Feb. 10, 2018

Cameroon,s president Paul Biya address the youths on the eve of 2018 youth day .

Cameroon,s president Paul Biya has addressed the youths of Cameroon ahead of their 2018 national youth day celebration .
He underscored the challenges the country faces with Boko Haram terrorism acts , the refugee influx in the East , the protests in Anglophone regions and falling commodity prices in the world market .
Using the words of late president Kennedy of the USA, he told the youths to ask them selves what they can do for their country and not what their country can do for them .
Paul Biya acknowledged the difficulties that the new world order will pose to the youths , while encouraging preparation through skills and experience acquisition .
He called on the youths to show patriotism for their country right up to the internet platform , respecting others and the institutions of the country .
He underscored the important projects taking place in the country especially those related to the hosting of the 2019 Afcon in Cameroon .
He wished the youths and the nation long live .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba

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