Nov. 6, 2022

Sports and Religion : 2022 Baseball Champions Astros are supported by Houston Church .

The are many who are still celebrating the Houston Astro 2022 baseball World Series win , with Matras Mark said to have made many millions on betting for an Astros win while some are attending mass at the Catholic church down town Houston with Astros shirts on .
The Roman Catholic church has many fellowships in most big cities in America including Philadelphia where the Philies are based and could be a in tight spot , openly supporting a particular team during baseball and or other sports events around the country .
The Astros colors on church posters tell you who the local fellowship supports though others would say that people from Philadephia who came to watch their team play against the Houston Astros may not support the idea because the church should be serving all not the local teams in their neighborhood .
The Christian denominations are corporate bodies following the IRA designation and are doing the same like other corporate bodies in the same cities .
To many who are not sports fanatics, Astros jerseys won in church may be going to far and partisan .
Drawing attention to the images of Mary and the Christ by dressing those images in the Astros colors could be appealing and catching the attention of non believers who may then be ministered by the church workers .
The church leadership refused to comment on the relationship between church and Sports teams .
Most players ask their church leaders to pray for them and their teams for favorable play outcomes and since both Astros and Philies have praying players , God may have intervened in both teams but the Astros won .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson .

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