Pepfar outcomes and or impact improved with global health diplomacy inputs .

Global health diplomacy discussed in Global health day celebrations .

Global health diplomacy contributed to the success of the Pepfar program .

Global health diplomacy and governance youth pre world health assembly 2016 by global health work force alliance and the international federation medical students association from the 18th to the 22th of may 2016 was an opportunity for discussions on global health diplomacy and governance to be discussed . You could also continue with the discussions through the hashtag #ywha . DR AKWO THOMPSON NTUBA

Service corps participation in global health through AAPA membership.

The Veterans caucus of the American association of physician assistants , held its memorial and reception during the 2016 conference in San Antonio at the Gonzalles B convention center down town . The contributions of the departed service corp members were presented by the keynote speakers , who also mention the contributions of present service corp members especailly those deployed overseas and are majorly working in global health engagement scenarios . DR NTUBA , THOMPSON AKWO