Oct. 20, 2022

Society of Women Engineers [SWE] , is empowering members at the 2022 Conference .

Women engineers from all the continents and from all races have gathered at the Houston Convention center , Marriott Marquis and Hilton Hotels Down town Houston in huge numbers ,celebrating Women in Engineering successes , leadership,, empowerment and inspiration .
The president of the association , Dayna Johnson invited her fellow engineer women to come learn , recharge and grow .
She sees the conference as a continue education opportunity for the attendees to keep their professional engineering license up to date .
She calls on the participants to use the opportunities to make new connections and and reengage with old colleagues and or friends .
In the opening keynote with Dr .Phyllis Schneck titled, "Career planning when the sky is the limit" , Participants where told to be themselves and pursue the areas of their talent and passion even if others didnn,t see them there .
Dr Schnecked motivated and inspired the many thousands of Women gathered at the Convention center theater space to to remain true to themselves using examples in her own life and particularly her work with the government as deputy or undersecretary for home land secretary dealing with Information security and safety . She made it clear that women should be the only ones who define their futures not others .
Dr Phyllis Schneck is vice president and chief information [CISO] for Northrop Gruman .
Most of the participants visited the exhibition and job fair interview rooms , where many engineering companies interviewed job seekers for openings they have.
Medtronic company that hires many women engineers from the all the five major engineering branches including mechanical , electrical , industrial and Environmental had many of the women engineers in the their company speak and educate other women participants in attendance .
In the past year Medtronic therapies improved the lives of 72 million people , operating in 150 countries and manufacturing in 79 sites as a bioengineering company .
Some participants spoke with the Editor of Healthndevelopment magazine and Media on the benefit of the annual conference which SWE says is the largest conference for women in engineering and Technology .
Dr . Ntuba Akwo Thompson

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