Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner fights for Justice at HISD .

The mayor addressed city of Houston councilors and press on Wednesday  on what he calls rumors of the state of Texas planning to take over the running of Houston independent school district , calling the move undemocratic that does not take into considerations the interests of parents and students .

  Some councilors supported the position of the mayor while the protem mayor  Martin ,said he has not studied the issue .

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Strategy and planning in Ukraine 

USA president , His excellency Joseph Biden is under pressure from the republican arm of the USA Congress to review the strategy and planning as main supportter of Ukraine in the War started by Russia in Ukriane especially as China has come out with a proposed peace plan whose terms have not been fully accepted by Ukraine, Russia nd the USA .

    The USA continues to hold that , only Ukraine will decide how and when they want to stop the aggression from Russia which they consider un provoked .

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Development , Health and finance

Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson , the chief editor of Healthndevelopment magazine is calling on mayors of the healthy cities partnership or network to consider Health as  a component of development as found in the Sustainable development goals [sdg3] and make appropriate financial allocations in their budgets for new health promotion initiatives in their communities especially the underserved minority communities when they meet in the first ever global conference of mayors of healthy cities partnership in London on the 15th of March 2023 .

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