May. 23, 2019

Homelessness to Hope .

Where do the homeless come from?

Many become homeless after losing their jobs and homes due to HIV/AIDS and the shame that often accompanies the disease. Your donation to AFH transforms lives in a way that handing out change at intersections never will. Jeanetta's story shows how.

Despite growing up in poverty, Jeanetta* worked hard to get an education and land a good job. Then she became sick with what she thought was the flu. She was shocked when her doctor revealed that tests showed she was HIV-positive. Used to hearing AIDS used as the punchline of jokes, she slid into shame and depression.

A recent study found 50% of HIV+ individuals have felt at risk of becoming homeless.

Between too many sick days and simply feeling too sad to go to work, Jeanetta lost her job. No longer able to afford her apartment, she soon joined the army of homeless who beg on street corners.

One day Jeanetta walked up to the window of a car with her homemade sign only to see the surprised face of a former coworker looking back. She turned to walk away but heard her name being called. Reluctantly, she turned around. Two hours later, after many tears and her first decent meal in months, her life had changed. Her former coworker was an AFH volunteer who told her about our housing programs, food pantry, and support services.

Jeanetta now lives in our housing program for HIV+ women. Her HIV is under control and her health has improved. Counseling and access to health care have helped her develop a more positive outlook. Jeanetta tells us she feels ready to look for a new job. Her life was changed by donors like you!

Your gift helps provide: housing for homeless HIV+ youth and adults, food through the Stone Soup food pantry, linkage to medical care, job skills training... and much more.

Choose the giving method easiest for you: Click DONATE NOW to give via our website, text HOPE to (713) 909-4129 to make a text donation, or send a check to the address at the bottom of this email with the word "HOPE" in the memo field. When you do, you will improve the plight of the homeless and reduce the number of new HIV cases in our community. Thank you for supporting these vital programs!

*Name changed.

Thank you for Dining Out For Life!

Thanks to all of you who dined out to fight HIV/AIDS and to the restaurants and sponsors who made this event possible!

How does Dining Out For Life make a difference?

Participating restaurants across Houston committed a portion of their proceeds to AIDS Foundation Houston and our work to end the spread of HIV/AIDS. Everyone who dined out increased the amount these restaurants made, and therefore the amount they donated to AFH!

Please patronize our 2019 participating restaurants to show your appreciation for their support of Dining Out For Life.

We hope you will join us again for Dining Out For Life 2020!

Please give today to support the AFH’s work including providing permanent housing and nutritional support for homeless HIV+ Houstonians; linkage to medical care and other supportive services; and testing, education, and prevention efforts.

Donate at the AFH website or by texting "Give" to 713-909-4129

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