Jul. 18, 2020

USA human rights fighter , John Lewis dies

The international community has learned of the death of freedom, justice, equality, civil rights fighter, and Hero, the honorable Congressman John Lewis from Atlanta Georgia.
John Lewis was a democratic representative of the USA congress who caucuses with the black and tri caucuses of the USA congress.
He was fond of narrating his ordeals during the congressional black caucus annual legislative conferences [CBCalc] town halls and presented himself ever so elegantly dressed during the phoenix awards gala with President Obama as a regular speaker.
Hon Lewis worked with late Dr. Rev Lurther King Jn in the USA civil rights movements in the 6os, following after the footsteps of leaders of the NAACP who had started in the late early nineteenth century. They mobilized for change and he talks of the dogs that were released to bite them, beatings and imprisonment
like Dr. King who wrote from his Montgomery jailhouse.
Hon Lewis worked with others in congress to improve the lives of the marginalized and discriminated against.
A humble man in character and disposition who never used the votes of blacks and minorities for self-promotion and riches.
Hon Lewis worked with Speaker Pelosi, to pass legislation that benefitted his constituents like the affordable health care act, which helped many millions of poor Americans and residents get insurance through the exchanges.
With President Obama, congressman Lewis worked tirelessly for voting rights, prison justice, and fairness for all. He worked so had that other Americans could live in public housing like the white house public housing used by the president of the united states funded by taxpayers dollars.
Hon Johnson contributed with other civil rights leaders to abolish apartheid in South Africa, leading to the presidency of Nelson Mandela who visited them in the USA when he was released from prison to express thanks and solidarity.
Most political, religious and civil leaders in America and overseas have sent condolences and messages of solidarity and support for the ideals and legacy of freedom and civil rights lion, the hon John Lewis of Georgia.
Hon Jonson died on Friday 7/17/2020 and funeral arrangements are already being planned. The black community and the entire USA celebrate his life and legacy and send condolences to his family, friends, congressional black caucus, and others.
Dr. Akwo Ntuba Thompson

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