH , which remains the cornerstone of any successful medical ministry.

Attendees gained valuable insights into the interconnected nature of these components and their pivotal role in generating positive health outcomes. With a focus on achieving holistic and sustainable healthcare solutions, the workshop underscored the significance of collaborative efforts in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of health systems. By understanding the synergistic relationship between finances, infrastructure, insurance, service delivery, and human resources, participants were equipped with the knowledge needed to drive meaningful advancements in healthcare delivery within their respective communities.

Tropical diseases such as Malaria, Tuberculosis (TB), Shistosomiasis, Chagas, HIV, and Ebola were thoroughly discussed. The focus was on understanding their unique presentations, signs, and symptoms. The event delved into the importance of accurate diagnosis for timely intervention and treatment. Various preventive strategies were also highlighted to combat these diseases effectively.

Experts in the field emphasized the significance of working closely with local, regional, and central government authorities. This collaboration ensures a coordinated approach towards tackling tropical diseases. By fostering partnerships with governmental bodies, the community can benefit from improved access to healthcare services, better disease surveillance, and implementation of preventive measures across affected regions.

Learn more from the conference website at www.m3missions.com 

By Dr Ntuba , Akwo Thompson 

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has announced and reacted to the killing of two police officers and one fire fighter at the town of Burnsville just 15 miles from the city of Minneapolis in this statement 

"Horrific news from Burnsville. While responding to a call of a family in danger, two police officers and one firefighter lost their lives, and other officers were injured."

   The goveror has instructed authorities in the department of public safety to investigate the incident and killings .

The killing of two police officers and a firefighter in the Minnesota town of Burnsville is a tragic reminder of the dangers faced by first responders. Incidents like these highlight the risks and challenges that police officers and firefighters encounter while responding to emergency calls. Unfortunately, in the USA, such incidents occur due to residents having easy access to guns and firearms, which can escalate situations and lead to violence against those who are there to protect and serve.

It is crucial to remember that all lives matter, including the lives of first responders who put themselves in harm's way to keep communities safe. Taking the lives of police officers and firefighters not only affects these individuals but also deeply impacts their families, friends, and the entire community. Such senseless acts of violence deprive families of their loved ones and weaken the fabric of society.

By Dr Ntuba , Akwo Thompson 

Two Police officers and one Firefighter killed and others injured while responding to a domestic call in Minnesota town of Burnsville says state Governor Tim Walz . 

International Church Leader and Preacher or Religious communicator , Rev Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson calls on Global health Missionaries and Workers to come to Lake Wood Church during the weekend for M3 Confeence after  shooting .

Rev. Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson, a certified science and faith global health worker, calls on his colleagues to fear not and attend the M3 Conference at Lake Wood Church. Despite the recent shooting and killing, he encourages missionary workers to come together and participate in this important event. With a focus on global health missions, the conference aims to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and empower individuals to make a positive impact in communities around the world.

At the M3 Conference, attendees will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for health and development. Through informative sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities, missionary workers can expand their understanding of global health challenges and discover innovative solutions. By gathering at Lake Wood Church, participants can find support and encouragement as they navigate the often challenging and demanding world of global health missions.

Rev. Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson urges his fellow global health missionary workers not to let fear deter them from attending the M3 Conference. By coming together and sharing their expertise and experiences, they can collectively make a difference in the lives of those in need. The conference serves as a powerful platform for collaboration, inspiration, and collective action to address global health challenges and promote positive change.

Join us at the M3 Conference in Lake Wood to combat evil and terrorism, and promote health and development. At this empowering event, renowned speaker Rev. Dr. Ntuba Akwo, former vice prelate of Gospel Ministers Fellowship and pioneer head of Gospel Ministers Association in Cameroon, will address fellow believers with an inspiring message. He reminds us that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and a sound mind. Together, we can overcome any obstacle.

No weapon formed against us shall prosper as we gather in Lake Wood for the M3 Conference. It is a unique opportunity to unite and stand against evil and terrorism, while also focusing on health and development. Rev. Dr. Ntuba Akwo, with his vast experience in ministry, will share his wisdom and encourage believers to be strong and confident in the face of adversity. Let us come together, armed with faith and knowledge, to make a positive impact and create a better future for all.

REV DR NTUBA AKWO THOMPSON, a renowned Physician evangelist, played a crucial role in the recent M3 Conference by providing practical demonstrations during the pre-conference sessions. His impressive global health campaigns and commitment to imparting knowledge and skills were on full display as he assisted conference participants.

With his vast experience and expertise, REV DR NTUBA AKWO THOMPSON shared valuable insights and techniques with attendees, showcasing his dedication to improving healthcare practices. His practical demonstrations not only enhanced the learning experience but also inspired others to make a difference in the field of health and development. REV DR NTUBA AKWO THOMPSON truly stands out as a champion for positive change and a mentor for aspiring healthcare professionals.

       Some of the renowned organizations to participate at the M3 conference .

Samaritan's Purse, Operation Cure, and the Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA) are among the organizations participating in the M3 Global Health Conference. Rev. Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson, a member of CMDA USA and a certified faith and science leader by ISH Houston, highlights the importance of Luke 9:2, which calls us to preach the kingdom and heal the sick. With a focus on both spiritual and physical well-being, M3 conference prepares participants to effectively serve in healthcare missions.

This annual gathering of likeminded individuals provides a platform for collaboration and learning. By bringing together medical professionals, missionaries, and global health organizations, the M3 conference aims to address health challenges and promote sustainable development. With Rev. Dr. Thompson's expertise and emphasis on Luke 9:2, the conference encourages attendees to integrate faith and medicine in their mission work, ultimately contributing to the improvement of health and the advancement of communities worldwide.

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As the world faces environmental challenges, it is essential to prioritize health and development. Young engineers can make a significant impact by utilizing CCUS technologies to mitigate carbon emissions and combat climate change. The OGCI's efforts specifically target key contributors to global warming, such as CO2 and methane emissions from various sectors, including transportation. By promoting the utilization and storage of captured carbon, young engineers can pave the way for a greener and more sustainable future. Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson's involvement in the CCUS global conference demonstrates his dedication to sharing expertise and advancing the field, leading to optimal practices in carbon capture and utilization. Their collective efforts are vital for the health and development of current and future generations.

The program committee is seeking abstracts for the technical themes listed below. They have particular interest in abstracts that highlight current CCUS work and tackle related challenges to subsurface storage.

CCUS Latin America 2024 will feature a variety of executive plenary sessions and topical luncheons, as well as a robust, multidisciplinary technical program of oral and poster sessions.

  • CO₂-Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery
  • CO₂ Injection and Well Design
  • Reservoir Characterization and Subsurface Storage Modeling – Risk
  • Subsurface Storage Characterization and Site Selection
  • Risk Assessment and Monitoring
  • Case Studies

Young Engineers should be provided with resources to address Global warming caused by Carbon dioxide .

The Future of Israel-USA relations is becoming uncertain with recent events in the Middle East .

With the recent tensions in the Middle East, the uncertainty surrounding Israel-USA relations in the realm of SECURITY  and International  development aid  is evident. Israel's unwillingness to comply with American advice highlights its stance as a sovereign nation. However, this refusal to accept the American two-state option with the Palestinians has led to increased animosity from Arab nations. This discord not only strains the relationship between Israel and the United States but also exposes America to Arab resentment. Additionally, Congress's inability to pass aid for Israel adds to the growing concerns about the long-term commitment of the USA to supporting Israel's security and development endeavors.

  Israel depends largely on the USA as it,s major ally but refuses to be considered as a dependent partner .

by Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson 

The World Health organization refutes Israel accusation of WHO collusion with Hamas .

The World Health Organization (WHO), an organization dedicated to promoting health and safety worldwide, has responded to recent accusations made by Israel regarding collusion with Hamas. At the Executive Board meeting, WHO firmly refuted these allegations and reaffirmed its commitment to the health and well-being of all individuals, including both Israelis and Palestinians. The United Nations, which oversees the organization, has accepted and taken responsibility for the actions of its workers in the midst of Hamas-Israel attacks.

As an ethical and unbiased agency, WHO works diligently to provide support and aid to communities affected by conflict and violence. While concerns may arise regarding the neutrality of humanitarian organizations during times of political tension, WHO remains steadfast in its mission to alleviate suffering and improve the health conditions of vulnerable populations. The organization's consistent actions have demonstrated its dedication to providing unbiased assistance and ensuring the safety and well-being of all individuals, regardless of their nationality or affiliation.

Statement from WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Geneva, 26 January 2024 -- WHO refutes Israel's accusation at the Executive Board meeting yesterday that WHO is in “collusion” with Hamas and is “turning a blind eye” to the suffering of hostages being held in Gaza. Such false claims are harmful and can endanger our staff who are risking their lives to serve the vulnerable. As a United Nations agency, WHO is impartial and is working for the health and well-being of all people.

  It must be noted that the World health organization still rely on trauma and death data originating from Hamas Gaza  health authorities which may not always represent the whole situation and the truth .

   Independent communicators in Gaza are reporting that Israel has killed too many childdren and innocednt Palistinians and must stop the killings and blood shed .


Rev Dr NTUBA THOMPSON AKWO , Religious communicator says "Christ must be rescued from false preachers talking nonsense they call prophecies and ministry ". 

Welcome to our Health and Development website. Here, you will find valuable information and resources on various aspects of your well-being. We are proud to have Rev Dr Ntuba Thompson as part of our team, who has extensive experience in proclaiming the word, facilitating healing, and guiding discipleship development. His impactful preaching can be witnessed through his engagements in churches, crusades, seminars, conferences, and teachings in seminaries across many states and major cities in the USA. Let us embark on this journey together towards a healthier and more developed life.

Religious communicator Rev Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson, a prominent figure in the Christian community, has recently spoken out, calling on true believers to come together and rescue the true essence of Christ from the clutches of fakes. Drawing from the wisdom shared in the book of Hebrews, specifically chapter 11, Rev Dr. Thompson highlights the importance of faith in the life of a Christian. This chapter showcases individuals who demonstrated unwavering faith in God, serving as a powerful reminder of what faith truly entails.

Furthermore, Rev Dr. Thompson references the book of 2 Chorintians , where Paul recounts the challenges he faced from false believers and other troubles encountered while preaching the message of Christ. This serves as a stark reminder that even in the early days of Christianity, there were impostors and obstacles that true believers had to overcome. Rev Dr. Thompson asserts that the presence of false prophets and miracle workers in Christ's name is a sign of the end times. Therefore, he urges genuine Christians to remain vigilant and actively work towards rescuing the true representation of Christ from these counterfeits to preserve the integrity of the faith.

In democratic nations, former president Trump will not be on the ballot. Donald Trump is not a hero nor a coward, but a very calculating individual who knows the weaknesses of the USA political system. He understands the dynamics of those who have political control and wealth, often saying the things they believe but are afraid to say in public. This calculated approach can lead to deception and manipulation, as Trump skillfully exploits the gaps in the system to further his own agenda.

However, in democratic nations, the absence of Trump on the ballot signifies a shift in political landscape. It presents an opportunity for new leaders to emerge and for the public to reevaluate their priorities in health and development. It allows for fresh perspectives and voices to be heard, bringing forth potential reforms and improvements in these critical areas. While Trump's absence may bring uncertainty, it also presents a chance for democratic nations to focus on the greater good and work towards creating a healthier and more prosperous society for all.

Donald Trump's bizarre speeches, insults, and rhetoric can only be associated with the tactics employed in third world dictatorships. His lack of a coherent political ideology is evident, as is his inability to engage with pressing global issues such as climate change. Trump's disregard for science and facts has further exacerbated the challenges faced by countries in their pursuit of health and development.

Additionally, it is alarming how Trump seemingly celebrates global dictators like Putin, undermining the values of democracy and human rights. His actions have caused chaos within multilateral organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), successfully diverting attention away from his own failures. This dereliction of responsibility not only harms nations' ability to effectively combat health emergencies but also erodes trust in international cooperation. Unfortunately, Trump consistently gets away with his disruptive behavior, perpetuating a dangerous precedent for future leaders.

 The united states is allowing Trump to set precedents that can be exploited by his followers and other actors in the near future .

   by DR NTUBA AKWO THOMPSON chief editor Healthndevelopment magazine and media 

Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson , an international political practitioner , analyst and reporter .

Editorial: America is giving in to Uncivilized Banana Republic political Strategems of Donald Trump and White Republicans .



WHO Director-General's opening remarks at the 154th session of the Executive Board – 22 January 2024

22 January 2024

Your Excellency Dr Hanan Al Kuwari,Excellencies, dear colleagues and friends,Good morning to all of you, and a very happy New Year.The dawning of a new year gives us the opportunity to look forward with hope, and to look back on the year that has been.And as I look back on 2023, it is with mixed emotions.It was a year to celebrate, as we marked our 75thanniversary, and reflected on the many improvements in human health that we have been part of.There were also many achievements and milestones, including the end of COVID-19 and mpox as global health emergencies.But it was also a year to mourn; a year marred by conflict, disaster and preventable disease and death.And it was a year of grieving for the WHO family, as we lost our dear sister Dr Carissa Etienne, the former Regional Director for the Americas, and our colleague Dima Alhaj, who was killed in Gaza along with her entire family - her six-month-old baby, and her husband and two brothers.2023 was a reminder of why the work we do is so important, and why the world needs a strong, sustainable, effective, efficient and empowered WHO.And that is why we’re here this week.As always, you have a full agenda, reflecting the huge range of work of our Organization.One of the most important items on your agenda this week is the draft of the 14thGeneral Programme of Work.I thank Member States for your engagement in the development of GPW14.Our aim has been to ensure continuity between GPW13 and 14, while incorporating lessons from the GPW13 evaluation, and reflecting the realities of our ever-changing world.The three core priorities of GPW13 – healthier populations, universal health coverage and emergency preparedness and response – are reflected in the first three of the “Five Ps” which form the overarching goal of GPW14 – to promote, provide and protect health and wellbeing for all people, everywhere.I look forward to our discussion on GPW14 today, as we move towards its finalization and, hopefully, its adoption at the World Health Assembly.As I do every year, I would like to take a few moments to give you a snapshot of some of last year’s key achievements, based on the framework of the “Five Ps”.First, promoting health.This includes our shared work to address the root causes of disease, in our changing climate, the conditions in which people live and work, and in the products they consume.Tobacco use is declining in 150 countries, and there are now 19 million fewer smokers globally than there were two years ago.On trans fats, bans or limits were passed in six countries last year, and became effective in a further seven.And every year, we support more and more countries to address child wasting and obesity;To encourage breastfeeding;To increase taxes on alcohol, tobacco or sugary drinks;To regulate marketing of unhealthy products to children, including e-cigarettes;To promote physical activity;And to make our roads safer.On climate change, COP28 was a breakthrough moment, with a day dedicated to health for the first time, thanks to the United Arab Emirates.147 countries signed the COP28 declaration, donors committed more than US$ 1 billion, and agreed to transition away from fossil fuels, to mention a few.We have also supported more than 50 countries to build climate-resilient and climate-friendly health systems.And with our partners in the Quadripartite, we have supported many countries to develop One Health action plans, recognizing that the health of humans, animals and our environment are closely linked.===Now to the second of the “Five Ps”, to provide health, by supporting countries in their journey towards universal health coverage, based on strong primary health care.This area includes our shared work on strengthening health systems, and the services they deliver for maternal and child health and communicable and noncommunicable diseases.At the political level, 2023 was a milestone year for UHC, with the second High-Level Meeting at the UN General Assembly last September.In the lead-up to the meeting, WHO and the World Bank published new data showing that half the world’s population is not fully covered by essential health services, and that two billion people face financial hardship due to out-of-pocket health spending.In the political declaration, countries made more than 50 commitments to progressively expand access to essential health services, and to improve financial protection.Indeed, that is what WHO is doing all over the world.Through the UHC Partnership, we are supporting 120 countries to advance towards UHC.To support countries to strengthen primary care, we joined a consortium of development banks to launch the Health Impact Investment Platform, with funds of €1.5 billion.Almost 150 countries requested WHO support to strengthen their health and care workforce, of whom a large majority are women.For example, Benin secured new funding and plans to employ 4,000 more health workers, an increase of almost 25%.And South Africa has committed to creating 97,000 additional jobs for health workers, particularly in underserved and rural communities.And to support nurses and midwives, we have developed a set of basic emergency care tools that has been shown to reduce mortality by up to 43 percent in a study in hospitals Nepal, Uganda and Zambia.2023 was a productive year in WHO’s work supporting access to medicines and other health products.We prequalified 136 medicines, vaccines, diagnostics and other products;We added new medicines for multiple sclerosis, cancer and cardiovascular conditions to the Essential Medicines List;And we issued eight alerts for substandard or falsified medical products.In the Maldives, WHO's novel testing approach enabled health authorities to rapidly detect contaminated pediatric medicines, triggering a global alert and recall that saved lives in four regions.We also continue to support Member States to strengthen their regulatory systems.We recognized Türkiye and Saudi Arabia’s regulatory systems as having reached high levels of maturity.The Republic of Korea, Singapore and Switzerland were the first three countries to become WHO-Listed Regulatory Authorities, making them “regulators of reference” that meet internationally recognized standards and practices.And with WHO leadership, we continue to foster technology transfer and local manufacturing.We also hosted the first global summit on traditional medicine in India, to support evidence-based, safe, effective and sustainable use of traditional, complementary and integrative medicine.===All of this work to strengthen health systems is supporting our work to save lives and improve quality of life across the life course, especially for women and children.After dramatic gains in maternal and child mortality under the Millennium Development Goals, there has been little progress since 2016.We continue to work with Member States to identify the barriers and to give them the tools to overcome them.Last year we published new roadmaps or guidelines on postpartum haemorrhage, labour care and adolescent health, and supported dozens of countries to implement them. As you know, PPH is one of the major killers of mothers during delivery.At the other end of life, we supported 18 countries to strengthen care for older people, including new guidelines on lower back pain.On sexual and reproductive health, we supported 23 priority countries to facilitate access to quality, survivor-centered services for sexual violence.And 11 more countries introduced the HPV vaccine for cervical cancer last year.One of the biggest disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic was to routine immunization programmes in many countries, leading to outbreaks of measles, diphtheria, polio and yellow fever.In April last year, we launched “The Big Catch Up” with UNICEF and Gavi, to support countries to shut down outbreaks and restore immunization programmes at least to pre-pandemic levels.Meanwhile, the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization, SAGE, last year recommended new vaccines for dengue, meningitis, and a second vaccine for malaria, the R21-Matrix M vaccine.Having two vaccines for malaria will help to close the huge gap between demand and supply, and could save tens of thousands of young lives, especially in Africa.Following WHO’s recommendation in 2021 of the RTS,S malaria vaccine based on successful pilots in Ghana, Kenya and Malawi, widespread rollout of the vaccine is beginning today in Cameroon.At least 29 countries intend to introduce the vaccine, and 20 have already been approved for Gavi support and plan to roll it out this year.Last year we also issued new recommendations on a new generation of insecticide-treated nets;And we certified Azerbaijan, Belize and Tajikistan as malaria free, and we added Cabo Verde to that list just a couple of weeks ago.On tuberculosis, more than 7.5 million people with TB received access to diagnosis and treatment in 2022, the most since we began monitoring almost 30 years ago.In addition, the UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting agreed new targets to end TB, and we launched the TB Vaccine Accelerator Council, to facilitate the development, licensing and equitable use of new TB vaccines.On HIV, more than 75% of people living with HIV globally are now receiving antiretroviral therapy, and almost all of those on treatment are achieving viral suppression, which means they cannot infect others.We are now beginning to see a path towards the SDG target of ending the HIV epidemic.Australia became the first country to announce that it is close to the virtual elimination of HIV transmission, in inner Sydney.And in Zimbabwe, integrating services for HIV and sexual and reproductive health led to seven times more women being screened for HIV and sexually transmitted infections.Meanwhile, on hepatitis, Egypt became the first country to achieve "gold tier” status on the path to elimination of hepatitis C. This is a historic milestone.On neglected tropical diseases, Benin, Iraq and Mali eliminated trachoma, Ghana eliminated African trypanosomiasis, and Lao PDR and Bangladesh eliminated lymphatic filariasis.Bangladesh also became the first country in the world to eliminate visceral leishmaniasis, thanks to a collaboration between many partners, including WHO and the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases.Meanwhile, we continue to intensify our efforts to eradicate polio.Last year, six cases of wild poliovirus were reported in Pakistan and six in Afghanistan, the second-lowest number of cases reported in a calendar year.Our target is to interrupt transmission of wild poliovirus this year, and I hope that will be the case.We’re also deploying a new vaccine for poliovirus type 2, to reduce the risk of outbreaks of vaccine-derived poliovirus.===There is also much to be proud of in our work on noncommunicable diseases.Last year, we supported more than 80 countries to integrate services for NCDs into their health systems.For example, in Ethiopia we supported strengthening of screening, diagnosis and treatment in 85 health facilities across seven regions;On hypertension, 10 new countries implemented the HEARTS package.The Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer provided technical and financial support in more than 70 countries in partnership with St. Jude;We supported nine countries to expand access to mental health services for almost 20 million more people;And at least 45 countries have made progress in addressing the unmet health needs of migrants and refugees, from Bulgaria to Cambodia to Jordan.Meanwhile, we continue to support countries to respond to the crisis of antimicrobial resistance.The number of countries reporting data on bacterial infections has more than tripled in seven years, and 11 more countries developed multisectoral national action plans on AMR last year.This year’s UN General Assembly high-level meeting on antimicrobial resistance will be another important opportunity to secure concrete commitments for this urgent global threat, which kills at least 1.3 million people every year.===Now to the third of the “Five Ps”: protecting health.2023 was a significant year in our work to prepare for, prevent and respond to health emergencies.After almost three and a half years, in May I declared an end to both COVID-19 and mpox as global health emergencies, although both remain global threats.More than two-thirds of the global population has now received a complete primary series of a COVID-19 vaccine.COVAX, which closed at the end of last year, played a vital role, delivering nearly two billion doses and saving an estimated 2.7 million lives in lower-income countries.We continue to urge all Member States to maintain and reinforce the capacities they built during the pandemic as part of their commitment to preparedness for future emergencies.Meanwhile, there were many other crises demanding our attention last year.In all, WHO responded to 65 graded emergencies, from earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria, to conflict and insecurity in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Haiti, Myanmar, Sudan, Ukraine, and of course the occupied Palestinian territory, especially Gaza.We supported countries to access vaccines and treatments to respond to outbreaks of cholera, diphtheria, meningitis and yellow fever.And emergency medical teams played a vital role in our response to 19 emergencies in 18 countries - so just giving the list because if I tried to explain what we did in all of these emergencies in these countries it would take all day. But at least you know what we have been doing from various reports.Last week, WHO launched our Health Emergency Appeal, with an ask of US$ 1.5 billion to support our work responding to emergencies this year.While our work responding to emergencies often makes the headlines, our work to prevent and prepare for emergencies is less visible, but equally important.The WHO Framework for Health Emergency Preparedness, Response and Resilience provides a roadmap for the governance, systems, tools, workforce and financing needed to strengthen national, regional and global health security.We have many ongoing initiatives in this area, as you know.For example, the Pandemic Fund is up and running, and has made its first round of disbursements, of US$ 338 million to 37 countries.The second round is now underway, with funding of US$ 500 million.We’re also making progress on the interim mechanism for medical countermeasures, the Global Health Emergency Corps, the Universal Health and Preparedness Review, the International Pathogen Surveillance Network, the WHO BioHub System, the mRNA Technology Transfer Hub, the WHO Hub for Pandemic and Epidemic Intelligence and the Preparedness and Resilience for Emerging Threats Initiative. More than ten initiatives actually, based on our experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. I cannot go into details explaining all of these initiatives, but I know that when we implement all of these initiatives the world will be better prepared.At the political level, world leaders at the UN General Assembly High-Level Meeting agreed a strong political declaration, including a commitment to conclude negotiations on the pandemic agreement and amendments to the International Health Regulations by May this year.But I must say I am gravely concerned that Member States may not meet that commitment.Time is very short, and there are several outstanding issues that remain to be resolved.In my view, a failure to deliver the pandemic agreement and the IHR amendments will be a missed opportunity for which future generations may not forgive us.It will take courage, and it will take compromise. You will not reach consensus if everyone remains entrenched in their positions.Everyone will have to give something, or no one will get anything.I urge all Member States to work with urgency and purpose to reach consensus on a strong agreement that will help to protect our children and grandchildren from future pandemics.And I would like to use this opportunity to thank the two co-chairs and the Bureau members for their leadership in INB and IHR.===Excellencies, dear colleagues and friends,To promote, provide and protect health is the overarching goal of GPW14.Those three core priorities are supported by the fourth and fifth Ps – to power and perform for health.Powering health is about harnessing the power of science, research, digital technologies, data and communications to support countries most effectively to accelerate towards the SDG targets.In 2023, we supported 50 countries with a “Delivery for Impact” approach, which is a relentless, systematic and data-driven approach to implementation and delivering results.For example, Madagascar is using this approach to prevent lymphatic filariasis.And with a Delivery for Impact approach, Viet Nam is on course to reduce tobacco use among men from 44% now to 33% by 2025.The World Health Data Hub now includes the largest inequality and mortality databases, and tailored country data profiles. By the way we are now having in WHO for the first time from fragmented data into one data lake.More than 120 countries have now implemented ICD-11, which now includes a second module on traditional medicine.2023 was also a significant year in our work supporting countries to harness the power of digital technologies and artificial intelligence for health.We launched the Global Digital Health Certification Network, the Global Initiative on Digital Health, and we issued guidance on regulation of artificial intelligence for health.The Council on the Economics of Health for All delivered its final report;And in October this year, the WHO Academy campus in Lyon will open, marking the start of a new era – and I thank France for its continued support. And the Academy, when fully functional, will be a game changer in capacity building, both for Member States and for our staff.===The fifth and final P, performing for health, means our continued work to build a stronger WHO.This builds on the seven pillars of the transformation, which we began six-and-a-half years ago, to strengthen our strategy, operating model, processes, partnerships, financing, workforce and culture.We are continuing to make progress in each of these areas.We’re rolling out of our new enterprise resource management system, BMS; that is going to replace the current system.Our new supply chain strategy is enabling us to preposition supplies to respond to emergencies more effectively;We’ve cut recruitment time by 40% in four years;We’re implementing a new system for contracting staff;We’re improving access to mental health care for employees;We’ve achieved overall gender equality and increased equality at the higher grades;We launched the WHO Youth Council, the Civil Society Commission, and improved the way we consult with non-State actors;And we continue to build a new approach to financing that is more sustainable and predictable.I thank Member States for the substantial progress you have already made in implementing the recommendations of the Member State Working Group on Sustainable Financing.One of the Working Group’s key recommendations is the idea of an Investment Round, which the World Health Assembly endorsed last year, and which is before you for consideration this week.The objective of the investment round is to fund the 14th General Programme of Work, to increase the predictability and flexibility of funding, and to eliminate the pockets of poverty that have been so problematic in the past.I thank all Member States for your constructive engagement on the investment round to date, and I look forward to our discussion and, I hope, to your approval. I would like to use this opportunity to thank Björn Kümmel for chairing the Sustainable Financing Working Group, and the recommendations for assessed contributions and the investment round were made under his leadership. So, vielen dank, Björn.Of course, we well understand that Member States expect a return for their investment, in the shape of a more effective and efficient WHO; a WHO that delivers a measurable impact.And so you should. We remain committed to delivering the changes you asked for through the Agile Member States Task Group, and to which we have committed through the Secretariat Implementation Plan on Reform. That's AMSTG and SIP.That includes our commitment to making zero tolerance for any form of sexual misconduct a reality.In DRC, we have provided one year of support for victims based on the UN standard, but we recognise that may not be enough for some women, so we are extending support on a case-by-case basis.One of my main priorities this year is to strengthen our country offices in a way that has never been done before.Just over a year ago, we established the Action for Results Group, made up of WHO representatives from all six regions, to develop a plan for achieving that goal.Their work has now been consolidated into a six-point action plan that we are in the process of implementing.To establish a core predictable presence in each country office, we have prioritised 400 positions for recruitment in country offices,We’ve committed US$ 200 million to fund these posts;Five regional directors and I have issued a joint global delegation of authority to WHO Country Representatives, to empower them to provide more responsive and timely support to our Member States;so to empower our Country Office heads.And the Global Geographical Mobility Policy was initiated last year and is now in its voluntary phase, and the first voluntary phase has been completed.===Excellencies, dear colleagues and friends,2024 will be a defining year for global health, and for our WHO.It is a year of opportunity.This year, you have the opportunity to shape the world’s global health strategy for the next four years, in the GPW14.This year, you have the opportunity to shape the future of health emergencies, through the pandemic agreement and the amendments to the IHR;And this year, you have the opportunity to shape the future of this Organization, through the Investment Round. These are three big tasks. And I was saying to the Chair, this is very historic, actually, to focus on these very big issues that will shape the Organization for many years to come.I urge you to seize these opportunities. They do not come very often.We are all here because we want to make a difference, because we believe in the mission and vision of the World Health Organization.This year is our opportunity to make that difference, and to make the world a healthier, safer, fairer place - and especially, a more peaceful place.Thank you all for your continued commitment and support.My colleagues and I remain committed to working with you to promote, provide, protect, power and perform for the health of the world’s people.Your support during the past six years in the Transformation agenda has been very crucial, and I would like to thank you, on my behalf and on behalf of all my colleagues in WHO, and we believe you will continue your support for a better world.I thank you.Related154th session of the Executive Board

United Nations Secretary General says "Israel refusal of a Palistinian state is unacceptable" 

Israel benefits from the unwavering support of the Republican party, particularly when it comes to questioning Ukraine's President Zelensky. In the sphere of health and development, Israel can rely on conservative Republicans to back its actions in the Middle East. These Republicans are ready to provide financial support for Israel in the war in Gaza while pushing for greater accountability in the allocation of funds for the war in Ukraine.

With their unconditional support, the Republicans understand Israel's strategic importance in the region and the need to bolster its efforts. This support ensures that Israel can continue to count on conservative Republicans to stand by its side, both politically and financially, as it navigates the complex challenges of the Middle East. As discussions on funding priorities arise, these Republicans prioritize Israel's defense initiatives, recognizing the vital role it plays in maintaining stability and security in the region.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declined the American request for the creation of a Palestinian state, causing condemnation from various prominent figures and countries. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, United States President, Secretary of State, along with several European Union member states, and the UK have voiced their disapproval of this decision. It has sparked a significant uproar in the international community, raising concerns about the potential implications for health and development in the region.

The refusal to accept the establishment of a Palestinian state has been met with strong criticism from these influential leaders and nations. This rejection has intensified tensions in the region and created uncertainty regarding the future o post war two states  initiatives. The condemnation signals a disapproval of the implications this decision may have on the overall well-being and progress of the Palestinian people, raising concerns about the potential hindrance to the advancement of  ceasefire talks  and socio-economic development in the area.

President Joe Biden and Former president Donald Trump are likely to face each other at November 2024  USA presidential elections .

Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden are expected to go head-to-head once again in the November 2024 presidential elections in the United States. This highly anticipated rematch between the two political stalwarts has captured the attention of the nation and the international community. As both candidates gear up for their campaigns, the American people eagerly await the outcome that will shape the country's future in the years to come.

In a surprising turn of events, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has recently suspended his own Republican primaries campaign and instead opted to endorse former President Trump. This move has further solidified Trump's position as a formidable contender in the upcoming elections. With a strong base of supporters and a polarizing political persona, Trump's candidacy poses a significant challenge to President Biden's bid for re-election. As the nation prepares for this historic electoral showdown, it remains to be seen who will emerge victorious and lead the United States into the next chapter of its health and development journey.

International Political leader, Physician , Preacher and Publisher editor , Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson credits Honorable Luis Gutierrez for DACA .

Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson and congress man Luis Gutierrez at work in Washington DC .

Former Chicago Alderman, political protege of Mayor Harold Washington of Chicago, and former congressman Luis Gutierrez is credited for the advice and creation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, during the Obama administration. Gutierrez's work on Latino issues involved collaborating closely with healthcare expert Dr. Ntuba Akwo.

DACA, which primarily benefits young immigrants who arrived in the United States as children, was implemented in 2012. This program grants temporary protection from deportation to eligible individuals and provides work permits, enabling them to contribute to the country's development. Dr. Ntuba Akwo worked alongside Honorable Luis Gutierrez, leveraging their collective expertise to address the health and development needs of the Latino community within the framework of DACA. Their efforts aimed to create opportunities for improved healthcare access for marginalized populations.

Luis Gutierrez, a Puerto Rican kid from the barrio and former cab driver, has become one of the most influential advocates for Latino community issues in the United States. Despite facing marginalization and hatred from congressional leaders, Gutierrez stood up for truth and spoke his mind fearlessly. He rose above the hierarchy to become a prominent voice and leader within the Latino community.

With a diversified and inclusive approach, Gutierrez has tirelessly fought for the well-being of the Latino community. He strongly advocates for healthcare and development, recognizing the importance of accessible and equitable resources for all. Gutierrez's dedication and determination serve as an inspiration to others, emphasizing the power of individual voices and the need for representation in leadership roles. Through his work, he strives to create a healthier and more prosperous future for Latinos, fostering a stronger and united nation.

CerawWeek 2024 

Energy executives around the World continue to plan for the 2024 global meeting in Houston 

Preventing famine and deadly disease outbreak in Gaza requires faster, safer aid access and more supply routes

Rome / Geneva / New York, 15 January 2024 – As the risk of famine grows, and more people are exposed to deadly disease outbreaks, a fundamental step change in the flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza is urgently needed, United Nations agencies warned today. The heads of the World Food Programme (WFP), UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) say that getting enough supplies into and across Gaza now depends on: the opening of new entry routes; more trucks being allowed through border checks each day; fewer restrictions on the movement of humanitarian workers; and guarantees of safety for people accessing and distributing aid.

Without the ability to produce or import food, the entire population of Gaza relies on aid to survive. But humanitarian aid alone cannot meet the essential needs of the Gaza people. The United Nations, international aid agencies and non-governmental organizations have so far managed to deliver limited humanitarian assistance in Gaza, despite extraordinarily difficult conditions, but the quantities fall far short of what is needed to prevent a deadly combination of hunger, malnutrition, and disease. The shortage of food, clean water, and medical assistance is particularly severe in the northern areas.

Humanitarian action is seriously limited by the closure of all but two border crossings in the south and the multi-layered vetting process for trucks coming into Gaza. Once inside, efforts to set up service points for people in need are hampered by bombardments and constantly shifting battle fronts, which endanger the lives of ordinary Gazans and the UN and other humanitarian personnel striving to help them.

“People in Gaza risk dying of hunger just miles from trucks filled with food,” said WFP Executive Director Cindy McCain. “Every hour lost puts countless lives at risk. We can keep famine at bay but only if we can deliver sufficient supplies and have safe access to everyone in need, wherever they are.”

The latest Integrated Food Security and Nutrition Phase Classification (IPC)reportfound devastating levels of food insecurity in Gaza and confirmed that the entire population of Gaza –roughly 2.2million people– are in crisis or worse levels of acute food insecurity. Virtually all Palestinians in Gaza are skipping meals every day while many adults go hungry so children can eat, and the report warned of famine, if current conditions persist.

WFP has been providing food to people inside Gaza every day since 7 October and reached more than 900000 people with food assistance in December. This has required pivoting to new ways of operating with local partners, including finding safe sites for distributions, channeling wheat flour into bakeries so that they can resume production, and distributing special food supplements to help children fight off malnutrition. On Thursday, WFP’s first food convoy to North Gaza since the humanitarian pause delivered food supplies for around 8000 people.

The conflict has also damaged or destroyed essential water, sanitation and health infrastructure and services and limited capacity to treat severe malnutrition and infectious disease outbreaks. With Gaza’s 335000 children under 5 years of age especially vulnerable, UNICEF projects that, in the next few weeks, child wasting, the most life-threatening form of malnutrition in children, could increase from pre-crisis conditions by nearly 30 per cent, affecting up to 10000 children.

“Children at high risk of dying from malnutrition and disease desperately need medical treatment, clean water and sanitation services, but the conditions on the ground do not allow us to safely reach children and families in need,” said UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell. “Some of the material we desperately need to repair and increase water supply remain restricted from entering Gaza. The lives of children and their families are hanging in the balance. Every minute counts.”

UNICEF has been warning since November that children in southern Gaza are accessing only 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day, well below the recommended requirements for survival. To address this, UNICEF and partners have provided safe drinking water to over 1.3million people, but much more is needed to address the desperate conditions. UNICEF has also provided medical supplies, including 600000 doses of vaccine, nutritional supplements and vitamins to children and pregnant women, and humanitarian cash transfers to over 500000 households.

Since the start of the hostilities, WHO and partners have been supporting the health system in Gaza with deliveries of medical equipment and supplies, medicines, fuel, coordination of emergency medical teams, and disease surveillance. There have been more than a dozen high-risk missions to deliver supplies to hospitals in northern and southern Gaza. WHO and partners helped establish two kitchens at Al-Shifa hospital, now serving 1200 meals a day and delivered medical supplies to support treatment for up to 1250 children with severe acute malnutrition, and the establishment of therapeutic feeding centres.

“People in Gaza are suffering from a lack of food, water, medicines and adequate healthcare. Famine will make an already terrible situation catastrophic because sick people are more likely to succumb to starvation and starving people are more vulnerable to disease”, said WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “We need unimpeded, safe access to deliver aid and a humanitarian ceasefire to prevent further death and suffering.”

Israeli authorization to use a working port close to the Gaza Strip and border crossing points into the north is critically needed by aid agencies. Access to Ashdod port, roughly 40 km to the north, would enable significantly larger quantities of aid to be shipped in and then trucked directly to the badly affected northern regions of Gaza, which few convoys have managed to reach.

“The flow of aid has been a trickle in comparison to a sea of humanitarian needs,” said Phillipe Lazzarini, Commissioner General for the UN Palestine Refugee Agency (UNRWA). “Humanitarian aid will not be enough to reverse the worsening hunger among the population. Commercial supplies are a must to allow the markets and private sector to re-open and provide an alternative to food accessibility.”

The agency heads emphasize the urgent need to lift the barriers and restrictions on aid delivery to and within Gaza, and for commercial traffic to resume. They reiterated the call for a humanitarian ceasefire to enable this vitally important roll-out of a massive, multi-agency humanitarian operation.

Note to editors

The United Nations World Food Programme is the world’s largest humanitarian organization, saving lives in emergencies and using food assistance to build a pathway to peace, stability and prosperity for people recovering from conflict, disasters and the impact of climate change.

Former President Donald Trump, who secured an impressive 51% of the Republican Iowa caucus vote, is now turning his attention towards Nikki Haley, whom he views as a potential rival in the New Hampshire primaries. Trump's attacks on Haley have gained momentum and show no signs of slowing down, leaving the Republican camp without a leader publicly calling for a ceasefire. This intense verbal battle has become a significant focal point as the race for the Republican nomination heats up in the midst of the New Hampshire primaries.

Trump's refusal to relent in his criticism of Haley has created a highly charged atmosphere within the Republican party. With no established voice of reason stepping in to mediate, tensions are rising as the primaries draw near. These attacks have captivated the attention of political enthusiasts and have become a key issue in the Health and Development field, as the wellbeing and political climate in the nation play vital roles in overall societal health and progress. The outcome of this ongoing feud between two prominent figures within the party remains uncertain, leaving both supporters and critics eagerly watching their every move.

Americans say"  stop killing Palistinians in Gaza and middle East using their tax money for arms to Israel" .

Opinion: HND Publisher and Editor DR REV Dr Ntuba ,  Akwo Thompson says need to control others drive the wars by  Zionist Israel and her ally, Undermining United Nations security council with veto votes .

His Eminence Excellency Minister Rev Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson, an international religious communicator and publisher, is advocating for love and unity between Arabs ,Palistinians , Israel and the USA. As the editor of Health and Development magazine, he emphasizes the importance of respecting the United Nations resolutions in the New York  USA. He prays for all countries to uphold these resolutions and work towards peace, remembering past instances where leaders like Natanyawu and Bush rejected the UN resolutions during Iraq and Gaza war and theconsequences . He says Isreal should stop putting the lives of innocent Americans at risk in the Arab world with need to take over Gaza lands contradicting and insulting USA and  UN 

With his extensive knowledge and experience in religious communication, Minister Rev Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson understands the power of love and harmony when it comes to health and development. He believes that by showing respect for international regulations, we can create a stronger foundation for global peace. Through his magazine and media platforms, he aims to spread this message and inspire positive change in both Israel and the USA. Let us join hands with Minister Rev Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson and work towards a world where love and unity prevail, leading to better health and development for all.

The Houston Marathon is expected to break records yet again this year, just like it has in previous years. This iconic event never fails to surprise the attendees with exciting developments. For starters, Houstonians will have the opportunity to meet new vendors who specialize in exercise, fitness, and the health industry. This means that participants and spectators alike can explore the latest trends and products in these fields, further enhancing their overall marathon experience.

Moreover, the American athletes participating in the race continue to make great strides and showcase their determination to get better with each passing year. The Houston Marathon has always attracted top-notch talents and this year is no exception. Elite athletes from around the world will be competing, raising the bar for performance and adding an extra layer of excitement to the event. With new challenges and fresh faces, the Houston Marathon promises to be a memorable and record-breaking experience for everyone involved.

Houston Mayor , John Whitmire is working for the safety , health and development of Houston residents .

Mayor John Whitmire of Houston is dedicated to addressing the environmental issues surrounding cancer in the 5th ward. He has taken a proactive stance in fighting for the residents who may have been exposed to carcinogens due to industrial activities in the area. With a strong belief in the importance of transparency, Mayor Whitmire consistently holds the Sylvester Turner administration accountable for any lack of transparency in addressing these concerns.

As a leader in health and development, Mayor Whitmire understands the urgency of protecting the residents of the 5th ward from potential health risks. He is committed to working with local organizations, experts, and community members to identify and mitigate the sources of environmental pollution that may contribute to cancer cases in the area. By advocating for transparency and demanding accountability, Mayor Whitmire ensures that the residents' voices are heard and that solutions are implemented to reduce exposure to carcinogens.

Mayor Whitmire has confirmed his attendance at the 2024 Houston Marathon, assuring the city's administrative leadership and participants that he will be present on Sunday morning. As the event draws near, questions have arisen regarding the level of preparedness by Houston's administrative leadership. Addressing these concerns, Chief Editor Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson emphasizes that Mayor Whitmire is ready to take charge and ensure a smooth and successful marathon experience.

Additionally, it is worth noting that African athletes continue to dominate the Chevron Houston Marathon. Their remarkable performances year after year demonstrate their dedication, skill, and commitment to the sport. With Mayor Whitmire's support and a strong administrative leadership, the 2024 Houston Marathon promises to be a memorable event for all participants, showcasing the vibrancy and diversity of the running community.


In a significant development for global democracy  and national development, the USA Supreme Court justices appointed by former President Donald Trump have voted to hear cases surrounding the disqualification of TRUMP  on 14th Amendment. These cases specifically pertain to the involvement of Donald Trump in the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol, with Colorado being one of the leading states pushing for his removal from the 2024 presidential race. This decision by the US Supreme Court carries immense implications and will undoubtedly impact the health and future development of the nation.

Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson, the esteemed editor of Healthndevelopment Magazine & Media, is celebrating an impressive milestone - 20 years of dedicated research and communication in the field of health and development. His unwavering commitment to improving global health has made a lasting impact in the USA and around the world. Join us in congratulating Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson on this remarkable achievement and for his invaluable contributions to the field.

Zionist Natanyawu of Israel follows example of USA Master D.Trump to Kill Muslim Leader in another Sovereign nation[Lebanon] , calling for third world war with Hezbollah and Arabs in GAZA midlle East .

Welcome to our Health and Development website, where we focus on promoting well-being and growth. Our goal is to provide you with valuable information and resources to improve your physical and mental health. From nutrition tips to exercise routines, we're here to support you in achieving your optimal health.

While we are passionate about health, we want to emphasize that our website does not promote or endorse any form of violence or conflict. We believe in fostering peace and harmony among individuals and nations. Our mission is to provide a safe and inclusive space for everyone to learn and grow together. Let's work towards a healthier and happier world, free from escalations and conflicts. By DR NTUBA AKWO THOMPSON Editor 

International political leader, physician, preacher, and publisher editor has spoken out against the recent killing of Hamas leader in Lebanon, highlighting its potential threat to world peace. In the midst of escalating tensions in the Middle East, they stress that forcible displacement is not the solution. Instead, they advocate for a two-state solution, urging Israel to heed the advice of the United States. The ongoing conflicts between Ukraine, Israel, and GAZA have placed a heavy burden on these regions, further emphasizing the necessity for peaceful resolutions.

As we strive for health and development globally, it is imperative to recognize the grave consequences that killing and violence bring to the world stage. The targeted assassination of a political leader in Lebanon sends shockwaves throughout the international community, underscoring the fragility of peace. The political, social, and economic stability of the region is deeply intertwined with the resolution of conflicts, such as those witnessed in Ukraine, Israel, and GAZA. It is crucial for all nations involved to seek peaceful and diplomatic means to avoid further escalations that would jeopardize the well-being and development of these areas. Together, we must work towards fostering understanding, dialogue, and cooperation to achieve lasting peace and sustainable development for all.

 International political leader , Physician , Preacher and Publisher[Editor] , Dr Ntuba , Thompson Akwo thanks Global health colleagues for 2023 work .

Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson, an esteemed international political leader, preacher, physician, and publisher editor, extends his sincere congratulations to the global health and development experts for their outstanding work in 2023. As a prominent figure in the healthcare industry, Dr. Thompson applauds the efforts of organizations such as the CDC, WHO, UNDP, UN colleagues, World Bank, and health programs in Ukraine and Gaza for their remarkable achievements.

Their dedication and commitment have undoubtedly contributed to the successful implementation of health and development initiatives, paving the way for improved well-being in various regions. Dr. Thompson acknowledges the vital role these experts have played in addressing critical health issues and fostering sustainable development worldwide. Their collaborative efforts are a testament to their passion and unwavering commitment to creating a healthier and more prosperous future for all.

Looking ahead to 2024, Dr. Thompson emphasizes the importance of also considering climate-related challenges in the context of global health and development. With the world facing increasing environmental concerns, it is crucial for experts to prioritize initiatives that mitigate the impact of climate change on public health. By integrating climate work into their strategies, these experts can ensure a more resilient and sustainable future for communities around the world. Dr. Thompson encourages continued collaboration and innovative approaches in tackling these interconnected issues for the benefit of all humankind.

WHO Director-General end of 2023 message: Keeping the hope for health alive

By Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus,WHO Director-General

Geneva, 26 December --2023 was a year of milestones and challenges in global public health.

In May, I declared an end to COVID-19 as a public health emergency of international concern.

This marked a turning point for the world following three years of crisis, pain and loss for people everywhere.

I am glad to see that life has returned to normal.

WHO also announced the M-POX outbreak no longer represented a global health emergency.

And we approved new vaccines for malaria, dengue and meningitis, diseases that threaten millions around the world, mainly the most vulnerable.

Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Belize were declared malaria free, and a range of neglected tropical diseases were eliminated in multiple countries, including sleeping sickness in Ghana, trachoma in Benin, Mali and Iraq, and lymphatic filariasis in Bangladesh and Lao.

The path to eradicating another vaccine-preventable disease – polio – has reached its last mile.

Thirty more countries introduced the HPV vaccine as the world advances toward eliminating cervical cancer.

The need to address the health impacts of the climate crisis were elevated to the highest political levels, with governments, scientists and advocates putting health, for the first time, prominently on the COP28 agenda, and issuing a global declaration on climate and health.

Heads of State at the United Nations General Assembly committed to advance universal health coverage, end tuberculosis and protect the world from future pandemics.

Each of these achievements, and many more, demonstrated the power of science, solutions and solidarity to protect and promote health.

But 2023 has also been a year of immense and avoidable suffering and threats to health.

The barbaric attacks by Hamas on Israel on the 7th of October left around 1300 people dead and over 200 taken hostage. Reports of gender-based violence and mistreatment of hostages are deplorable.

This was followed by the unleashing of a devastating attack on Gaza, which has killed more than 20,000 people – mainly women and children – and injured over 53,000.

At the same time, hospitals and health workers have been repeatedly attacked, while relief efforts are not coming close to meeting the needs of people.

As of 22 December, only 9 of 36 health facilities in Gaza were partially functional, with only four offering the most basic of services in the north.

For this reason, we call again for an immediate cease-fire.

War and armed hostilities, sadly, have plagued too many other locations around the world, including Sudan, Ukraine, Ethiopia and Myanmar, to name but a few.

I saw first-hand the suffering of war-weary people in North-West Syria who, like communities I also visited in neighbouring Türkiye, were devastated by the terrible earthquake in February.

Without peace, there is no health, and without health there can be no peace.

Insecurity, poverty and lack of access to clean water and hygiene fanned the spread of infectious diseases in many countries.

The resurgence of cholera is especially concerning, with a record number of 40-plus outbreaks around the world.

And in terms of emergency preparedness and response, gaps remain in the world’s readiness to prevent the next pandemic.

But 2024 offers a unique opportunity to address these gaps.

Governments are negotiating the first-ever global agreement to protect communities, countries and the world from the threat posed by pandemics.

The Pandemic Accord is being designed to bridge the gaps in global collaboration, cooperation and equity.

The Accord, and plans to strengthen the International Health Regulations, represent monumental actions by governments to create a safer and healthier world.

And as WHO closes out our 75th year as the “world’s” health organization, I extend by my sincere gratitude to health workers, partners, and WHO colleagues, on our shared journey to achieve Health for All.

Lastly, during this holiday season, I am sure that everyone will join me in hoping that the New Year will bring peace, health and prosperity for all people around the world.

Related links

Please see below a link to an end of year video by the WHO Director-General on the milestones and global challenges in public health in 2023Canto link:https://who.canto.global/b/NDSSB

Story:Global health achievements 2023 (who.int)

Mayor John Whitmire , Finance controller Christopher Hollins and  16 city of Houston Councilors were installed as Public servants on Tuesday 1/02/2024

John Whitmire, the newly elected mayor of Houston, along with finance controller C.G. Hollins, recently took their oaths of office in a grand inauguration ceremony held at the Gus Wortham Theater Center. The prestigious event was officiated by Judge Victor Trevino 3rd. Mayor Whitmire's oath marked the beginning of his tenure, while Hollins took charge as the city's finance controller.

During the ceremony, Mayor Whitmire proudly administered the oath of office to 16 dedicated city councilors who will assist in governing the city. In his speech, the mayor expressed deep gratitude to everyone who had contributed to his successful election campaign. He emphasized the importance of public safety as a top priority for his administration, promising to work tirelessly to ensure the well-being and development of the city.

The inauguration at the Gus Wortham Theater Center was an auspicious occasion that marked the official start of Mayor John Whitmire's term and the appointment of C.G. Hollins as the finance controller. This new leadership team, alongside the dedicated councilors, is committed to upholding public safety and fostering the health and development of Houston, setting the stage for a prosperous future for the city and its residents.

African youths are actively participating in rigorous training sessions in preparation for AFCON 2023. Despite being from poor countries with limited access to science and technology advancements, they are making the most of their resources. These youngsters are determined to prove their potential on an international stage, showcasing their skills and passion for the sport. It is a commendable effort to invest national resources into these training programs, aiming to uplift the youth and foster their physical and mental well-being.

However, it is important to note that some countries may channel excessive resources in their AFCON preparations, leading to mismanagement and financial wastage. It is crucial to ensure that these investments are made wisely, with the primary goal of empowering young athletes and promoting their overall development. Additionally, the misuse of sports events for political gain, such as the manipulation of leadership positions by dictators, should be addressed to ensure fair and transparent governance in the sporting community.


"Sports continues to play health and financial importance to nations "says international Political leader , Physician , Preacher and Publisher [editor] ,DR NTUBA AKWO THOMPSON 

Sports continues to play a significant role in the health and financial well-being of nations, according to Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson. This view is particularly evident in the African American community, where individuals are not only excelling in various sports but also leveraging their success to invest in lucrative stem careers. The physical activity and discipline required in sports contribute to improved health outcomes, while the financial gains from sports participation offer opportunities for economic growth and development.

By engaging in sports, individuals can enhance their overall health and well-being. Regular physical activity, such as participating in sports, is associated with a reduced risk of chronic diseases, including heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Furthermore, sports promote mental well-being by reducing stress and anxiety levels. This makes sports an essential component in promoting a healthy lifestyle among populations.

In addition to health benefits, sports also have a significant impact on the financial prospects of nations. African Americans, in particular, have made substantial gains in the sports industry, with many athletes garnering fame and fortune. These individuals are not only becoming successful on the field but are also leveraging their financial gains to invest in stem careers. By investing their wealth in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, African Americans are not only securing their own financial futures but also contributing to the development and advancement of their communities and the nation as a whole.



Birth of Jesus Christ Celebrated globally on 12/25/2023.

Christians worldwide come together every year to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, their lord and master. Christmas, known as the season of love and giving, is a time when people exchange gifts, spreading joy and happiness. In a world filled with wars, conflicts, and tensions, this celebration serves as a reminder of the importance of love and compassion.

Amidst all the challenges and struggles that humanity faces, Christmas brings a message of hope and unity. Just as God gave his only son, Jesus Christ, to the world out of love, Christians follow this example by sharing their love through acts of kindness and generosity. It is a time when individuals set aside their differences and come together, emphasizing the need for peace and harmony.

Despite the darkness that may exist in certain parts of the world, the spirit of Christmas shines brightly, reminding us of the possibilities for a better future. It serves as a beacon of light, encouraging people to love one another and overcome the barriers that separate them. The celebration of Christmas, therefore, holds a significant place in the hearts of Christians worldwide, offering a glimpse of the profound love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  By Rev DR NTUBA THOMPSON AKWO 

Palistinian  and Jewish communities speak at Houston city hall , defending their sides at the Hamas-Israel war .

A large gathering of Houston-based Palestinian Americans and their supporters took place recently, aiming to raise their voices against the ongoing killings and violence in Gaza. They called upon the mayor and councilors to demand an immediate cease-fire and the end of the tragic loss of innocent children's lives. The event drew a significant number of participants, highlighting the community's deep concern for the well-being and safety of those affected in the region.

Simultaneously, Israelis residing in Houston joined the cause, demonstrating their solidarity and rejecting all forms of antisemitism and Islamophobia. This joint effort showcased the unity among Houston's diverse population, emphasizing the shared desire for peace, tolerance, and respect for human life. These voices united in their plea for an end to the violence in Gaza and Israel, standing together against hatred and discrimination.

Former imprisoned Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh is contributing to her community after release

Former Baltimore mayor, Catherine Pugh, who served time in prison due to corruption charges, has returned to her community with a renewed focus on helping others. Despite facing the consequences of her actions, Pugh is now dedicated to making a positive impact in Baltimore.

Her story serves as a reminder that no matter how far one may fall, redemption and second chances are possible. Pugh's experiences have prompted others to reflect on their own actions and work towards being more accountable and transparent. She is a living example of the power of personal growth and community engagement, inspiring individuals to take responsibility for their mistakes and strive for a better future.

Unprecedented emergency response

Drawing on the lessons of the H1N1 pandemic, when the majority of countries missed out on vaccines, COVAX partners advocated from the earliest stages of the COVID-19 emergency that “no one is safe until everyone is safe” – urging the world to place vaccine equity at the heart of the global response, and calling for every country to have at least enough doses to protect those most at risk. By the end of 2020, 190 economies of all income levels had signed agreements to participate in COVAX, making it one of the most significant multilateral partnerships of the 21st century. By November 2020, it had raised US$ 2 billion towards vaccine procurement; and in January 2021, 39 days after the first vaccine administration in a high-income country, the first COVAX-supplied doses were administered in a lower-income country.

COVAX was designed as an end-to-end coordination mechanism encompassing R&D and manufacturing, policy guidance, vaccine portfolio development, regulatory systems, supply allocation and country readiness assessments, transport logistics, vaccine storage and administration, and monitoring country coverage and absorption rates. However, as an emergency solution launched in the midst of the pandemic, COVAX faced many challenges. Without having any cash reserves up front, it was initially limited in its ability to sign early contracts with manufacturers, and while it was able to ship doses to 100 economies in the first six weeks of global roll-out, export bans and other factors meant that large-volume deliveries were only received in the third quarter of 2021.

While COVAX was unable to completely overcome the tragic vaccine inequity thatcharacterizedthe global response, it made a significant contribution to alleviating the suffering caused by COVID-19 in the Global South. Today, the initiative has supplied 74% of all COVID-19 vaccine doses supplied to low-income countries (LICs) during the pandemic; and in total, 52 of the 92 AMC-eligible economies relied on COVAX for more than half of their COVID-19 vaccine supply. Thanks to the tireless efforts of national governments, health and frontline workers, civil society organisations and others, those doses, delivered free of charge and combined with nearly US$2 billion in delivery support, helped to lift primary series coverage among the 92 AMC-eligible economies to 57%, compared to a global average of 67%. Two-dose coverage of health care workers, those most critical to saving lives and keeping health systems running, stands at 84% in lower-income economies.

COVAX also deployed 2.5 million doses to protect the most vulnerable in humanitarian and conflict settings through a first-of-its kind mechanism called theHumanitarian Buffer,co-designed with international humanitarian organisations, and set up as a last resort to reach those who are not easily reached through government programmes. Attempting to deliver novel products through non-governmental channels proved to be incredibly difficult, but the effort provided deep insight into the systemic barriers that are exacerbated by a global emergency situation. Governments, humanitarian institutions, global health organisations and others are now working to apply these lessons towards ongoing programmes, and advocating for how we can better protect the most vulnerable populations in a future pandemic.

Investing in lessons learnt for a future response

COVAX’s successes and challenges in the bid to overcome inequity have underscored the clear need for the world to be better prepared the next time a viral threat with pandemic potential emerges. The plethora oflearningsfrom COVAX’s unique effort must be considered in the development of future global pandemic preparedness and response architecture. These include strengthening existing capacity by designing, investing in and implementing an end-to-end solution to equitable access ahead of time, one that centres on the needs of the most vulnerable; recognising that vaccine nationalism will persist in future pandemics and putting in place mechanisms to mitigate it – including by diversifying vaccine manufacturing so all regions have access to supply; and accepting the need to take financial risks to avoid potentially deadly delays to the development, procurement and delivery of medical countermeasures.

With collaboration from manufacturers, all of COVAX’s advance purchase supply agreements will have been completed or terminated by the end of 2023, with the exception of one, where a modest volume of supply will continue into the first half of 2024 in support of the new COVID-19 routineimmunizationprogramme.

Thanks in large part due to the savings gained through the successful renegotiation of supply contracts, some COVAX AMC funds remain in the contingency mechanism known as the Pandemic Vaccine Pool, and these can now be reinvested into translating the lessons from COVAX Facility into concrete actions. This includes the establishing of an African Vaccine Manufacturing Accelerator (AVMA), a result of our learnings from the pandemic where Africa was left vulnerable to supply restrictions. Investment in AVMA will make up to US$ 1 billion available to support vaccine manufacturing on the African continent. In addition, a First Response Fund will be established to ensure financing for a vaccine response is immediately available in the event of a future pandemic. It also includes funding “The Big Catch-up” effort designed to fill the gaps inimmunizationresulting from the pandemic which are now causing outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases around the world and threatening the achievement of Immunization Agenda 2030 goals.

“Millions of people are alive today who would not have been here without COVAX. Those averted deaths mean mothers can continue to nurture their children, and grandparents can enjoy watching future generations flourish,” saidJane Halton, Chair of the Board of CEPI. “Despite being built and funded from scratch amid the deadliest pandemic the world has seen in more than a century, COVAX’s life-saving accomplishments were considerable. It should take its place in history and be proud of what it was able to accomplish but also serve as a reminder to us all that we can and must do better next time.”

“COVID-19 has been the greatest health challenge of our time, and it was met with innovation and partnership on an equally unprecedented scale,” saidJosé Manuel Barroso, Chair of the Board of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. “COVAX’s impact has been historic, as are the insights it has generated on how, concretely, the world can do better next time. As we transition COVID-19 into Gavi’s routine programming, we do so with deep gratitude for the passion, dedication and sacrifice of so many around the globe who fought tirelessly for three years to try and create a more equitable world – and with an unwavering commitment to improve by transforming learnings into tangible action.”

“The joint efforts of all partners to ensure an equitable response to the pandemic helped protect the futures of millions of children in vulnerable communities,” saidUNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell. “This huge and historic undertaking is something we can be collectively proud of and build on. UNICEF will continue to deliver vaccines to the world's youngest to stop the spread of all preventable diseases and build strong health systems for the future.”

"We knew that market forces alone would not deliver equitable access to vaccines and other tools," saidDr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. "The creation of ACT-A and COVAX gave millions of people around the world access to vaccines, tests, treatments and other tools who would otherwise have missed out. COVAX has taught us valuable lessons that will help us to be better prepared for future epidemics and pandemics."


COVAX, the vaccines pillar of the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator, was co-convened by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (Gavi), UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) – working in partnership with countries, donors, developed and developing country vaccine manufacturers, the World Bank, and others. Its efforts focused on ensuring all countries could access COVID-19 vaccines, regardless of income level.

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Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson thanks outgoing Houston mayor and councilors for making his work at city hall worthwhile .

As a certified health and development professional, Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson extends his heartfelt appreciation to the outgoing administration of Mayor Sylvester Turner and the councilors of Houston. Their contributions have played a significant role in improving the community's health and well-being. The emphasis on complete communities and the recognition of quality of life have brought about positive changes in healthcare initiatives and community development. Dr. Thompson commends their efforts in prioritizing the community health aspects of complete communities, making Houston a better place for all its residents.

The outgoing Mayor and councilors have shown dedication and commitment to ensuring the well-being of Houston's residents. Through their initiatives and policies, they have addressed health disparities, promoted access to quality healthcare services, and created a supportive environment for the community's development. Dr. Thompson acknowledges their proactive approach in considering the social determinants of health and integrating them into urban planning and policy-making. Their efforts have not only improved the physical health of Houstonians but also enhanced their overall quality of life. Dr. Thompson is grateful for their significant contributions and looks forward to the continued progress and success in the field of health and development in Houston.


Food nutrition and health are closely intertwined. The food we consume on a daily basis plays a crucial role in maintaining our overall well-being. A balanced diet that includes a variety of nutrients is essential for good health. However, the prevalence of obesity and overweight has increased significantly in recent years, leading to a rise in chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. This can be attributed to the excessive consumption of carbohydrates and fats in our diets. It is important to be mindful of our food choices and opt for healthier options to prevent these health problems.

One effective way to promote health is through effective communication about diet. Educating individuals about the importance of nutrition and its impact on overall health can empower them to make informed choices. It is crucial to provide clear and accurate information about the nutritional content of different foods and the benefits of a balanced diet. By raising awareness and providing resources, we can help individuals make positive changes in their diets and improve their overall health and well-being.  


Tuesday, 19 December 2023

COVID-19 vaccinations shift to regular immunization as COVAX draws to a close

  • COVAX will close 31 December 2023 having delivered nearly2 billiondoses of vaccines to 146 economies, andaverted an estimated 2.7 million deathsin AMC lower-income participating economies.
  • COVAX’s end-to-end efforts helped lower-income economies achieve two-dose coverage of 57%, compared to the global average of 67%.
  • Low- and lower middle-income economies will continue to receive COVID-19 vaccines and delivery support from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance in 2024 and 2025, with 83 million doses so far requested for 2024 from 58 economies.

19 December 2023,Geneva/New York/Oslo --COVAX, the multilateral mechanism for equitable global access to COVID-19 vaccines launched in 2020, will draw to a close on 31 December. Jointly led by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (Gavi), UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO), COVAX has so far supplied nearly 2 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses and safe injection devices to 146 economies. Its efforts are estimated to have helped avert the deaths of at least 2.7 million people in the COVAX Advance Market Commitment (AMC) low- and lower middle-income participating economies (lower-income economies) that received free doses through the mechanism, alongside nearly US$ 2 billion in critical support to turn vaccines into vaccinations.

These 92 lower-income economies that were eligible to participate in the programme with support from the financing mechanism known as theGavi COVAX Advance MarketCommitment(COVAX AMC)will continue to have the option to receive COVID-19 vaccine doses and delivery support through Gavi’s regular programmes. So far, 58 lower-income economies have requested a total of 83 million doses in 2024, with plans to focus on the continued protection of priority groups, including health care workers, community workers and older adults.

 Integrating Spirituality in healthcare continues to call for more research and resources .

Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson and late Larry PAYNE .                                        Rev Dr NTUBA Akwo Thompson 

Integrating spirituality in healthcare requires more resources to fully support the holistic approach. Larry Payne and Rev Dr John Graham have made significant contributions to this cause. They emphasize the need to address the role of religion in sicknesses and coping mechanisms. By acknowledging and integrating spirituality, healthcare providers can enhance patient care and foster overall well-being. However, to effectively incorporate spirituality into healthcare practices, additional resources are necessary.

Promoting the integration of spirituality in healthcare requires increased investment. This includes funding for research, training programs, and specialized personnel. By allocating resources to support this holistic approach, healthcare institutions can provide a more comprehensive and compassionate care experience. Larry Payne and Rev Dr John Graham's efforts in this area have highlighted the significance of spirituality in healing and coping with illnesses. By recognizing the importance of religion and spirituality, healthcare providers can better address the diverse needs of their patients and promote holistic well-being.

TheWHO Health forAllFilm Festival (HAFF)is now accepting submissions for its 5th edition until31 January 2024!

Since audio-visual language is one of the essential components of WHO's "Communicating for health impact" approach, the goal of the HAFF isto boost the art of short filmsas a means of increasing awareness and promoting global health issues.

WHO invites all filmmakers and video artists worlwide to submit their short documentaries, fiction or animation films of three to eight minutes for the categories of:

  • Better Health and Well-being
  • Universal Health Coverage
  • Health Emergencies
  • Physical Activity and Health
  • Migrants and Refugees Health
  • Student Film
  • Very Short Film(1'00" to 2'59”)

This is a great opportunity for film and video innovators in therehabilitation communityto champion and promotethis area of health in the context of the categories above.

We are looking forward to receiving your short films!

For more information please contact the HAFF atfilmfestival@who.int

Best regards,

WHO Rehabilitation Programme

Republicans voted for the Biden Impeachment Inquiry to proceed .

 The Republican vote on the Biden impeachment inquiries has created a whirlwind of controversy and conflicting opinions. While Democrats argue that it is a political move driven by former President Trump, President Biden himself has expressed his belief that these proceedings are merely politically motivated. Within the GOP, divisions are apparent, as some members have attempted to link President Biden's son to the ongoing investigation. The decision to move forward with the impeachment inquiries has opened a new chapter in American politics, one that promises to shape the future of the nation's health and development

.By Dr Ntuba Akwo  Thompson 

Former president Donald Trump has made a strong case for support by Iowans during the 2024 Iowa caucuses .

Former President Donald Trump, the current front runner in the Republican presidential primaries, is making his presence felt in Iowa. With eyes set on the 2024 elections, Trump is urging Iowans to vote for him in the upcoming caucuses on January 15th, 2024. He believes that he is in a better position to win against President Biden, citing the improved economy under his previous administration compared to the current state of affairs.

During his campaign, Trump emphasizes that the economy was stronger and thriving during his presidency, and that it has taken a downturn under the leadership of President Biden. He promises to revive the American economy and bring back the prosperity that the nation experienced during his term. With his strong appeal to the Republican base, Trump has become the center of attention in Iowa's political landscape as he seeks to secure support and gain momentum in his quest to secure the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

 President Biden defeated Trump during the time when the economy was at it,s worst , with too many jobs lost because of Covid 19 and his poor leadership and management of the Pandemic , going as far as gettting the USA out of WHO and creating tension and suspicion of America by NATO members .

 He was seen and heard praising Russian president and intelligence over that of the USA . 

State senator John Witmire defeated Congress Woman Shieler Jackson Lee to become the 63rd mayor of Houston .

On the night of December 9th, 2023,Texas  State Senator John Witmire made history as he was declared the 63rd Mayor of Houston, defeating his opponent Congress woman  Shieler Jackson Lee with a remarkable 65-35 landslide victory. With his election, Mayor elect  Witmire brings a strong focus on development to the city.

One of the key principles Mayor  elect Witmire emphasized during his campaign is the utmost respect for his dedicated staff. He believes that a strong, cohesive team is essential for the effective delivery of municipal  services and the overall development of the city. By fostering a culture of respect and collaboration, Mayor elect  Witmire aims to create an environment where every member of the staff feels valued and supported.

Another core promise made by Mayor elect  Witmire is to tackle conflicts of interest head-on. He understands the importance of transparency and accountability in the healthcare industry, and he is committed to ensuring that decision-making processes are free from any undue influence. His administration will implement strict ethical guidelines to prevent conflicts of interest and will work towards improving the public's trust in the governance of health services in Houston.

In addition to these commitments, Mayor Witmire has vowed to maintain an open-door policy and be a mayor for all. He believes that accessibility and inclusivity are key to creating a healthier and more prosperous city. Under his leadership, citizens will have the opportunity to express their concerns and ideas, and he remains dedicated to making Houston a place where everyone's voice is heard and valued.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo has made a commitment to collaborate with Mayor-elect John Witmire in order to address the pressingcommunity  development issues in the region. Understanding that mayors may come and go, they recognize the need to focus on the everyday problems faced by city governments. These include essential tasks such as trash collection, transportation, water and electricity management, public safety, and combating crime. Additionally, they remain dedicated to ensuring fiscal responsibility within the county.

Judge Hidalgo's pledge to work with Mayor-elect Witmire underscores the importance of cooperation and coordination between different levels of government. By joining forces, they aim to improve the overall well-being of the community, particularly in terms of health and development. Together, they strive to create a sustainable and inclusive environment for all residents of Harris County, effectively addressing their needs and concerns. With a shared commitment to excellence, Judge Hidalgo and Mayor-elect Witmire are poised to make a positive impact on the region's progress and prosperity.

By  Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson 

 African Americans need to understand the demands of Lulac for the Latino communities and better race relations instead of talking political positions says Dr Ntuba Akwo 

Dr. NTUBA AKWO THOMPSON, a prominent figure in health and development, urges African Americans, Latinos, and individuals from other races to unite and transcend their differences. In the context of race relations, he emphasizes the need for Houston's leadership selection to be based on merits and qualifications rather than merely considering minority status. By coming together and putting aside historic tensions, these communities can foster better understanding and cooperation, ultimately benefiting the health and development of the city.

It is crucial to address the subtle forms of discrimination that exist within society, as they can have destructive consequences on the overall development of a community. Dr. NTUBA AKWO THOMPSON recognizes that prejudices and biases, even if not overt, can hinder progress and perpetuate inequality. To achieve true health and development, it's essential for all individuals, regardless of their racial background, to actively work towards dismantling these barriers and foster an inclusive environment that promotes equal opportunities for everyone. By doing so, society can move forward united in its efforts to overcome challenges and create a brighter future for all.

Race relations play a crucial role in the overall health and development of a society. It is essential to recognize the impact that discriminatory practices, such as dog whistling, can have on individuals and communities. It is imperative for leaders, like Senator Whitmire, to refrain from using tactics that target specific ethnic groups, such as Asians and Latinos, as it perpetuates stereotypes and fosters division among people.

Sylvester's insistence on asking Senator Whitmire to stop the dog whistling and cease the use of discriminatory tactics is commendable. By rejecting the use of divisive language and practices, we can promote a more inclusive and harmonious society. It is imperative that leaders prioritize fostering understanding, acceptance, and equality among all races to ensure the health and development of their communities. Let us champion unity and embrace diversity to build a more prosperous and equitable future for everyone.

 HealthNDevelopment political news 


Political leader Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson recognizes Anise Parker as a mayoral leader worth emulating in the field of health and development. In a time where great mayoral leadership without housing and health department raiding by the FBI is hard to find, Anise Parker stood out. As the first woman of her kind, she managed the city of Houston effectively, even without the luxury of excess COVID funds. Her handling of the city impressed Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson and drew his admiration.

Anise Parker's leadership style focused on the importance of health and development within the city of Houston. Despite the challenges brought about by limited resources, her ability to prioritize the community's well-being was commendable. Under her guidance, the city thrived and progressed, showcasing her commitment to improving healthcare and promoting sustainable development. Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson believes that Anise Parker's dedication and accomplishments serve as an inspiration for future mayoral leaders in their pursuit of a healthier and more prosperous society.

Phopto credit [ www.healthndevelopment.com]


Interrnational political leader, Physician , Preacher and Publisher ,editor , DR NTUBA AKWO  says Anise Parker is a mayoral leader to emulate .


Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and other countries have come under criticism for the perceived wastage of resources in sending an average of 500 government delegates to COP28. This international conference, focused on Climate change , energy and environmental issues, is being held in Dubai, UAE. Many experts argue that such a large number of delegates from Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya is excessive and unnecessary, leading to concerns about the allocation of precious resources.

In response to the criticism, President Bola Tinubu highlights that the United States and China, as the biggest emitters and beneficiaries, should take more responsibility in addressing climate change. Despite this, there is a growing sentiment that the involvement of 500 delegates from these countries is an excessive and wasteful use of funds that could be better used for other pressing healthcare and developmental needs. The need for more efficient and streamlined participation is paramount in order to ensure that resources are directed towards meaningful actions and tangible outcomes at COP28.


International political leader , Physician , Preacher and Publisher [editor] , DR NTUBA AKWO THOMPSON says Lina Hidago should stop using race [ and blacks ] to fight her Covid corruption issues .

Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson, a distinguished leader in the political arena, is urging Lina Hidalgo, the Harris County Judge, to refrain from using race as a defense in her alleged involvement with the Covid-19 corruption case. It is crucial for an individual in a position of power like Hidalgo to prioritize the well-being of the community without resorting to divisive techniques. The focus should be on the evidence presented and the facts surrounding the alleged mismanagement of Covid-19 funds, rather than racial distinctions.

The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc globally, and the USA government has made significant efforts to combat the crisis. However, allegations of corruption in the handling of funds intended for Covid-19 relief have surfaced, requiring a thorough investigation. It is imperative for justice to prevail, untouched by any racial biases, ensuring that those responsible for any wrongdoing are held accountable. Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson emphasizes the need for transparency, fairness, and impartiality throughout the investigation, urging Lina Hidalgo to refrain from utilizing race or any other unrelated factors as a basis of defense.

Presidential Elections and Goverernance : LGBTQ , Wars , Abortion rights of 2019 are coming back in 2024 presidentail USA elections debates .

In the upcoming 2024 presidential election in the USA, discussions on LGBTQ rights, abortion rights, and other critical issues are expected to shape the campaigns. These topics have been at the forefront of public discourse, highlighting the need for progressive policies and inclusivity. The LGBTQ community continues to fight for equal rights and protections, pushing for greater acceptance and understanding. Similarly, the ongoing debate surrounding abortion rights has drawn attention to the importance of reproductive autonomy and healthcare access for women. The stance that candidates take on these subjects will undoubtedly influence voter decisions and shape the future of healthcare and development in the country.

Another significant aspect impacting the 2024 election campaigns is the discussion surrounding the events of January 6th and the insurrection incited by former President Donald Trump and his supporters. This shocking attack on the United States Capitol displayed the fragility of democracy and raised concerns about the preservation of democratic values. Voters will closely examine the candidates' positions on this issue, assessing their dedication to upholding the rule of law and preventing similar incidents in the future. Alongside these pressing issues, the advanced age of both Trump and President Joe Biden has also become a topic of debate. The discussion on age raises questions about the candidates' physical and mental capabilities to serve effectively in the highest office, further influencing electoral decisions in 2024.

African Americans in Houston City Council and mayor Turner are to be blamed for the failures of Shieler Jackson Lee at the mayoral 2023  elections by antagonizing Latinos and Lulac during redistricting .

Shieler Jackson Lee has unfortunately become a victim of the African American anti-Latino politics at City Hall. Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson recently joined the Lulac leadership and took a stand against African Americans who were speaking out against the wishes of the Latino community. The Latino community, representing 44% of the population, desired more councilors to match their demographic representation. However, Shieler Jackson has suffered as a result of the actions of Gallegos and other Latinos who align with Whitmire.

This situation highlights the complexities of politics and the challenges faced in achieving a fair and balanced representation for all communities. Health and development issues are intrinsically tied to the effectiveness of local governance and decision-making processes. It is crucial for leaders like Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson to foster unity, understanding, and dialogue, ensuring that the voices and needs of all communities are heard and respected. By addressing the underlying issues of division and advocating for inclusive policies, we can work towards a healthier and more prosperous future for everyone.

Houston lights Christmas tree with great joy as fellow Houstonians called on "Christmas Christ" and "Christian America" to brooker ceasefire in Gaza and free Palestine ..

Houstonians came together to celebrate the holiday season and spread a message of peace and goodwill. As they gathered around the beautifully lit Christmas tree, their voices filled the night with hallelujah praises. But this year, the spirit of the season went beyond traditional celebrations. Houstonians made room for others on the grounds, as they joined hands and called for a ceasefire in the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel in Gaza. With hearts filled with hope, they urged Christian America to take a stand and work towards bringing an end to the war, ultimately liberating Palestine and fostering peace.

In the true spirit of Christmas, Houstonians recognized the importance of promoting health and development not only in their own community but also across the globe. Their voices echoed the message of Christ to love thy neighbor as thyself, emphasizing the need to extend a helping hand to those suffering in the conflict-stricken areas. They understood that achieving peace required collective efforts, and they were determined to play their part. By advocating for a ceasefire, Houstonians demonstrated their commitment to creating a world where every individual can live with dignity, free from fear and violence.


Trump supporter , speaker of congress .

The Republican Speaker of the USA Congress has claimed that Republicans possess the necessary votes to impeach President Biden, similar to how Democrats impeached Trump. The allegations against Biden's son regarding corruption and his perceived weakness in office have intensified the calls for his impeachment. Additionally, the recent military withdrawal from Afghanistan, which resulted in the loss of American lives, has fueled the political discourse surrounding Biden's presidency. Dr. Ntuba emphasizes the influence of politics in these discussions.


In the pursuit of healthy and sustainable development, it is crucial to uphold principles of good governance. Socrates, in Plato's Republic, exemplified the essence of effective governance - a system free from corruption, bribery, and the theft of public funds. This ideal society encompassed all levels of government, from city halls to congress and the White House. Socrates highlighted the importance of integrity, emphasizing that no stealing should occur, even if backed by a majority.

Moving forward, it is imperative to learn from historical examples and strive for a governance system that prioritizes transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct. The stealing of elections, as seen during events like the infamous January 6th incident, undermines the very foundation of a democratic society. To achieve true progress and foster a healthy environment for development, we must denounce any actions that compromise the integrity of our electoral processes and work towards a future where our democratic ideals are protected and upheld. Let us take inspiration from Socrates and strive for a governance system that safeguards against corruption and ensures equal representation for all.

by DR NTUBA ,THOMPSON AKWO chief editor



Global health professional and Expert , Dr NTUBA AKWO calls on Africa to invest more in hiv/aids programs targeting Children and Women and Climate .

HIV/AIDS remains a pressing global health challenge, with a significant number of cases concentrated in Sub-Saharan Africa. The region continues to bear the highest burden of the disease, particularly among women and children. In addressing this crisis, Dr. NTUBA AKWO Thompson, a renowned global health professional and expert in global health communication, stresses the urgent need for African countries to invest in capacity building and forge strong partnerships. By prioritizing these areas, the fight against HIV/AIDS can be more effectively waged, especially in vulnerable populations such as women and children.

Building the capacity of healthcare systems and providers is crucial to enhance prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of HIV/AIDS. Adequate training and resources can empower healthcare workers to deliver high-quality care and support to those affected. Furthermore, establishing strong partnerships between governments, NGOs, and international organizations is vital for a comprehensive and coordinated response. Collaboration enables the sharing of expertise, resources, and best practices, leading to improved strategies and interventions. Dr. NTUBA AKWO Thompson emphasizes that by prioritizing capacity building and fostering partnerships, African countries can make significant progress in combating the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS on women and children.

Climate change, a consequence of global warming, is having a significant impact on the health and development of African nations, particularly on women and children. Rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and changing rainfall patterns are threatening food security, increasing the prevalence of waterborne diseases, and exacerbating existing health challenges. It is crucial for African nations to address these climate change effects to protect the vulnerable populations and ensure sustainable development.

In recognition of this urgent need, the upcoming Conference of the Parties on Climate (COP 28) Dubai of UAE[United Arab Emirate] has prioritized a dedicated "Climate & Health Day." This day will  bring together energy experts[Environment ], health , policymakers, and stakeholders to discuss the specific health challenges posed by climate change and develop strategies to mitigate its impacts. By integrating climate change considerations into national health and development agendas, African nations can safeguard the well-being of their populations, especially women and children, and promote a path towards a resilient and sustainable future.


City of Houston Mayor Christmas  tree lighting slated for Saturday ,12/2/2023at city hall from 6pm 

Reliant Energy is proud to sponsor the Mayor's Christmas Tree Lighting and Celebrations in 2023. This highly anticipated event will take place on Saturday, December 2nd, starting at 6 pm at City Hall. Families and children can look forward to an evening filled with music, fun, and entertainment, following the exclusive VIP party at the Ideson building. It's a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together and enjoy the holiday spirit.

The Mayor's Christmas Tree Lighting and Celebrations is an event that brings joy and excitement to both young and old. With Reliant Energy's support, the event promises to be even more memorable, with a spectacular tree lighting ceremony that marks the official start of the holiday season in the city. Families can enjoy various activities and attractions, ensuring a delightful evening for all. Make sure to mark your calendars for this special occasion and join us for an evening of festive cheer at City Hall!

Mr Larry Payne leaves behind a legacy of Social justice ,Servant  leadership and Strong faith , says Dr Ntuba Akwo .

Mr. Larry Payne, a true embodiment of servant leadership, will always be remembered for his dedication to public service. His remarkable contributions, both at Houston  city hall and in collaboration with members of congress, have shaped the discourse around governance  and development. Mr. Payne's commitment to selflessly serving the community is a testament to his unwavering belief in the power of leadership rooted in humility and putting others before oneself.

Moreover, Mr. Payne was a staunch advocate for social justice, drawing inspiration from his alma mater, St. Thomas University. His deep roots in this institution instilled in him a sense of purpose, driving him to fight for equity and fairness in all aspects of society. By championing the cause of social justice, Mr. Payne left an indelible mark on the health and development landscape, ensuring that every individual had the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their background or circumstances.

In addition to his commitment to servant leadership and social justice, Mr. Larry Payne was known for his unwavering faith. His strong belief in the power of spirituality led him to be part of  the Institute of Spirituality & Health, an organization dedicated to integrating faith and healthcare. Through his work, Mr. Payne emphasized the importance of addressing not just physical well-being but also the spiritual needs of individuals. His legacy serves as a reminder that the pursuit of health and development must encompass all aspects of a person's being, honoring the intrinsic connection between the body, mind, and spirit.

 By Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson 

Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson at Work, discusses 

city hall and ISH issues with Mr Larry Payne .

 Out going Houston Mayor , Sylvester Turner was a partner and champion in the fight against Hiv/aids .

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner was a true champion in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Recognizing that this global health menace required concerted efforts at the local level, Mayor Turner mobilized resources and actively participated in awareness campaigns. His dedication to combating the spread of HIV/AIDS was evident not only through his words but also through his actions.

Dr. Ntuba praised Mayor Turner's initiatives, particularly the fast track program he introduced to the city. This program played a crucial role in accelerating progress and improving access to prevention, testing, and treatment services. Under Mayor Turner's leadership, Houston became a shining example of how a city government can effectively address the HIV/AIDS crisis, ultimately saving lives and contributing to the overall health and development of the community.

 USA former first lady , Rosalyn Carter died a Global health champion , says Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo 

Photo credit [Healthndevelopment magazine & Media ] of Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson at work at the carter center Atlanata Georgia . 

Former First Lady Rosalyn Carter, a global health champion and leader, has sadly passed away. Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson, who traveled to the Carter Center and Library in Atlanta to study their global humanitarian efforts, mental health  and caregiver advocacy, and education, pays tribute to her significant contributions. Mrs. Carter dedicated her life to improving the lives of people around the world, particularly in the realms of health and development.

With her deep commitment to global health, Rosalyn Carter leaves behind a meaningful legacy. From her advocacy for mental health and  caregivers to her tireless efforts in education, she truly made a difference. Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson recognizes her remarkable impact and commemorates her as a true champion for the betterment of humanity. The world has lost a visionary leader, but her work will continue to inspire and shape future generations in the field of health and development.


WHO staff member killed in Gaza


Geneva/Cairo/Jerusalem-With heavy hearts, WHO announces the death of one of our staff in Gaza, in the occupied Palestinian territory. Dima Abdullatif Mohammed Alhaj, 29 years old, had been with WHO since December 2019. She workedas a patientadministrator at the Limb Reconstruction Centre, a critical part of the WHO Trauma and Emergency Team.

Dima died today when her parents’ house in southern Gaza—where she had evacuated to from Gaza City—was bombed. She was tragically killed alongside her husband, their six-month old baby boy, and her two brothers. Reportedly, over 50 family and community members sheltering in the same house also died.

Dima had a bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Earth Sciences from the Islamic University of Gaza, and continued to study and work on environmental issues and health. She was a master’s student at Glasgow University, Scotland, UK, as part of the Erasmus exchange program from 2018-2019.

On Women’s Day 2022, Dima said in a WHO social mediapost that she was proud of her work because “it contributes to giving people hope and a new lease on life.”

Dr Rik Peeperkorn, the WHO representative in the occupied Palestinian territory said “she was a wonderful person with a radiant smile, cheerful, positive, respectful. She was a true team player. Her work was crucial, and she had been requested to take on even more responsibilities to support the Gaza suboffice and team. This is such a painful loss for all of us. We share our deepest condolences with her mother and father (a long-serving medical specialist in Gaza), her family, and her many friends.”

The humanitarian community and UN family have lost other members since 7 October. MSF today lost two doctors.UNRWA has lost 108 colleagues. These are not just numbers, but people who were working so that others could have a better life.

The death of Dima and her family is another example of the senseless loss in this conflict. Civilians have died in their homes, at their workplaces, while evacuating, while sheltering in schools, while being cared for in hospitals.

When will it stop?

We plead again with all those who hold in their hands the power to end this conflict to do so.

All of the WHO stands alongside Dima’s family and colleagues in the occupied Palestinian territory, the Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, and across the organization to mourn her loss.

Useful link:




WHO loses communication with contacts in Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza amid reports of attacks

Children with cancer evacuated from Gaza for treatment to Egypt and Jordan (who.int)

Risk of disease spread soars in Gaza as health facilities, water and sanitation systems disrupted

Attacks on health care in Gaza Strip unacceptable, says WHO

WHO welcomes decision by Egypt to receive patients from Gaza Strip

Multi-Country Funding Appeal: occupied Palestinian territory and Egypt, Lebanon, Syrian Arab Republic and Jordan

As Gaza’s health system disintegrates, WHO calls for safe passage of fuel, supplies for health facilities

WHO health supplies move towards Gaza

Joint statement by UNDP, UNFPA, UNICEF, WFP and WHO on humanitarian supplies crossing into Gaza

WHO delivers medical supplies to Lebanon as violence in the occupied Palestinian territory intensifies

Lifesaving WHO health supplies land in Egypt for people-in-need in Gaza

WHO pleads for immediate reversal of Gaza evacuation order to protect health and reduce suffering

Hospitals in the Gaza Strip at a breaking point, warns WHO

October 2023 emergency situation reports

Occupied Palestinian territory website

Politics, Religion and Global health when properly integrated , leads to development says Dr Ntuba, AKWO THOMPSON .

Politics, Religion, and Global health are interconnected aspects that play a vital role in community health, safety, and development. When approached with respect for others, these factors can have a profound impact on society. Dr. Ntuba Akwo, an international political, religious, and health leader, emphasizes the importance of practicing these disciplines transparently.

By integrating politics into healthcare systems, policymakers can make informed decisions that prioritize the well-being of communities. This includes ensuring access to quality healthcare services, advocating for health policies that address the needs of vulnerable populations, and fostering international collaborations for better health outcomes. Moreover, recognizing the significance of religion in people's lives can provide a foundation of support and hope during times of crisis. When religious leaders work together with healthcare professionals, they can mobilize communities to promote health education, disease prevention, and compassionate care.

In conclusion, the synergy of politics, religion, and global health can pave the way for community health, safety, and development when practiced with respect and transparency. Dr. Ntuba Akwo emphasizes that by acknowledging the importance of these interconnected disciplines, we can create a more inclusive and resilient society that prioritizes the well-being of all its members. Building bridges between politics, religion, and global health can lead to positive change and contribute to a healthier and more prosperous future for all.

Thanksgiving  2023 celebrated with great Joy and happiness in the USA .

Thanksgiving celebration is a time when believers come together to express gratitude and appreciation for the blessings they have received. It is an opportunity for families to gather, strengthen their bonds, and create lasting memories. This celebration promotes a sense of unity and love within the community, fostering a spirit of togetherness and support. It also serves as a reminder to count the blessings and give thanks for the good things in life, promoting mental and emotional well-being.

One important aspect of Thanksgiving is the emphasis on giving thanks. While unbelievers may not see the need to express gratitude, believers understand the importance of acknowledging the blessings in their lives. This celebration allows believers to come together and express their gratitude to God and to one another. It is a time for believers to reflect on their blessings and give thanks for the opportunities they have been given. The Thanksgiving celebration serves as a reminder of the importance of gratitude and encourages believers to cultivate a thankful heart.

In addition to its spiritual significance, Thanksgiving also has practical benefits for business and national cohesion. It is a time when people come together, supporting local businesses and stimulating the economy. The market sees an increase in sales and promotions, leading to the growth of businesses. Moreover, the celebration promotes a sense of national unity and cohesion, as people from different backgrounds and beliefs come together to celebrate a common cause. It serves as a reminder of our shared values and traditions, fostering a sense of national identity and pride. Overall, Thanksgiving is a celebration that brings families, communities, and the nation together, promoting both personal and collective well-being.  

   By Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson 

Global health expert , Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson says the World can win the war against Anti-Microbial resisatance .

The Global Community can win the war against Anti-Microbial resistance. The United Nations and WHO have communicated how important the fight against Antimicrobial resistance is. To tackle this global health challenge, several key strategies can be implemented. Firstly, raising awareness through effective campaigns is crucial to educate the public and healthcare professionals about the risks of antimicrobial resistance and the appropriate use of antibiotics. Secondly, avoiding polypharmacy, which is the excessive use of multiple antibiotics, can help prevent the development of resistance. Thirdly, stringent measures should be put in place to fight the production and sale of fake antibiotics, which contribute to the problem. Fourthly, educating patients about the proper use of antibiotics and promoting compliance with prescribed treatment regimens are essential to reduce antimicrobial resistance. Lastly, funding programs that support research, development, and implementation of new strategies to combat antimicrobial resistance will contribute to the global efforts in this fight



World AMR Awareness Week,


 2 cdc 


Video and Audio | Antibiotic Use | CDC

  3   Tracking AMR Country Self-assessment Survey


Access, Watch, Reserve (AWaRe) antibiotic book


Preventing Antimicrobial Resistance Together


  6        Events organized for World AMR Awareness Week   7   World AMR Awareness Week9    

  8       Fact sheet on antimicrobial resistance




In regards to the situation in Manfe, Manyu, Cameroon, it is disheartening to witness the ongoing killings and violence that have plagued the region. The incidents highlight the urgent need for health and development initiatives to address the underlying issues faced by the local population. It is essential to promote peace, stability, and unity among the various ethnic groups living in the area.

A key factor contributing to the unrest is the lack of representation and inclusivity in the government. It is crucial for nations with diverse ethnic backgrounds, such as Cameroon, to ensure that power is shared among different tribes and ethnic groups. Prolonged leadership by only one tribe or ethnic group can breed resentment and give rise to terrorism. Consequently, it is essential to establish transparent and inclusive governance structures that address the concerns of all citizens, irrespective of their ethnic background, to prevent the recurrence of such violence in the future.

Presidential term limits should be returned to Cameroon for the sake of national cohesion and development. It is crucial for Paul Biya and the Bulu-Beti Ewondos tribal people to acknowledge that the removal of presidential term limits in the Cameroonian constitution aimed to establish a fair and balanced political landscape. By reinstating term limits, the country can prevent uprisings in the North and among the Anglophone population, ensuring a more harmonious environment for all citizens.

Returning presidential term limits will contribute to the overall health and development of Cameroon. It will promote democracy, accountability, and transparency within the government. By allowing for a peaceful transition of power and fostering a culture of change, the nation can advance socially, politically, and economically. It is essential that Biya and the Bulu-Beti Ewondos recognize the importance of term limits in promoting national unity and creating a prosperous future for all Cameroonians.

The project to have Paul Biya die as Life president of Cameroon is uncivilized. Life presidents who die in office have always left broken nations with military coups like in Gabon. Biya does not travel out of Yaounde because he is old and tired besides the security issues. He does not run Anglophone Cameroon, militants order.

A nation's health and development can thrive through democratic practices and a peaceful transition of power. The notion of a life president is contrary to these principles. It not only perpetuates a concentration of power but also limits the development of new ideas and leadership. The project to prolong President Biya's presidency until his death overlooks the potential consequences of a power vacuum and the possibility of further instability in the country. It is crucial to prioritize the well-being and prosperity of the Cameroonian people through inclusive governance and sustainable development initiatives.

 Global killers call freedom fighers terrorists like they did Mandela , Nelson and Martin Luther King Jr. to con trol , destroy and oppress .

The world often grapples with the unsettling reality that oppressors tend to label freedom fighters as terrorists. This issue raises questions about the perception and misuse of the term "terrorism." For instance, the Oklahoma bombing carried out by Timothy McVeigh was unequivocally condemned as an act of terrorism. However, the actions of Muslims during the 9/11 attacks were also labeled as terrorism, despite the Turkish President's assertion that Hamas should be considered freedom fighters rather than terrorists. It is essential to explore the nuances surrounding these designations to promote understanding and peace.

Prominent figures like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. shed light on the complexity of this issue. While advocating for the rights of the Palestinians in their struggle against oppression, Mandela openly supported their cause. Similarly, Martin Luther King Jr. fought for civil rights without resorting to violence or terrorism. These examples challenge the simplistic categorization of individuals or groups and highlight the need for accurate assessments based on context and principles of justice. By engaging in a broader discussion, we can hope to contribute to a healthier development of society, promoting peace and understanding for all. BY DR NTUBA AKWO 

                                                                                                  Friday, 10 November 2023 

WHO Director-General's remarks at the Emergency Meeting of the United Nations Security Council on the situation in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory– 10 November 2023

Mr President, Excellencies, Thank you for this opportunity to brief you on the health situation in Gaza.

Let me be clear from the outset that I fully understand the anger, grief and fear of the Israeli people following the horrific, barbaric and unjustifiable attacks by Hamas and other armed groups on Israeli civilians on the 7thof October.

The killing of 1,400 people, and injuries to more than 7,200 others, is bad enough. For the survivors and families of victims, the mental health consequences will endure for a long time to come.

WHO is gravely concerned for the health and well-being of Israeli hostages in Gaza, many of whom are older people, children and those with urgent medical needs.

Two weeks ago, I spoke with families of hostages, and I will meet them in Geneva next week. I feel their heartache and fear.

I also understand the anger, grief and fear of the people of Gaza, who had already suffered through 16 years of blockade, and are now enduring the destruction of their families, their homes, their communities and the life they knew.

The situation on the ground is impossible to describe.

Hospital corridors crammed with the injured, the sick, the dying;

Morgues overflowing;

Surgery without anaesthesia;

Tens of thousands of displaced people sheltering at hospitals;

Families crammed into overcrowded schools, desperate for food and water.

More than 10,800 people have now been killed in Gaza, almost 70% of them women and children.

On average, a child is killed every 10 minutes in Gaza.

1.5 million people have been displaced, and are looking for shelter anywhere they can find it. But nowhere and no-one is safe.

As more and more people move to a smaller and smaller space, overcrowding is increasing the risks of outbreaks of diarrheal and respiratory disease and skin infections.

WHO is on the ground in Gaza, alongside our partners, to support health workers, who are physically and mentally exhausted and are doing their best in unimaginable conditions.

In addition to caring for the 27 thousand people who are wounded, many of them with life-threatening injuries, they are trying to manage the regular health needs of more than 2 million people.

More than 180 women give birth in Gaza every day.

There are 9 thousand patients on cancer therapy.

And there are 350 thousand patients with diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.

I visited the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza in 2018. I toured a dialysis ward and a neonatal intensive care unit, and spoke with health workers and patients.

Even then, conditions were extremely difficult for health workers.

Now their work is impossible, and they are directly in the firing line.

Since the 7thof October, WHO has verified more than 250 attacks on health care in Gaza and the West Bank, in addition to 25 attacks on health care in Israel – hospitals, clinics, patients, ambulances.

Last week, WHO documented 5 attacks on 5 hospitals in one day.

In the past 48 hours alone, four hospitals have been put out of action, representing some 430 beds.

More than 100 of our UN colleagues have been killed.

And as we speak, there are reports of firing outside the Al-Shifa and Rantisi hospitals.

Half of the Gaza Strip’s 36 hospitals and two-thirds of its primary health care centres are not functioning at all. Those that are functioning are operating way beyond their capacities. The health system is on its knees, and yet somehow is continuing to deliver lifesaving care.

The best way to support those health workers and the people they serve is by giving them the tools they need to deliver that care – medicines, medical equipment and fuel for hospital generators.

Field hospitals and emergency medical teams can complement and support existing hospitals and health workers in Gaza, but they cannot replace them.

Supporting Gaza’s health workers is at the heart of WHO’s operational response plan.

WHO was part of the first convoy of aid to enter Gaza through the Rafah crossing on the 21stof October, and since then we have delivered 63 metric tonnes of specialist medical equipment and supplies that health workers need to save lives, including to hospitals north of Wadi Gaza.

But this doesn’t even begin to address the scale of need.

Before the 7thof October, an average of 500 trucks a day were crossing into Gaza with essential supplies.

Since the 21stof October, instead of the expected 10,000 trucks, just 650 have entered.

A month ago, just two days after the violence started, I met with His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi of Egypt, who agreed to support WHO and our partners to deliver aid through the Rafah crossing.

I thank Egypt for its support in getting aid into Gaza, and for establishing a medivac pathway to get the most critically sick and wounded patients out, including 12 children with cancer who are being transferred for treatment in Egypt and Jordan.

WHO continues to call for unfettered access to deliver humanitarian aid to the civilians of Gaza, who are not responsible for this violence, but are suffering in ways that we in this room cannot imagine.

We continue to call on Hamas to release the hostages it took, many of whom need urgent medical attention.

We continue to call on Israel to restore supplies of electricity, water and fuel.

We continue to call on both sides to abide by their obligations under international humanitarian law.

And we continue to call for a ceasefire, to prevent further deaths of civilians and further damage to Gaza’s hospitals and health facilities.


I understand what the children of Gaza must be going through, because as a child, I went through the same thing.

The sound of gunfire and shells whistling through the air; the smell of smoke after they struck; tracer bullets in the night sky; the fear; the pain; the loss – these things have stayed with me throughout my life.

When my mother heard gunfire at night, she would make us sleep under the bed, with more mattresses on top of the bed, in the hope we might be protected if a shell fell on our house.

I also understand what the parents of Gaza are going through, because in 1998, when war returned to Ethiopia, my children had to hide in a bunker to shelter from the bombardment.

I experienced war both as a child and as a parent.

The children and parents of Gaza and Israel want and need the same thing that my family wanted and needed: peace and security.

That is what this council was established to achieve.

But this crisis underlines once again the need for reform of the Security Council.

It has long been my view that the Security Council no longer serves the purpose for which it was established.

It represents the realpolitik of the Second World War, not the 21stcentury.

As a Foreign Minister, I was part of a group working on reform of the Security Council. I am dismayed that no progress has been made.

To remain credible, relevant, and a force for peace in our world, Member States, especially the P5, must take seriously the need to reform the Security Council.

I thank you.


LINK to UN video feed:The situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question - Security Council, 9472nd meeting | UN Web TV

For more information, see:

WHOConflict in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory (who.int)

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Whitmire , John Understands the workings of Houston Politics , says Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson .

Senator John Whitmire is a prominent figure in Texas politics, particularly in Houston. His attendance at Mayor Sylvester Turner's 2019 victory night celebrations highlights his understanding of the inner workings of Houston politics. Rather than aligning himself with his opponent, Tony Buzbee, Whitmire stood alongside Turner, emphasizing the importance of unity within the city. Turner's success in creating a "rainbow coalition" by bringing together leaders from different ethnic backgrounds, such as African Americans and Latinos, resonated with Whitmire's vision for a diverse and inclusive Houston.

Whitmire's involvement in Houston politics extends beyond mere support for the mayor. As a member of the Texas assembly, he comprehends the intricacies of legislation related to health and development. His experience and understanding make him a valuable asset in the pursuit of improving the overall well-being and progress of the state. Whitmire's commitment to serving the people of Houston and his ability to navigate the complex political landscape make him an effective advocate for health and development initiatives in the region.

 HealthNdevelopment Advocacy communication .

 Migrant community leaders in the USA advocacy communication press conference and awareness campaign for the importance of DACA .

United We Dream and other Asian immigrant advocates and leaders recently gathered at a press conference to highlight the importance and continuity of the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) program. They emphasized the legality of DACA and the protection of rights it provides. During the event, speakers shared their personal stories and reasons for belonging, backed up by compelling claims data.

The press conference served as a platform to underscore how DACA has positively impacted the lives and development of young  immigrants in the United States. It highlighted the necessity of continuing this program to ensure these individuals can thrive and contribute to society. The stories shared by the speakers illustrated the significant role DACA plays in providing them with the opportunities and resources needed to pursue their dreams and establish a solid foundation for their future. This event effectively shed light on the importance of supporting and protecting the rights of DACA recipients.

Veterans Day, observed on November 11th each year, is an incredibly important awareness campaign that honors and recognizes the brave men and women who have selflessly served the United States of America in military, naval, and air service, without dishonorable discharge. This day is dedicated to raising awareness about the sacrifices they have made for our freedom, including their roles in army medicine, their struggles with disabilities caused by war, and even those who were once prisoners of war.

One of the crucial aspects of this day is shedding light on the various benefits provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). These benefits encompass not only health-related assistance but also financial aid and educational opportunities. From healthcare services to disability compensation, the VA plays a vital role in ensuring the well-being and development of our veterans. By acknowledging Veterans Day and spreading awareness about these benefits, we can show our gratitude and support for those who have dedicated their lives to protecting our nation's freedom.

American veterans have not only served their country diligently but have also ventured overseas to partner with allies in international peacekeeping missions. These dedicated individuals played a vital role in maintaining peace and stability around the world. In these missions sanctioned by the United Nations and NATO, American veterans worked side by side with their friends from international militaries, forming strong bonds that endure even after their service.

As we honor these brave men and women, it is important to recognize the impact they made beyond their homeland. American veterans remember the sacrifices made by their fellow soldiers from different nations who fought for a common cause. This camaraderie has been instrumental in advocating for better VA benefits in the USA, as it serves as a powerful reminder that veterans' issues transcend borders. The experiences gained from working alongside international partners in peacekeeping missions have provided valuable insights that contribute to the development of health and well-being for veterans and their communities.

Veterans play a significant role in the health and development of a nation. With their immense sacrifice and service, they have fought in numerous wars, including the Civil War and various USA-ANGLO conflicts. Many veterans are proud of their military service but find themselves wishing that diplomatic solutions could have been employed to resolve the issues that led them to the battlefield. They understand the price paid during wartime and advocate for peaceful resolutions whenever possible.

It is essential to recognize that not everyone supports the wars in which American troops have been involved, such as the conflicts in countries like Iraq. However, even those who oppose the wars often hold deep respect and appreciation for the sacrifices made by veterans. They separate the actions of the military and the decisions made by policymakers, acknowledging the bravery and dedication of those who serve their country. Veterans are cherished members of society, deserving of the utmost support and care for their health and development after their years of service.


WHO updates guidelines on treatments for COVID-19

Geneva- WHO has updated its guidelines for COVID-19 therapeutics, with revised recommendations for patients with non-severe COVID-19. This is the 13th update to these guidelines.

Updated risk rates for hospital admission in patients with non-severe COVID-19

The guidance includes updated risk rates for hospital admission in patients with non-severe COVID-19.

The current COVID-19 virus variants tend to cause less severe disease while immunity levels are higher due to vaccination, leading to lower risks of severe illness and death for most patients.

This update includes new baseline risk estimates for hospital admission in patients with non-severe COVID-19. The new ‘moderate risk’ category now includes people previously considered to be high risk including older people and/or those with chronic conditions, disabilities, and comorbidities of chronic disease. The updated risk estimates will assist healthcare professionals to identify individuals at high, moderate or low risk of hospital admission, and to tailor treatment according to WHO guidelines:

  • High:People who are immunosuppressed remain at higher risk if they contract COVID-19, with an estimated hospitalization rate of 6%.
  • Moderate:People over 65 years old, those with conditions like obesity, diabetes and/or chronic conditions including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, kidney or liver disease, cancer, people with disabilities and those with comorbidities of chronic disease are at moderate risk, with an estimated hospitalization rate of 3%.
  • Low:Those who are not in the high or moderate risk categories are at low risk of hospitalization (0.5%). Most people are low risk.

Review of COVID-19 treatments for people with non-severe COVID-19

WHO continues to strongly recommend nirmatrelvir-ritonavir (also known by its brand name ‘Paxlovid’) for people at high-risk and moderate risk of hospitalization. The recommendations state that nirmatrelvir-ritonavir is considered the best choice for most eligible patients, given its therapeutic benefits, ease of administration and fewer concerns about potential harms. Nirmatrelvir-ritonavir was first recommended by WHO in April 2022.

If nirmatrelvir-ritonavir is not available to patients at high-risk of hospitalization, WHO suggests the use of molnupiravir or remdesivir instead.

WHO suggests against the use of molnupiravir and remdesivir for patients at moderate risk, judging the potential harms to outweigh the limited benefits in patients at moderate risk of hospital admission.

For people at low risk of hospitalization, WHO does not recommend any antiviral therapy. Symptoms like fever and pain can continue to be managed with analgesics like paracetamol.

WHO also recommends against use of a new antiviral (VV116) for patients, except in clinical trials.

The update also includes a strong recommendation against the use of ivermectin for patients with non-severe COVID-19. WHO continues to advise that in patients with severe or critical COVID-19, ivermectin should only be used in clinical trials.

WHO updates guidelines on treatments for COVID-19

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Texas Senator John Whitmire and Honorable Congress Woman Shieler Jackson Lee Qualify for December 12/09/2023 Houston  Mayoral Elections Rerun .

 Supporters of State senator , John Witmire 

celebrate with their candidate at the Houston Down town Marriotte hotel .

 Supporters of Shieler Jackson Lee celebrate with her after she thanked them for the work done 

The Houston mayoral elections to replace term-limited outgoing mayor Sylvester Turner did not produce a clear winner, as no candidate secured 50% of the votes. As a result, Senator John Witmire and Congresswoman Jackson Lee have qualified for the December 9th rerun. This rerun presents an opportunity for the residents of Houston to carefully consider the candidates' positions on crime and the economy, vital factors that impact the health and development of the city.

Senator John Witmire and Congresswoman Jackson Lee have both shown a deep understanding of the challenges Houston faces in terms of crime prevention and economic growth. Their participation in the rerun highlights their dedication to addressing these critical issues. By weighing their proposals and solutions, voters can contribute to the development of a more secure and prosperous city, promoting the overall health and well-being of its residents. As the election approaches, Houstonians have the chance to influence the future trajectory of their community and contribute to its continued growth and development.

    By Dr Ntuba , Thompson Akwo .

 Houston voters cast votes at the 7th of November 2023 Local government and Municipal elections .

The elections for finance controller for the City of Houston is crucial for ensuring accountability and transparency in finances and budget. Unlike the mayor, the controller is directly answerable to the voters, making their role essential in maintaining the city's financial integrity. Currently, Chris Hollins is leading in the polls, and his experience as a public servant  makes him a strong candidate for the position. His opponent, Martins, will no doubt bring his own expertise to the table, but Hollins' track record and dedication to fiscal responsibility give him an edge in the race.

The residents of Houston recognize the significance of a competent finance controller who prioritizes the city's health and development. With Chris Hollins' proven financial acumen, there is optimism for a prosperous future under his leadership. By electing Hollins, voters can trust that he will diligently oversee the city's finances, making informed decisions that will contribute to the growth and well-being of Houston. The choice between Hollins and Martins ultimately boils down to who can best ensure a financially secure and thriving city for all its residents.

Senator John Whitmire and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee are anticipated to be the frontrunners for a mayoral rerun during the December 2023 elections. As the results of the November 7th, 2023 mayoral race are declared, these two prominent figures in politics and public service are expected to vie for the esteemed position. This rerun will provide an opportunity for them to bring attention to the critical health and development issues they both passionately endorse, showcasing their commitment to improving the well-being and progress of their community.

With their extensive experience and proven dedication, Senator Whitmire and Congresswoman Shieler Jackson Lee are poised to lead the mayoral race towards promoting better healthcare provisions, fostering sustainable development, and addressing the pressing challenges faced by their constituents. These candidates recognize the importance of prioritizing the health needs of their community and are committed to implementing policies that will enhance access to quality healthcare, promote healthy lifestyles, and ensure the overall well-being of the population. Their shared vision for development encompasses various aspects including infrastructure improvements, economic growth, and social welfare, demonstrating their comprehensive approach towards creating a vibrant and prosperous city for all. Stay tuned for the upcoming results  as Senator Whitmire and Congresswoman Shieler Jackson Lee possibly  emerge as the frontrunners, determined to address the pressing health and development issues of their community.

Cameroon- Africa :Gun men kill 20 and injured others in English speaking South West Region town of  Manfe .

Unidentified gunmen have perpetrated a horrifying attack in the English-speaking town of Manfe, located in the Southwest region of Cameroon. This tragic incident has resulted in the loss of 20 innocent lives, while also leaving several others with serious injuries, currently receiving treatment. Many suspect that these brutal killings are linked to the ongoing struggle for justice and the restoration of agreements between the French and English-speaking communities within the country.

This devastating event highlights the urgent need for attention to be directed towards the health and development of this region. The senseless violence and loss of lives in Manfe demonstrate the vulnerabilities faced by communities already grappling with numerous challenges. It is crucial that efforts are made to address the root causes of such violence, promoting dialogue and understanding to achieve lasting peace and stability. Health and development initiatives should prioritize the healing and well-being of the affected population, while also addressing the systemic issues that have contributed to this tragic event.  

  By Dr Ntuba , Akwo Thompson .

                Monday 11/6/2023 

American Indians celebrate their heritage during the month of November. 

American Indians Heritage Month, celebrated throughout November, is a significant occasion for acknowledging and honoring the rich cultural heritage of American Indians. During this month, they take pride in showcasing their spirituality, deep connection to nature, and their ongoing struggles for justice. It is a time for reflection, education, and celebration of the progress made in advancing their rights and recognizing their contributions to society.

The appointment of Deb Haaland, a Native American, as the Secretary of the Interior by President Biden is a momentous event worthy of celebration. This historic appointment demonstrates the commitment to diversity, inclusion, and representation within the government. It signifies a step forward in recognizing and valuing the perspectives and experiences of American Indians in decision-making processes that affect their lands, resources, and overall well-being. The progress made during American Indians Heritage Month serves as a reminder of the importance of continuing efforts to right past injustices and ensure a brighter future for all.

 Alzheimer,s  Walk Houston 2023 , to take place at University of Houston campus .

The Houston Walk to end Alzheimer's disease 2023 will take place at the campus of the University of Houston on Saturday, November 4th. This annual event aims to raise awareness about Alzheimer's disease, support cutting-edge research, and promote education about the condition. By participating in the walk, individuals can make a difference in the lives of those affected by this challenging disease.

The walk serves as a platform to rally the community and raise funds to support vital programs and services for individuals who are living with Alzheimer's, as well as their families and caregivers. It is an opportunity to join the fight against Alzheimer's and make a meaningful impact in advancing research and finding a cure. The event will not only bring people together but also provide an avenue for sharing stories, offering support, and fostering hope for a future free from the burden of Alzheimer's disease.The event begins at 8 am .

Houston Run mobilized many teams to participate in the 2023 event at Sam Houston Park .

The Houston Run event and 10 K race were huge successes, attracting participants from various teams who eagerly took part in the exhilarating event held at the picturesque Sam Houston Park. The enthusiastic turnout demonstrated the increasing importance of exercise in improving overall health and well-being. From seasoned runners to beginners, everyone had a chance to challenge themselves and achieve personal goals while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow participants. The event not only promoted physical health but also served as a platform to raise awareness about the benefits of regular exercise for individuals and communities alike.

Participating in a 10 K race is not just about crossing the finish line; it symbolizes a commitment to personal growth and development. By engaging in regular exercise, individuals can enhance cardiovascular fitness, strengthen muscles, and boost mental clarity. The Houston Run event provided a fantastic opportunity for people of all ages and fitness levels to come together, celebrate their achievements, and inspire one another. This event serves as a powerful reminder that incorporating exercise into our daily lives is key to maintaining good health and vitality. Whether running, walking, or cheering from the sidelines, the Houston Run event showcased the collective spirit of a community united in the pursuit of better health.

International Quilt Festival 2023 , Draws thousands to Houston for Fun , Business , Net working and Learning .

The International Quilt Festival has become a significant event for the city of Houston, bringing valuable business opportunities, networking prospects, and educational experiences. As it looks ahead to its 45th anniversary in 2024, the festival continues to foster growth and development in the field of quilting.

One of the highlights of the event is the exhibition of war quilts from the Ukraine-Russia conflict, showcasing the stories of resilience and hope depicted in these intricate textiles. Additionally, the festival pays homage to the late Congressman John Lewis and his fight for justice with the "Good Trouble" exhibit. Alongside these thought-provoking displays, the festival also serves as a platform for entrepreneurs and businesses in the quilting market. Spearheaded by Karey Bresenham[Founder and Director Emeritus], the festival's head founder , it has become a hub for both established professionals and budding enthusiasts in the industry.

  By Dr Ntuba , Akwo Thompson . 

 Massive protests by pro Palistinian groups in the USA continue to Condemn Irael and USA over the Israelis raids in Gaza killing Children and Women 

On a bright evening in Houston, a massive gathering of participants took place at the city hall premises for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society's Light the Night campaign. This event aimed to raise awareness and funds for these life-threatening diseases. The atmosphere was filled with hope and support as individuals held up different colored lights to symbolize their connection to the cause. Survivors proudly displayed white lights, while red lights honored those who had lost their battles. Gold lights shone brightly, representing those who were currently fighting against lymphoma and leukemia. It was a powerful display of unity and determination to overcome these diseases.

The Light the Night campaign brought together people from all walks of life, united in the common goal of eradicating lymphoma and leukemia. Participants walked side by side, sharing stories, and showing their support for loved ones affected by these diseases. The event not only created a sense of community but also raised vital funds for research, treatment, and support services. By shining a light on lymphoma and leukemia, this campaign aimed to bring hope, raise awareness, and offer a brighter future for those affected by these illnesses.

While the United States and the European Union, including NATO countries except Turkey, have refrained from condemning Israel's continued raids and ground interventions in Gaza, citing defense against Hamas as the justification, several other UN member states have called for an immediate ceasefire. The differing stances of these countries have led to a division within the UN concerning Israel's response in Gaza.

The lack of consensus on this issue highlights the complexities of the ongoing conflict and the various viewpoints held by different nations. While some argue that Israel has the right to protect itself from security threats, others express concern over the humanitarian impact of the operations in Gaza. As discussions continue at the UN, it is clear that finding a resolution that satisfies all parties involved remains a challenging task.

WHO welcomes decision by Egypt to receive patients from Gaza Strip


1 November 2023 –The World Health Organization (WHO) welcomes Egypt’s decision to accept 81 injured and sick people from the Gaza Strip for treatment.

WHO has been working to support the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population in planning and establishing a comprehensive triage, stabilization, and medical evacuation system, by providing ongoing training for health care staff. WHO is also working with the Egyptian Red Crescent Society to ensure that psychological trauma support services are available to patients.

Our experts have visited Al-Arish, visited medical evacuation facilities and met with medical staff and ambulance paramedics who received advanced life support training. There are 65 ambulances equipped with full resuscitation and life support capabilities. Thirteen of the ambulance teams include trained emergency doctors in addition to paramedics with advanced life support training.

Al-Arish Hospital will be the main first referral hospital. It has fully equipped resuscitation and intensive care facilities, and a range of surgical teams to manage severe injuries, including major trauma and burns. Onward referral arrangements to second-line hospitals in Egypt are also in place.

Thousands more people inside the Gaza Strip continue to need access to urgent and essential health services amid shortages of medicines, health supplies and other aid such as fuel, water and food. Those in serious need include thousands of seriously injured civilians (many of them children); more than 1000 people who need kidney dialysis to stay alive; more than 2000 patients on cancer therapy; 45 000 people with cardiovascular diseases; and more than 60 000 people with diabetes. These patients must be able to have sustained access to health care inside Gaza. Hospitals and other health facilities must be protected from bombardment and military use.

Before 7 October 2023, around 100 patients each day needed to access specialized health care services outside the Gaza Strip because of the lack of needed, specialized health services inside Gaza.

WHO calls for urgent, accelerated access for humanitarian aid – including fuel, water, food and medical supplies – into and throughout the Gaza Strip, and access for patients to referral services outside Gaza. Ultimately, WHO calls for a humanitarian ceasefire to prevent further loss and suffering.

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Hospitals in the Gaza Strip at a breaking point, warns WHO

October 2023 emergency situation reports

Occupied Palestinian territory website

CDC issues new recommendations for testing infants and children born to pregnant people with hepatitis C

  • The elimination of hepatitis C is a national priority. CDC released universal screening recommendations for adults in 2020, which included a recommendation to test pregnant people during each pregnancy. Because of continued increases in hepatitis C cases in the United States, this report provides new recommendations for testing infants and children born to pregnant people with hepatitis C.
  • CDC’s new recommendations include testing infants and children aged 2-6 months born to pregnant people with hepatitis C. Infants with detectable hepatitis C virusribonucleic acid (RNA)should be managed in coordination with a health care provider with expertise in pediatric hepatitis C.
  • Providers are encouraged to implement CDC’s newest recommendations for hepatitis C testing for all infants and children born to pregnant people with hepatitis C.

Mayoral leadership:Public healh and Safety should be a priority for Smart Cities . 

 Light the Night to fight Lymphomas and Leukamias will take place on Saturday 10/28/2023 in Houston  

Multi-Country Funding Appeal: occupied Palestinian territory and Egypt, Lebanon, Syrian Arab Republic and Jordan

Since 7 October 2023, the escalating crisis in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory has caused large numbers of civilian deaths and injuries.

In the Gaza Strip, airstrikes and a lack of medical supplies, food, water and fuel have virtually depleted an already under-resourced health system. Hospitals have been operating far beyond capacity due to rising numbers of patients as well as displaced civilians seeking shelter. The provision of essential health services – from maternal and newborn care to treatment for chronic conditions – has been severely compromised.

The recent escalation of hostilities in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) is taking a heavy toll on civilians. Thousands have been killed or injured, and over 1.4 million people have been displaced. There have been 171 attacks on health care in oPt leading to 493 deaths and 387 injuries, with 56 attacks impacting health facilities and 130 impacting health personnel, as of 24 October 2023. The health system is on the verge of collapse and dwindling access to health services, clean water, food and fuel on top of an already weakened healthcare system risks further loss of civilian life. Massive displacement to shelters with inadequate resources will result in disease outbreaks. The escalation of hostilities has already spread to the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Lebanon Israel border and Syrian Arab Republic, with a risk of spilling over to other countries in the region, including Jordan, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Iraq.

WHO urgently needs an estimated US$80 million to respond to the humanitarian needs in oPt, particularly in Gaza, and to undertake contingency planning for Egypt, Lebanon, Syrian Arab Republic and Jordan through the end of 2023. WHO will scale-up trauma and emergency care services, maintain access to essential health services and treatment of chronic conditions, establish disease surveillance and outbreak control measures (especially in displacement sites), and ensure coordination including through the work of the Health Cluster

Read the full Appeal here:



 International Political leader , Physician , Preacher and Publisher [Editor], DR NTUBA AKWO  calls on Shieler Jackson Lee to respect tax payers congressional seat and staffers .

Shieler Jackson Lee, a political officer, has recently owned up to a video circulating of her insulting her staff members. In light of this incident, Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson, a strong advocate for health and development, firmly believes that political officers, who are entrusted with their positions by the taxpayers, should not engage in any form of abuse towards their staff. The act of apologizing was a positive step taken by Shieler Jackson Lee, demonstrating accountability for her actions and acknowledging the importance of treating staff members with respect.

Dr. Thompson emphasizes the need for those in positions of power to recognize the responsibility they hold in serving the public. Political officers are meant to represent the interests of the people, and it is essential that they do so without demeaning or mistreating their staff. Such behavior undermines the principles of good governance and impedes the progress of health and development initiatives. Dr. Thompson urges all political officers to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, treating their staff with dignity and fostering an environment of mutual respect.

​​​​​​​I know the choice of who to vote for is a big one. I hope I can count on your support, and I wanted to remind you of just some of the commitments I've made to our community:

  • Lower Property Taxes: I've seen the financial strain many of our families face. I'm committed to reducing property taxes, ensuring we keep more of our hard-earned money.
  • A Real Plan Against Crime: I've laid out a comprehensive multi-point strategy to tackle the rising crime rates, ensuring safer streets and neighborhoods for our families.Check it out here.
  • Infrastructure Improvement: From fixing broken streets to ensuring efficient water mains, I'm dedicated to revamping our city's infrastructure.

Every vote counts. Let's rally behind a vision for a brighter, safer, and more prosperous Houston. I hope to have your support. Vote Tony Buzbee for City Council District G!

See you at the polls!

Tony Buzbee

P.S.Before you head to the polls, ensure you're fully informed. Visit our website tolocate the nearest voting centeranddiscover who's backing our visionfor a brighter District G. If you're passionate about our cause andwant to help out at the polls, please sign up. Every bit of support makes a difference!

Israel  calls for the resignation of UN Secretary general .

Israel has made a strong call for the resignation of UN Secretary Antonio Guterres, citing his statement that the long periods of occupation of Palestinian lands and oppression have led to attacks by Hamas on October 7th. Israel has taken a firm stance and announced the refusal to issue visas to UN staff entering the country. This move has been met with resistance from the Palestinians, who have expressed their disagreement with Israel's decision.

The call for resignation by Israel reflects the ongoing tension and disagreement over the issue of occupation and its impact on the Palestinian people. The statement made by UN Secretary Antonio Guterres has sparked a heated debate between the two sides. While Israel believes that it has the right to protect its people and maintain its security, the Palestinians argue that the occupation and oppression are the root causes of the violence and attacks. The refusal to issue visas to UN staff further complicates the situation, as it could impact various humanitarian and development efforts in the region.

Republican congress man , Mike Johnson elected New House Speaker 

After many blunders and inability to put their differences aside and elect a speaker from one of their rangs , Republicans voted Mike Johnson the new Speaker of the USA congress who hails from the state of Loiusianna . He had the 220 votes of the republicans against the 210 for democratic minority leader Hakeem Jeffries .


Shock, grief and the challenge of healing: Israel’s health system responds to the October attacks

Dr Michel Thieren, WHO Special Representative in Israel, spent almost 2 weeks travelling across the country to see how the health system is responding in the aftermath of the attacks led by Hamas on 7 October. This is his account of what he saw and heard.Note: Some readers may find the content of this article distressing.

More than 2 weeks after the attacks in Israel that left 1400 people dead and over 4600 wounded, health-care providers there continue working around the clock to respond to the enormous needs of their patients.

Immediately after the attacks on 7 October, WHO Regional Director for Europe Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge offered WHO’s support, under the Organization’s humanitarian mandate, to the health response led by the Israeli Ministry of Health. The Ministry responded that, at the time, the health system was coping, but that it would not hesitate to ask if assistance was needed.

So far, 8 attacks on health care and medical facilities in Israel have been recorded through WHO’s surveillance system of attacks on health care, with 7 deaths attributed to these.

WHO Special Representative in Israel Dr Michel Thieren has been reviewing the health response on multiple fronts, visiting hospitals, listening to the injured, talking to displaced people, touring destroyed and deserted towns and villages, and observing the intricate, highly challenging work of forensic investigators who have yet to formally identify almost half of those who died.

Among the sites Dr Thieren visited is a hospital in the coastal city of Ashkelon that is treating many of the injured.

“What is so striking is that almost all the people I spoke to, the vast majority of them with severe injuries from gun shots, shrapnel and burns, did not want to talk about themselves at all but about the people they had seen die in front of them,” said Dr Thieren.

“Almost every one of those survivors had seen someone else die before they themselves were injured. They are absolutely haunted by this. It is dominant in their thoughts. So many need urgent mental health support.”

In addition to the dead or injured, over 200 Israeli hostages remain in captivity, including women, children and older people, with many reportedly suffering from pre-existing health conditions requiring continuity of care. WHO and United Nations partners have repeatedly called for their immediate and unconditional release.

“The fact that so many Israelis are still being held hostage by Hamas means that there is no chance for the wider public to begin the healing process,” observed Dr Thieren, who has spoken to relatives of many of the abducted Israelis.

“It is on their minds 24 hours a day. It has added to the collective psychological burden witnessed nationwide, triggering an acute need for mental health services.”

Dr Thieren said he listened to several doctors and nurses treating the injured who shared that they, too, were finding their mental health affected by the stories they were hearing from survivors and the wounds they were treating.

“From what I am seeing, mental health problems appear to be rapidly spreading among the country’s population. The human suffering is immense. People just don’t feel safe anymore, and this is a complete change in their recent history.”

Dr Thieren also visited several military bases where the bodies of many of the victims of the attacks are stored in refrigerated containers.

“Doctors and forensic experts are still working to identify the bodies. They are all wrapped in plastic bags. There are obviously adult bodies and children’s bodies, but the vast majority of bags are misshapen. Despite Israel having some of the best forensic doctors in the world, only 700 – barely half of the 1400 victims – have been positively identified so far. This, of course, is incredibly impactful on those that are doing this necessary work,” he explained.

“I have visited ghost towns in the south whose populations have been evacuated. There is still the terrible stench of death. I have listened to so many people telling their stories. Survivors, the injured, psychiatrists, doctors, first responders and soldiers – all their accounts are horrific. The shadow of national shock and grief has plunged this country into night. When mental health perishes, so does physical health.”

In his role as WHO Special Representative, Dr Thieren also met with a number of public and official figures to gauge their views on the health needs at this time, and to express WHO’s solidarity with all civilians and health workers, everywhere.

Conflict and mental health

A WHO review of 129 studies in 39 countries, published in 2022, shows that among people who experienced war or other conflict in the previous 10 years, 1 in 5 (22%) have depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

“The sad truth is that in any conflict, it is civilians and humanitarians who end up bearing the brunt,” noted Dr Gerald Rockenschaub, WHO Regional Emergency Director for Europe.

“Amid a number of ongoing conflicts in the WHO European Region and globally, WHO stresses that civilians and health workers must never be a target, anywhere. Violence, deaths, injury, displacement – all of these contribute to significant, long-term challenges that health systems are hard-pressed to respond to adequately.”

Dr Rockenschaub added, “Only an end to the ongoing violence, including through the immediate release of all hostages, can begin to help alleviate the human suffering of those affected.”

WHO’s guidelines on mental health care amid emergencies

WHO’s guidelines for responding to urgent mental health needs in emergency situations at a number of levels, from basic services to clinical care, include the following:

  • Psychological first aid to people experiencing acute distress should be made available by field workers, including health staff, teachers and trained volunteers.
  • Basic clinical mental health care covering priority conditions, such as depression, psychotic disorders and epilepsy, should be provided at every health-care facility by trained and supervised general health staff.
  • Psychological interventions, such as problem-solving, group interpersonal therapy and interventions based on the principles of cognitive-behavioural therapy for people impaired by prolonged distress, should be offered by specialists in those fields.
  • Protecting and promoting the rights of people with severe mental health conditions and psychosocial disabilities is especially critical in humanitarian emergencies. This includes visiting, monitoring and supporting people at psychiatric facilities and residential homes.
  • Links and referral mechanisms should be established between mental health specialists, general health-care providers, community-based support workers, and other service providers such as schools, social services and emergency relief centres.
  • Community self-help and social support should be strengthened.

For more information on mental health in emergencies, follow the



The Republican-led Congress is in crisis, showcasing a broken system that has dire implications for health and development. The inability of the Republicans to choose a speaker of the House highlights just how deeply flawed the government has become. With the absence of a strong leader, crucial decisions remain unresolved, hindering progress on critical health and development issues.

Prominent figures like Liz Cheney point to Donald Trump and his supporters as the cause of the stalemate in Congress. They warn against the prospect of another Trump presidency, expressing concerns that it could further perpetuate the dysfunction within the government. Such a scenario would undoubtedly exacerbate the challenges faced in the realms of health and development, as urgent action and efficient governance are needed to address the pressing issues that affect people's well-being and societal progress.

HealthNDevelopment magazine update on the Hamas -Israel conflicts .

Needed aid Trucks  bound for Gaza are using the Open Farrah Crossing through Egypt to deliver medicines , food and Supplies . 

Following the plea made by authorities from the World Health Organization, UN, and USA President Biden, there is positive news that humanitarian assistance is now being delivered to Gaza through Egypt. The FARRAH crossing has been opened, allowing trucks carrying vital medicines, food, and emergency supplies to drive in. This development is crucial in providing the physical, social, and mental care needed to support the health and development of the people in Gaza.

The availability of these essential resources will help alleviate the challenging conditions faced by individuals in Gaza. The delivery of medicines will ensure access to necessary treatment, while the provision of food will address nutritional needs. Additionally, the emergency supplies will contribute to the overall well-being and resilience of the community. This collaborative effort demonstrates the importance of international cooperation and highlights the commitment to improving the health and development of those in need.

Massive crowds Rallied and Matched at pro-Gaza Palistine event in Houston , calling Israel Racist apathied occupiers . 

HealthNDevelopment Magazine  congratulates it,s chief Editor ,DR NTUBA ,THOMPSON AKWO .



Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson is a global health professional and an expert in the field of health and development.He is a physician, politician,  preacher and  publisher[editor] who has been actively involved in global health and development work in Texas USA and multiple contients and countries , particularly during the challenging times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic1.He has served as a former senior staff medical officer at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, former deputy chief medical officer at St Francis Poly Clinic, former Director of Bethel health foundation, and National chairman for health among elites in a regional or state civil society nonprofit who advised a government through the office of prime minister and president to strengthen the health system of the nation by addressing health human resource shortages with the opening of a medical school in Buea university, increases in budgetary allocation in the national budget for health, improve infrastructure, better communication or health information services for information, education and communication, improved quality of health service delivery and prioritization of health issues2.

Dr.Thompson Akwo Ntuba  is also known for his work on addiction and recovery1.He has conducted interviews on drug courts and has been an advocate for risk communication and community engagement during crises such as pandemics1. Dr Ntuba Akwo Hs worked in Washington DC, New York , Baltimore , Tulsa Oklahaoma , San Antonio , and Many USA cities .

He has travelled to many European countries and cities including London Uk , Frankfurt , Hieldenburg [Germany ] , Toulon , Toulous and Paris [France ] , Padua and Milan  Italy , and Switzerland talking with residents of those cities and nations .

Learn more:

1. healthndevelopment.com  healthndevelopment.com




The God of Abraham is regarded as the deity for all, including the children of Abraham- Ismail and Isaac. The Old Testament portrays the God of war, while the New Testament brings forth a compassionate God filled with grace, healing, justice, and peace. It is crucial for Palestinians and Israelis to coexist peacefully, prioritizing a harmonious life rather than engaging in conflicts. By embracing the principles of peace and justice, both nations can thrive and contribute to the collective health and development of their regions.

The journey towards healing and justice can be initiated by recognizing the shared heritage and common beliefs of both Israelis and Palestinians. Instead of perpetuating animosity, the emphasis should be on fostering understanding, empathy, and collaboration. This paradigm shift will enable the people to build a more peaceful society, where individuals can access healthcare and engage in activities that contribute to their personal and collective growth. By embracing the God of grace, healing, justice, and peace, Israelis and Palestinians can cultivate a thriving future for themselves and their nations.


World Council of Churches calls for cessation of Violence in the Hamas-Isreali conflicts .

“The World Council of Churches (WCC) appeals once again urgently for an immediate cessation of this deadly violence, and for Hamas to cease their attacks. We urgently ask both parties for de-escalation of the situation,” said WCC general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay. “We are deeply concerned about the conflict between Israel and Palestinian armed groups, and of the inevitably tragic consequences for the people of the region – Israelis and Palestinians alike – following a period of escalating tensions and violence in the West Bank and Jerusalem.”

The World Council of Churches joined the statement by the Patriarchs and Heads of the Churches in Jerusalem on 13 October, which urged immediate actions to address the escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The situation at the Gaza strip is unbearable without access to water, food, medical support, and electricity.

Pillay said in a statement on Sunday: “We call upon the State of Israel with the support of the international community, to allow humanitarian support to enter Gaza so millions of innocent civilians, including many children, may receive medical treatment and basic supplies.”

Pillay underlined the urgent need to act. “Moreover, we call on all parties to de-escalate this war in order to save innocent lives while serving the cause of justice.”

The Anglican Arab Ahli hospital in Gaza was hit Saturday evening by Israeli strikes. Two floors were partially damaged and four people were injured.

Pillay called on respect for international law—including the Geneva Convention—international humanitarian law, and human rights to be respected and upheld to protect all civilians and for the immediate release of all hostages held in Gaza.

Pillay concluded: “We call on all leaders to work for just peace in the Holy Land. Only justice will lead to peace, safety, and security for all.“

WCC invitesall member churches and people of good will to join the call from the Jerusalem Heads of Churches to observe a Day of Prayer and Fasting on 17 October.


 1WCC, Jerusalem Heads of Churches invite all to global prayer day (WCC news release 15 October 2023)

 2Jerusalem Heads of Churches urge addressing humanitarian crisis in Gaza (WCC news release 13 October 2023)

 3WCC calls for a new approach to conflict in Palestine and Israel (WCC news release 13 October 2023)

 4Statement: WCC calls for a new approach to the conflict in Palestine and Israel(13 October 2023)

 5Church leaders in Holy Land call for de-escalation, respect for human rights (WCC news release 9 October 2023)

 6Service of Lament for Palestine and Israel: “we solidly believe in the sanctity of life” (WCC news release 12 October 2023)

 7WCC urgently appeals for immediate ceasefire in Israel and Palestine (WCC news release 7 October 2023)

Hamas-Israel War  : Dr Ntuba Akwo calls for Humanitarian concerns and aid  for suffering innocent people . 

International health and development expert, Dr. Ntuba Thompson Akwo, joins the voices of Pope Francis, China, and other world leaders in calling for an end to the suffering of innocent Palestinians in the Hamas-Israel war. It is unacceptable that Gaza civilians, including women and children, are dying due to a lack of basic necessities such as food and medicine. Urgent humanitarian intervention is needed to prevent further loss of life.

Dr. Thompson Akwo Ntuba emphasizes the importance of a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, urging both sides to prioritize the well-being of the civilian population. This conflict has led to the displacement of thousands of Gazans, leaving them in dire conditions without access to vital healthcare services. The release of all hostages and a cessation of hostilities is crucial to address the immediate needs of the people and pave the way for long-term peace and development in the region.

Photo credit and Contents [WCC]

Evacuation orders by Israel to hospitals in northern Gaza are a death sentence for the sick and injured.


14 October 2023 -- As the United Nation’s agency responsible for public health, the World Health Organization (WHO) strongly condemns Israel's repeated orders for the evacuation of 22 hospitals treating more than 2000 inpatients in northern Gaza. The forced evacuation of patients and health workers will further worsen the current humanitarian and public health catastrophe.

The lives of many critically ill and fragile patients hang in the balance: those in intensive care or who rely on life support; patients undergoing hemodialysis; newborns in incubators; women with complications of pregnancy, and others all face imminent deterioration of their condition or death if they are forced to move and are cut off from life-saving medical attention while being evacuated.

Health facilities in northern Gaza continue to receive an influx of injured patients and are struggling to operate beyond maximum capacity. Some patients are being treated in corridors and outdoors in surrounding streets due to a lack of hospital beds.

Forcing more than 2000 patients to relocate to southern Gaza, where health facilities are already running at maximum capacity and unable to absorb a dramatic rise in the number patients, could be tantamount to a death sentence.

Hospital directors and health workers are now facing an agonizing choice: abandon critically ill patients amid a bombing campaign, put their own lives at risk while remaining on site to treat patients, or endanger their patients’ lives while attempting to transport them to facilities that have no capacity to receive them. Overwhelmingly, care givers have chosen to stay behind, and honour their oaths as health professionals to “do no harm,” rather than risk moving their critically ill patients during evacuations. Health workers should never have to make such impossible choices.

Additionally, tens of thousands of displaced people in northern Gaza are seeking refuge in open spaces in or around hospitals, treating them as havens from violence as well as to protect the facilities from potential attacks. Their lives, too, are at risk when health facilities are bombed.

There are verified reportsof deaths of health care workers and destruction of health facilities, which denies civilians the basic human right of life-saving health care and is prohibited under International Humanitarian Law.

WHO calls for Israel to immediately reverse evacuation orders to hospitals in northern Gaza, and calls for the protection of health facilities, health workers, patients, and civilians. WHO also reiterates its calls for the immediate and safe delivery of medical supplies, fuel, clean water, food, and other humanitarian aid into Gaza through the Rafah crossing, where life-saving assistance – including WHO health supplies that arrived earlier today – is currently awaiting entry.

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WHO pleads for immediate reversal of Gaza evacuation order to protect health and reduce suffering

Hospitals in the Gaza Strip at a breaking point, warns WHO

October 2023 emergency situation reports

Occupied Palestinian territory website

World council of Churches calls on New approaches to solve the problems in the Middle East 


The World Council of Churches (WCC), in the aftermath of brutal violence where thousands of innocent civilians lost their lives, is calling for a new approach to resolve the conflict in the Holy Land. “The horrific situation today in Israeli and Palestine, leaving so many dead, thousands injured, many families either displaced or living in shelters, and hundreds held in captivity and prisons is exactly what we all feared would happen,” said WCC general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Jerry Pillay. “It is now thirty years since the Oslo agreement was signed. In the meantime, the number of settlements has grown to at least 250 with 800,000 people.”

Instead of peace, Pillay said, we witness more violence, displacement, and war.

“The international community must acknowledge the need for a new approach with an end goal of just coexistence,” Pillay urged. “The peace process has failed both peoples, Palestinians and Israelis alike.”

He called for a fresh approach.

"History has taught us that exploitative agreements that create a semblance of peace do not stand the test of time and lead to bloodshed the type we are witnessing right now,” he said. “The Jerusalem Heads of Churches, during the last one year or so, have issued no less than 12 statements calling for an approach based on justice and cautioning that tampering with the religious and historical status quo especially in Jerusalem would lead to violence.”

“Our call is the establishment of clarity regarding a future built on justice instead of military power, where International Law is applied consistently without partiality,” he added. “We must reimagine sustainable peace for the region, peace that can withstand the test of time,” he said. “At the core of such peace is equality and justice. We hope and pray that our call will be heeded; and that Palestinians, Israelis, and the entire Middle East find a new path to peace."


Hospitals in the Gaza Strip at a breaking point, warns WHO

Jerusalem, 12 October 2023 -WHO warns that the health system in  the Gaza Strip is at a breaking point. Time is running out to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe if fuel and life-saving health and humanitarian supplies cannot be urgently delivered to the Gaza Strip amidst the complete blockade.

Hospitals have only a few hours of electricity each day as they are forced to ration depleting fuel reserves and rely on generators to sustain the most critical functions.Even these functions wil lhave to cease in a few days, when fuel stocks are due torun out.The impact would be devastating for the most vulnerable patients,including the injured who need life saving surgery,patients  in intensive care units,and new borns depending on care in incubators.

As injuries and fatalities continue to rise due to the ongoing air, land, and naval strikes on the Gaza Strip, acute shortages of medical supplies are compounding the crisis, limiting the response capacity of already overstretched hospitals to treat the sick and injured.

The situation has also gravely disrupted the delivery of essential health services,including obstetric care, management of non communicable diseases such as cancer and heart diseases, and treatment of common infections,as all health facilitiesare forced to prioritize life saving emergency care.

Access for emergency medical teams in the field is severely hampered by infrastructure damage.WHO has documented 34 attacks on health care in Gaza since last Saturday that have resulted in the death of 11 health workers on duty, 16 injuries, and damages  to 19 health facilities and 20 ambulances.

Without the immediate entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza —especially health services, medical supplies, food, clean water, fuel, and non-food items —humanitarian and health partners will be unable to respond to urgent needs of peoplewho desperately need it. Each lost hour puts more lives at risk.

WHO calls for an end to hostilities and the protection of health care and civilians against attacks.WHO also calls for the immediate opening of a humanitarian corridor to ensure unimpeded access for health and humanitarian supplies,as well as for personnel,andthe evacuation of patients and the injured.WHO further reiterates its call for the respect and protection of health care.

WHO is ready to immediately dispatch trauma and essential health supplies through its logistics hub in Dubai and working with partners to ensure that

they can reach the Gaza Strip via the Rafah border crossing. Urgent access through the crossing is essential so that WHO and other humanitarian agencies can act quickly to help save lives.

United Nations Secretary General address to the press on the Hamas -Isreali Middle East Conflict 


I have just concluded an extraordinary meeting of senior UN leaders to discuss the unprecedented developments in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Let me begin by repeating my utter condemnation of the abhorrent attacks by Hamas and others against Israeli towns and villages in the Gaza periphery, which have left over 800 Israelis dead and more than 2,500 injured.

Sadly, these numbers are expected to rise as the attacks are ongoing and many remain unaccounted for.

In addition, over one hundred, possibly more, Israelis – civilians and military – have been reported captured by armed groups, including women, children and the elderly.

Some are being held hostage inside Israel and many others have been taken inside the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad have launched thousands of indiscriminate rockets that have reached central Israel, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

I recognize the legitimate grievances of the Palestinian people. But nothing can justify these acts of terror and the killing, maiming and abduction of civilians.

I reiterate my call to immediately cease these attacks and release all hostages.

In the face of these unprecedented attacks, Israeli airstrikes have pounded Gaza.

I am deeply alarmed by reports of over 500 Palestinians -- including women and children -- killed in Gaza and over 3,000 injured.

Unfortunately, these numbers are rising by the minute as Israeli operations continue.

While I recognize Israel’s legitimate security concerns, I also remind Israel that military operations must be conducted in strict accordance with international humanitarian law.

Civilians must be respected and protected at all times.

Civilian infrastructure must never be a target.

We already have reports of Israeli missiles striking health facilities inside Gaza as well as multi-storied residential towers and a mosque.

Two UNRWA schools sheltering displaced families in Gaza were also hit.

Some 137,000 people are currently sheltering in UNRWA facilities – with the number increasing as heavy shelling and airstrikes continue.

I am deeply distressed by today’s announcement that Israel will initiate a complete siege of the Gaza Strip, nothing allowed in – no electricity, food, or fuel.

The humanitarian situation in Gaza was extremely dire before these hostilities; now it will only deteriorate exponentially.

Medical equipment, food, fuel and other humanitarian supplies are desperately needed, along with access for humanitarian personnel.

Relief and entry of essential supplies into Gaza must be facilitated – and the UN will continue efforts to provide aid to respond to these needs.

I urge all sides and the relevant parties to allow United Nations access to deliver urgent humanitarian assistance to Palestinian civilians trapped and helpless in the Gaza Strip.

I appeal to the international community to mobilize immediate humanitarian support for this effort.

The UN Special Coordinator and I are engaging with leaders in the region to express our concern, our outrage, and to advance efforts to avoid any spillover to the wider Middle East.

Even in these worst of times – and perhaps especially in the most trying moments – it is vital to look to the long-term horizon and avoid irreversible action that would embolden extremists and doom any prospects for lasting peace.

This most recent violence does not come in a vacuum. The reality is that it grows out of a long-standing conflict, with a 56-year long occupation and no political end in sight.

It’s time to end this vicious circle of bloodshed, hatred and polarization.

Israel must see its legitimate needs for security materialized – and Palestinians must see a clear perspective for the establishment of their own state realized.

Only a negotiated peace that fulfills the legitimate national aspirations of Palestinians and Israelis, together with their security alike – the long-held vision of a two-State solution, in line with United Nations resolutions, international law and previous agreements – can bring long-term stability to the people of this land and the wider Middle East region.

Thank you.


 Opinion : Global health professional and expert , Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo calls on all parties in the recent Hamas and Isrealis conflict to respect human rights of all .

Israel has the right to self-defense and should be respected according to UN resolutions when dealing with Hamas. However, it is crucial to recognize that there is no justification for indiscriminate bombings and the killing of innocent people. Provocations that lead to bombings should be stopped in order to maintain peace. It is important to understand that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not solely an American issue, but rather a global concern that requires attention from international communities. Israel's right to self-defense and the respect of UN resolutions should be upheld, but it is also essential to ensure that a complete siege of Gaza is not imposed, as it can severely impact the health and development of the population.

 Mayoral leadership : Candidates for Houston  mayor met at the University of Houston , addressing the issues on 10/06/2023. 

Five of the leading candidates in the 2023 Houston Mayoral elections gathered at the University of Houston for a forum focused on the pressing issues of the city. One candidate, G. Garcia, used this platform to express their commitment to tackle corruption within city hall, as well as the urgent need for improvement in the housing and health departments. The candidates also took the opportunity to address student concerns, recognizing the importance of engaging with the younger generation and understanding their needs.

The 2023 Houston Mayoral elections have generated significant interest, with candidates vying for the chance to lead the city towards better health and development. The recent U of H forum allowed five of the leading candidates to present their plans and visions for Houston's future. G. Garcia stood out by consistently speaking out against corruption, highlighting the importance of restoring trust in city hall. Additionally, their emphasis on addressing housing and health issues demonstrated a commitment to improving the overall wellbeing of Houston residents. The candidates also recognized the significance of engaging with and addressing the concerns of the student population, acknowledging their role in shaping the city's future.

Late USA senator Diane Feinsten lies in state at San Francisco City hall ,to be buried on Thursday 10/5/2023 .

Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein, a prominent figure in the USA government, passed away at the age of 90. She will be laid to rest in California on Thursday. President Biden expressed his condolences to her family and friends during this difficult time. Vice President Harris and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who shared a close bond with Senator Feinstein, will be attending her funeral.

Senator Feinstein dedicated her life to public service, focusing on various health and development issues throughout her career. Her contributions to the country will be remembered, as she consistently advocated for the well-being and development of the American people. Her passing leaves a void in the Democratic party and marks the end of an era in American politics. Senator Feinstein's legacy will continue to inspire future leaders to work towards a healthier and more prosperous nation.

Healthndevelopment political News : US congressional speaker Kevin McCarthy abruptly voted out of office . 


In a surprising turn of events, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has been ousted from his position by rebellious Republicans. This marks the first time in US history that a speaker has been removed from office by their own party members. The driving force behind the ousting was Gaet, a Republican house member who faces numerous potential unethical accusations. These accusations could have led to Matt Gaetz,s removal from Congress under McCarthy's leadership. The decision reflects a growing discontent among Republicans and highlights the need for ethical leadership in the political landscape.8 Republicans joined the democrats to remove McCarthy as Speaker . 
The move to remove McCarthy as speaker raises questions about the integrity of the Republican party and its commitment to good governance  and national interests . With Gaetz's possible ethical violations coming to light, it is clear that a change in leadership was necessary to uphold the principles of honesty and transparency within the party. As lack of a clear national leader for Republicans is now portrayed  and disunity prevails ,   critical aspects of a thriving society are being questioned in USA politics . It is essential for political leaders to prioritize national interests over petty politics as McCarthy alluded  and ensure that they are not compromised by unethical actions. This historic event serves as a reminder of the importance of ethical conduct in politics and the need for leaders who are dedicated to the well-being and progress of the nation.

Global health professional and expert , Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson praises Houston mayor Sylvester Turner for Covid 19 Response partnership .

it's clear that DR NTUBA AKWO THOMPSON have been actively involved in global health and development work in Texas, particularly during the challenging times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. His dedication to risk communication and community engagement is commendable, as effective communication during such crises is crucial.

Dr Ntuba Akwo,s mention of the WHO declaring COVID-19 a global public health emergency and certification as a national support professional for COVID-19 highlights his commitment to addressing this global crisis. Dr ntuba , Akwo,s desire for colleagues and experts to rise to the occasion despite political challenges is a testament to his dedication to public health.

It's also evident that DR NTUBA AKWO appreciates the leadership shown by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner during the pandemic and the importance of international collaboration, including his meetings with the director general of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros, and former PAHO regional director Dr. Clarissa Etienne.

Working with the Houston government as a global health and development partner is indeed a significant opportunity, and it's clear that he values the collaborative leadership of Mayor Sylvester Turner.

His efforts and dedication to Global health are important for the well-being of the community and the broader global community during such challenging times. Thank you for your contributions to this important field.

The 2023 Turbo-Machinery and Pump Symposium has come to an end in the city of Houston Convention center .

The Turbo Machinery and Pump Symposium is a significant event in the field of mechanical engineering, specifically focusing on turbo machinery and pumps. These symposia typically gather experts, researchers, engineers, and industry professionals to discuss and share insights into the latest developments, innovations, and applications of turbo machinery and pumps across various industries, including the oil and gas sector.

The use of turbines and pumps in the oil and gas industry is essential for various processes, such as exploration, production, refining, and transportation. Here are some of the key applications and uses of turbines and pumps in this industry:

  1. Oil and Gas Exploration: Turbines are used to power drilling rigs, providing the necessary mechanical energy to drill deep into the earth's crust to access oil and gas reserves. Pumps are used for mud circulation and other drilling fluid management processes.

  2. Production: In the production phase, pumps are employed to lift oil and gas from underground reservoirs to the surface. These pumps play a crucial role in maintaining production rates.

  3. Refining: In the refining process, pumps are used to transport crude oil to various refining units, where it undergoes distillation, cracking, and other processes to produce refined products such as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. Turbines may also be used to generate power for the refining facility.

  4. Pipeline Transportation: Pumps are used to transport crude oil and natural gas through pipelines over long distances. These pumps help maintain the necessary pressure to move the fluids efficiently.

  5. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Production: Turbines are used in LNG plants to compress natural gas into a liquid state for transportation and storage. Pumps are used in the liquefaction and regasification processes.

  6. Water Injection: Pumps are employed for water injection into oil reservoirs to maintain pressure and enhance oil recovery during secondary and tertiary recovery processes.

  7. Offshore Applications: In offshore drilling and production platforms, both turbines and pumps are crucial for various operations, including powering drilling equipment and managing fluid systems.

  8. Safety and Emergency Systems: Turbines and pumps are also utilized in safety and emergency systems in the oil and gas industry to control and manage hazardous situations.

  9. Environmental Compliance: Pumps are used in environmental control systems to manage wastewater, control emissions, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

  10. Hydrocarbon Processing: Turbines and pumps are essential components in the processing of hydrocarbons into various products, including plastics and petrochemicals.

In conclusion, turbines and pumps play a vital role in the oil and gas industry, enabling the efficient extraction, transportation, and processing of hydrocarbons. Discussions and presentations at events like the Turbo Machinery and Pump Symposium help advance technology and best practices in the use of these critical mechanical components within the industry.

   The Residents of Houston participated in the 2023 Organ Donation Run .

The Run for a second chance or life gift event at Minute Maid Park on 9/17/2023 drew many participants, raising awareness and funds for organ donations. Organ donations have already saved thousands of lives, and events like this help to continue the life-saving work. Many people are eagerly waiting for the gift of life through organ donation, hoping for a second chance. This event serves as a reminder of the lives lost without receiving a much-needed organ donation. Together, we can make a difference and give hope to those in need.

Organ donations have proven to be life-saving, giving thousands of individuals a chance to live healthier and fuller lives. The recent Run for a second chance or life gift event at Minute Maid Park on 9/17/2023 emphasized the importance of raising awareness and funds for organ donations. The event witnessed a great turnout, with participants coming together to support the cause. It served as a powerful reminder of the urgent need for organ donations, as many people are still waiting for their second chance at life and remembering those who unfortunately lost their lives without receiving a life-saving donation. By spreading awareness and supporting initiatives like this, we can give hope and save more lives through organ donations.

  Picture shows Dr Ntuba , Akwo Thompson at work in Washington DC USA , with senior communication experts of major USA media outlets on Ebola 

Global health communication experts are commending global leaders at the 2023  UN assembly for their commitment and support  for  a pandemic accord. The world has been plagued by major health crises such as Ebola, Zika, and most recently, Covid-19. Throughout these challenges, global health communicators have been working tirelessly to disseminate accurate information, promote best practices, and advocate for pandemic accords backed by UN members. Their dedication and expertise have played a crucial role in mitigating the impact of these global health problems.

Recognizing the importance of effective communication in times of crisis, global leaders have come together to prioritize coordinated efforts and information sharing. By supporting pandemic accords, UN members are demonstrating their commitment to global health security. This collaboration not only strengthens our collective response to health emergencies but also ensures that accurate information reaches communities, helping to prevent the spread of misinformation and fear. The commendation from global health communication experts highlights the significance of these efforts and encourages continued collaboration among international leaders to tackle future health challenges head-on.


United Nations General Assembly to address three major Health issues as part of Global Health Diplomacy.                   BY DR NTUBA AKWO THOMPSON   9/14/2023

The 2023 United Nations General Assembly, also known as UNGA 78, will play a crucial role in addressing global health diplomacy. These high-level meetings  will focus on three significant global public health issues. Firstly, the Pandemic Accord will be a key discussion point, as it aims to strengthen international cooperation in preventing, preparing for, and responding to future pandemics. Secondly, the focus will be on achieving Universal Health Coverage in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ensuring that everyone has access to quality healthcare without facing financial hardship. Lastly, Tuberculosis, a disease that continues to pose a global threat, will receive much-needed attention, including strategies to reduce its impact and enhance prevention measures.

The 2023 UNGA 78 presents a unique opportunity for global leaders, experts, and stakeholders within the health and development sectors to come together and address these pressing health challenges. Through robust collaboration and dialogue, the assembly aims to strengthen global health systems, mobilize resources, and promote equitable access to healthcare for all. By placing the spotlight on these critical public health issues, the UNGA 78 seeks to drive global action and achieve tangible outcomes that will improve the health and well-being of people worldwide.

Religious News:Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church Houston Ministers to Students , Faculty & Others in  Communities and Abroad Virtually . by DR NTUBA , THOMPSON AKWO. 9/10/2023