Oct. 24, 2022

Image Expo , the largest Hair and Beauty Trade show in Texas empowers with Amitys Professional.

Beauticians and cosmetologists came from many states in the USA and Brazil to learn and buy products and latest technologies in their industry of taking care of the face , hair and skin of their customers under the Umbrella of the Image show that took place in the city of Houston Convention center Down town on Sunday and Monday 10/24/2022.
The Amitys professional product and or services providers spoke with the editor of HealthnDeveleopment magazine , Dr. Akwo Ntuba Thompson on the organic nature of their product and the absence of certain chemicals in them .
Some of the training was done under 1 Hair trends with a session by Tessy Anifowoshe on the title "Hair loss in Women and Men " and the five major causes , Holistic Treatment and Wellness and Prevention from Inside out .
In the Business of Beauty section , participants got to learn about starting and running their own businesses from Finances , to logistics , Human resources , creating an online business or dream , how to gain and build clientele and staying sane or addressing your mental health needs while running your business as was stated in protecting my M.A.N.E [Mind , Attitude , Narrative and Emotions] by Christie Brown , explaining the intermixing of Beauty and Mental Health .
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson

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