Oct. 4, 2022

SPE Nigeria-Africa council chair , Engineer Feliz Obike on Petrol Industry & Climate change

Petroleum Engineers who are members of the Society of Petroleum Engineers are meeting in the George Brown convention center . city of Houston Texas USA , for their annual Technical conference and exhibition or ATCE .
Engineer Felix Obike , Well Services Manager of Seplat Energy who happens to be a Nigerian and chair of the SPE council in Nigeria spoke to the Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson , the Editor of Healtndevelopment magazine and media on some of the pressing issues facing his industry today as heard in the video interview .
Engineer Obike says millions of trees are planted by his industry and company to help with the fertilization aspects of C02, or use of C02 as fertilizer or food for plants and or trees .
Engineer Obike believes that Petroleum engineers are working towards reduction of Carbon footprint by the petroleum energy sector and net zero by 2050 .
Clean Energy is one of the 17 sustainable development goals and SPE members and leaders are working hard to have clean energy from fossil fuels as part of the new energy mix in what is now known as the energy transition .
Complimented by the talk of one of the leaders of Aramco , Engineer Felix Obike and his colleagues are committed to mitigating the Human and environmental impact of Climate change though research and development in the petroleum sector and industry .
The annual meeting that brings in participating members from 134 countries from about 124,800 is one of the biggest professional membership organization in the World creating a network forum , educational sessions at the plenaries , workshops and vendors presentations especially on innovation at the exhibit hall.
The presentations are made under , 1 Drilling 2, Completions [Well completions & Well simulation ], 3 Project Facilities and Construction 4 Health, Safety, Environment & Sustainability 5 Production and Operations 6 Data Science & Engineer Analytics 7 Management 8 Reservoir and Special sessions and events , giving participants great continuous education credits as related to their areas of specialization .
Participants also had an opportunity today the 10/4/2022 to meet with companies which are hiring .

Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson , International political leader , Physician and Communicator . Certified professional and expert Global health USA . Editor Healthndevelopment magazine & media .

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