Oct. 9, 2022

American & Western Petroleum companies blamed for promoting dictators and killings in third World

American energy companies boast of the wealth that comes from overseas in building their so called big oil and energy buildings Down towns , most times breaking the World bank accountability mechanisms provisions .
It must be noted that environmental and human rights activist Ken Sarowiwa was killed by late millitary dictator Abacha of Nigeria working to protect the wealth of foreign oil exploiting nations from the West .
Cameroon,s parasite in government for 65 years , 40 as president Paul Biya and his very unpatriotic greatest thieves of public funds, Bulu-Beti-Ewondos have turned the Petrol producing SONARA in Anglophone South West region of Cameroon into their private property , through which they get their billions they now banked away in Western banks and imprison and or kill all who oppose them working with their grand son president of France ,young Emmanuel Macron .
While we preach human rights and democracy in the USA and the West , American and Western Petrol producing companies make available the money for which the alluded killers and thieves use to kill their people , converting fake banana republic democracies of family kingdoms like Biya and his murderers in Cameroon Bulu-Beti-Ewondos are working to have Biya die in office and his son to take over like King Charles of the UK .
They claim they learnt their ways and acts from the West and USA .
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson , international political leader , Physician and communicator [Editor ] Certified professional and expert Global Health USA . Adviser of prime ministers and presidents .

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