The chief executive officer of the National association of Nurse Practitioners in Women,s health , Hearther L . Maurer spoke with Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson the end of the 2022 annual convention that took place in Houston Texas USA .
The president brought a lot of experience as a seasoned health care leader , after serving in multiple health care organizations .
She was the founding board member of " Mother health international Incorporated " and also advisory board member of the Nightingale initiative for global health .
Nurse Practitioners are still advocating for all their members to be allowed to practice individually in all states of the USA within the limits of their training .
Some of the problems they have today are related to Diversity , inclusion and Equity .
The current president has ran a successful 2022 annual conference after she just became president and is expected to use her extensive health and non profit leadership experience to further the vision and goals of the organization .
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson

Oct. 5, 2022

25th Annual Women,s Healthcare Conference of NPWH Opens in Houston Texas USA .

Global health involves maternal and reproductive health and national association of nurse practitioners in Women,s health [NPWA] USA , is doing just that through their work in the USA as their 25th annual conference program shows under the call to Reunite , Persevere and Renew .
Participants of the conference , that runs from September 20 - October 2, 2022 will have the opportunity to be abreast with what is new in their industry in the exhibit halls , net work with colleagues and be educated in the Plenaries , workshops and breakout sessions by a distinguished faculty including physicians .
Some of the preconference presentations on Thursday 29th of September 2022 included Overview of infertility care for WHNPs and Post Partum care Reimagined .
The Keynote on Friday at 8;45 am by Dr Rhonda Goodman is titled " Global nursing ".
The major maternal and reproductive health issues like Abortion and minority women health , including disparities will be addressed .
National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women ,s health [NPWH ] is a dynamic professional membership organization focused on Women ,s and gender -related health care .
NPWH , provides a community for Women health nurse practitioners and advanced practice registered nurses who provide women,s and gender related health care .
Part of their mission is protecting and promoting a woman ,s right to her own choices regarding her health , and wellbeing within the context of her lived experience and her personal , religious , cultural and family beliefs .

On Friday 30th of September , participants view the documentary " Five awake " and listen to discussions on Intimate partner Violence .
Dr . Ntuba, Akwo Thomspon

Sep. 29, 2022

Former president of American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, Dr, Vicky Good on Industry future

Dr Vicky Good of Mercy Hospital Springfield Mo , the former president of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses spoke with Dr, Ntuba , Akwo Thompson , the medical and health editor of Healthndevelopment magazine and media in Texas USA on the issues that the leadership of critical care nurses are focused on going forward.
Dr, Good said Unhealthy work environment has been an issue which contributed to burn out of nurses with Covid-19 being the ambers that burn the flames , and a challenge that is being addressed by leadership in the industry .
Dr,Wood says a healthy work place and staff shortage solutions should be emphasized in the future .
The author of the book "Courageously building a culture of safety " said Covid-19 leaves members with experiences of resiliency and strength as captured in the mandate of the new president " Rooted in Strength ".
Asked about Diversity and inclusion , she said , "it should not be limited to skin color but also gender and nationalities".
Dr ,Good is advising the incoming president to enjoy the journey and represent the .
organization , members and patients nationally .
Vicki Good, DNP, RN, CENP, CPPS, CPHQ, is a nursing leader with experience in executive leadership in nursing, quality, and education. She is a past president of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) board of directors. With more than 130,000 members, AACN is the largest specialty nursing association in the world. In 2014, Good was named one of the “50 Experts Leading in the Field of Patient Safety” by Becker’s Hospital Review, a leading publication for healthcare executives.
Dr Ntuba , Akwo Thompson .

American Association of Critical-care Nurses association leadership improving critical care by working for a Healthy work Environment .
The relationship between quality critical nurse care outcomes has been established by the leadership of the AACN through evidence based data .
The study which was done by Corie Hansen , MSN , RN , CCRN and published by the American Journal of critical care .2021;;30:426-433 was presented under four sections , 1 Background 2 Methods 3 Results and 4 Conclusions .
The 15 .9 % bedside nurse turn over represents a national challenge which the studies attributed to the Poor work environment.
The critical nurse leaders have showed that Healthy work environments are associated with improved nurse satisfaction , and retention as well positive patient outcomes .
The leaders say interventions addressing healthy work environement standards are associated with improved staff satisfaction , turn over , and average tenue , further demonstrating the value of the healthy work environment frame work .
The six standards are , Skill communication , True collaboration , Effective decision making , Appropriate staffing , Meaningful recognition , and promotion of authentic leadership .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson

American Association of Critical-care Nurses member thanks colleagues for Support in Ukraine .

Critical care needs in Ukraine as fall outs of the Russia -Ukraine war increase with each passing day , forcing more cries and call for stopping the war and allowing health care workers and other Humanitarian workers to have access to the population to provide critical care and other resources as a member of the American Association of critical nurses has said while attending the 2022 annual conference in Houston Texas USA .
The world health organization led by director general Dr Tedors G , recently sent six ambulances to Ukraine as part of the acute and critical care needs and resources .
The United states senate passed close to 4 billion dollars relief assistance that will also partly finance critical health and other humanitarian works in and around Ukraine .
The critical care nurses association of the USA trains and certifies critical care nurses , some of who do travelling nursing and outreach work in far away conflict spots like Ukraine , providing trauma care , pre and post surgical care to soldiers and civilians with life threatening diseases and or injuries .
Florence Nightingale developed her nursing work principles and practice while in the war front tending to critical victims of war .
Some of the members of the AACN are specialized in travel nursing and emergency care in acute and or acute phases of Chronic diseases and life threatening situations .
Ukrainian Americans who are members of the AACN continue to thank Americans and other nationals for the goodwill , solidarity and contributions to the suffering Ukraine people while asking for more .
Following the statements of the director general of the World health organization , Dr Tedros , " the best relief is for the war top stop " and members of the ACCN join in asking for the war to come to an end so the critical health care needs of the suffering people in Ukraine can get to them Ref
Reports from Ukraine show that Hospital facilities have been destroyed and health care personnel threatened with uncertain futures and careers , with many fleeing to safety leaving behind their patients .
Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson

Oncology Nurses society conference in San Antonio

Department of health and human services [ HHS] serves nurses in their pursue of better care delivery and their global health roles .

Nurses annual conference on spirituality at ISH .


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