Dec. 7, 2022


The city of Houston Texas has been under the leadership of Mayor Sylvester Turner for the past 7 years with just one year remaining in his last of two 4 years terms .
Mayor Sylvester Turner was answering questions from the chief Editor of the Texas Tribune during the Q and A session that took place in the city of Houston at the Wortham center .
The mayor was asked if he was ready to endorse any of the candidates who have publicly declared their intention to run in the 2023 mayoral elections in Houston to succeed him.
Mayor Turner laughed before answering the question , saying he was surprised they were already campaigning to replace him while he was still in office . Mayor Sylvester Turner believes those canvassing for votes should be allowed to go ahead with their campaigns though refusing to endorse any of them , waiting to see and or hear who among them will criticize him.
Great leaders must leave behind a great legacy and good successor though in democratic models unlike in dictatorships , the outcome is not completely in the hands of the outgoing leader .
Those who have followed Mayor Turner during his two terms work as mayor of Houston and are objective agree that the mayor has managed Harvey Disaster and others well and among the four biggest cities in the USA , the Houston Covid19 preparedness and Response was better with great outcomes including fewer deaths, under the guidance of the city leadership team headed by Mayor Sylvester Turner .
The Mayor,s complete communities initiative continues to empower 10 deprived communities including 3rd Ward and Acres homes targeted .
Every Mayor like presidents will want successors who will continue to build on their legacy projects like the Complete communities initiative .
Dr. Ntuba , Akwo Thompson . International political leader, Physician and Communicator . Certified professional and Expert Global Health USA . Adviser of Prime ministers and Presidents .

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