Jun. 13, 2019

Obama presidential center gets victory in court .

Dear friends,
When Michelle and I first began thinking about what the Obama Presidential Center could be, one thing was clear to us both: We didn't want to build only a monument to the past—we wanted to build a Center for the future. We hoped to create a place that would nurture and inspire the young people who walked its halls and played in its parks. A place that would invigorate the community that gave us so much. A place that could anchor Chicago as a destination for anyone who wanted to make a difference.
That's why what happened this week is such a big victory. After a thorough review, a judge dismissed a lawsuit against the City of Chicago that sought to prevent the construction of the Obama Presidential Center in Jackson Park. It's a win that will benefit the whole city.
The campus we've got planned will be far more than a museum—it will be a tribute to Chicago's rich history, its defining legacy of progress, and its extraordinarily bright future. It will include a branch of the Chicago Public Library for people to reflect and read. An auditorium for performances and special events. A recording studio to bring in the city's dynamic voices. A plaza that can host everything from film screenings to festivals. An athletic center that can teach sportsmanship as much as sports. A playground that will light up your child's imagination, and a garden that will teach them how to grow something from the ground up. And—this one's really exciting to me—a sledding hill on the South Side.
We want to give every family in the community the kind of safe, welcoming, enriching environment they deserve. That's why we consulted directly with people throughout the South Side and the City to make sure we're delivering on that promise. And that's why the vast majority of this campus will be free and open for the entire community to enjoy.
So let's do this together. Let's construct a Center for the community—with the community. Let's build from the deep foundation of pride, talent, and possibilities on the South Side. Let's write the next chapter of our shared history.
Thanks, everybody. Michelle and I look forward to working together with you in the months and years ahead.
Barack Obama

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