Oct. 23, 2022

British PM Elizabeth Truss Resignation Reveals the Complexity of Western Democracy .

The great Greek political thinkers and or Philosophers like Aristotle and Socrates in the

The great Greek political thinkers and or Philosophers like Aristotle and Socrates in the "Republic " believed in rule by the learned and experienced in a limited period of time contrary to the British parliamentary system of Government or constitutional Monarchy where the are no term limits to the position of prime minister and the Monarch serving for life .
Honorable Elizabeth Truss or Liz Truss as she is popularly known has created a prime ministerial vacuum with her resignation on Thursday haven served for 45 days as prime minister and the shortest in British governmental history.
Honorable Truss campaigned on a small government and tax cuts manifesto and got elected to replace former Prime Minister Boris Johnson but could not get her party to work out policies and a budget or fiscal policy lay out that could have made her strategy work .
Some members of her own party had called for her resignation because her policy positions were not in keeping with the reality in Britain .
Truss did not become Prime Minister through a general elections and cannot claim a mandate from the people for her policy positions .
The British parliamentary system makes room for members of executive arm of government to be chosen from among the parliamentarians who can resign their executive offices if they disagree with the sitting prime minister.
Never in the history of Britain has a prime Minister served just a month and a half in office like Pm Truss , whose resignation has come with great talk about the fundamentals of current British system of Government .
Truss leaves office as a pragmatist who had come to realize that she could not govern and realize her campaign promises of tax cuts and small government .
Those who are canvassing for votes within her party to replace her include former Prime Minister Boris Johnson .
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson

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