Jun. 25, 2020

City of Houston records increase Covid19 positive test numbers and deaths .

The city of Houston is recording huge new numbers of positive cases and many deaths of COVID 19 patients as of 6/24/2020 with an increased number of testing centers as the federal government plans in pulling out of directly testing, leaving the operations to the states, counties, and cities.
Mayor Sylvester Turner continues to warn that the COVID 19 pandemic is still
affecting Houston negatively, as he advises the population to MASK UP [wear face coverings ] and do physical distancing of a minimum of six feet from others.
The mayor continues to show that, Houston had one of the best outcomes compared to other major cities in the USA like New York when the people cooperated with the public health preventive measures put in place.
The head of the Houston department of health is assuring the population of the sustainability of the testing going on as corporate partners are stepping up to contribute to free testing. Director Williams spoke of the contact tracing work going on, though the numbers of tracers are still not enough to address the needs of the fourth biggest city in the USA with a population of close to three million.
The city health leadership continues to ask Houstonians to get tested, observe social or physical distancing, and wear face coverings.
Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba

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