Oct. 26, 2022

International Quilt Festival Returns to Houston with all the benefits including Art Therapy

The International Quilt Festival has returned to Houston Texas USA with all the benefits including using the practice as form of art therapy for PTSD .
The international Quilt Festival brings Women from all the states of the USA and other Countries including South Africa together .
The trade which mostly attracts women requires training , skills and resources for great products as shown by the vendors at the exhibit and sales hall .
HealthNdevelopment magazine & media has been part of the communication presence for the past many years including 2021 when it returned with the in person option , with lots of specialty Quilts presented , showing and telling the stories of resilience and coping with the makers , their families and or communities .
The Human rights section displays Quilts that tell the stories of activists and human rights activism around the world .
Bags , Home decorations and Beddings are some of the Quilts which are are made and sold .
Some companies specialize in making quilts for the general markets as are seen in stores like Macy .
The public is given an opportunity to participate at certain phases of the events .
Learn more and or get Tickets from the link
Dr .Akwo , Ntuba Thompson

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