Oct. 6, 2022

American Dental association is hosting it,s 2022 annual meeting in Houston.

Oral health remains very important to general health and well being, reasons why the American Dental association takes great interest in the Education and Certification of it,s members .
The the annual conference dubbed SmileCon 2022 will be hosted by the city of Houston from the 13-15 of October 2022 at the George Brown convention center Down Town .
The American Dental Association working with it,s partners present free Dental missions Screenings and Treatments on the spot like they have done in previous conferences in Washington DC 2015 and other host cities .
Many health care problems manifest with Oral Symptoms and or signs which are first seen by Dentists during dental check ups .
Dental infections can disseminate , creating Septicemia and other problems if they are not addressed by Dental care professionals in the early phase .
The American Dental Association also gives awards to members and others who have distinguished themselves in their Dental career like Dr Franck in the video interviewed by the Editor of Health and development magazine , Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson during the American dental association annual conference in Washington DC 2015 .
Many of the participants will interact with vendors at the exhibit hall to learn and know what is new or innovations in Dental care technology .
Great presentations by experts in the different disciplines in dental care will add to the knowledge and continuous education credits of participants .
The conference is also an opportunity for members of the Dental profession to network with colleagues and or make new friends .
Registration can be done at the website https://www.ada.org/education/smilecon/registration
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson

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