Oct. 25, 2022


The USA midterms elections 2022 is tricky and slippery as al USA past elections and politics .
Many are asking if faith leaders of the Republican party like Franklin Graham should be using God,s names for partisan politics that gave America Donald Trump for president ?.
In the Social Psychology conference in New Olearns , participants were told that political sociologists who studied political behaviors in the USA , have noticed that Democrats have resorted to using the games and strategies of the Republicans to beat them in their own games .
Houston Democratic leaning and supporting Bishop Dixon of the NAACP appointed by democrat Lina Hildago to the post of Chairman of the NRG is doing all in his power to play social justice debvelopment political communication with the fight for democracy campaigns .
The unsuspecting would be surprise to hear Al Green say vote all democratic candidates on the ticket as if all democratic candidates in the 2022 midterm elections are fit to be elected and or returned to office .
It should be noted that certain democratic candidates stayed away from the campaign though they are the brain behind them because of possible questions from those who know why certain events take place during elections seasons .
Though the NAACP is suppose to be non partisan and an umbrella for all parties where blacks associate , fight for democracy rally looked more like a Houston Texas Democratic event using NAACP and the Church Bishop who may and may not be representing the Church of Christ in Partisan political speeches like those said on said day .
While some blame democrats for using the misery of blacks and or minorities to remain as congress persons for 30 years and above , most of the so called tax break money that Trump made was used to create minimum wage jobs which white Americans never apply for nor want to do .
As Americans continue to cast early votes for 2022 midterm elections , confusion and manipulations are going on using campaign contributions and God may not be on the ballot as many are fooled to believe .
The other parties accuse Democrats and Republicans for the mess that is the president day USA hyper partisan politics and calls on Americans to fight for Democracy by voting out both parties .
Like the present Confusion in the UK where in just a few weeks, Britain has had three prime ministers , the USA politics where the popular votes winner in presidential elections has not become president like Hilary Clinton and Al Gore may just be heading to a different direction with the storming of the capitol by Republican inspired Rhetoric.
All parties are calling for Americans to fight for democracy though the major parties are accused for killing democracy .
Politicans in the USA like those in Africa have found that even pastors love appointed positions and power and are helping them " Fight for Democracy " .
DR . NTUBA AKWO THOMPSON International Political leader, Physician and Communicator . Editor Healthndevelopment magazine and Media

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