Sep. 28, 2022


Houston Texas is host to the famous Break bulk Americas , a Hyve convention event that brings together workers and experts in the Cargo , cargo transport , projects and logistic industries to net work , make deals and possibly close sales .
The covid-19 pandemic made many to hear and be informed about supply chain challenges and containers stocked in seas because of blocked channels .
Many of the new health infrastructures in medical Cities like Johns Hopkins Baltimore USA depend on steel and other construction resources from other states and or nations which must be transported by ships , in trains , trucks and or by air as DHL does .
Project cargo requires great leadership that has hindsight , insight and foresight for their company work to be a success .
Presently women are having a great breakthrough in what use to be predominantly a male profession as revealed in the group activities of Women in Break Bulk .
The head of the Houston port Authority who welcomed participants at Break Bulk Americas 2022 has said that the energy sector contineus to be strong with lots of construction going on around the country .
Industry experts in panel sessions are dealing with the issues that concern participants some of which include sustainability and the carbon footprints of the industry .
The pandemic and Invasion are said to have created challenges to the leadership of the industry, that requires innovative solutions .
Increases in gas prices have increased the cost of hauling and shipping Cargo around the world .
The industry experts and leaders remain cautiously optimistic about the future of their industry not leaving any thing to chances but proactively putting mitigating measures in place to ride what ever storms may come ahead .Learn more at their website at
Dr Ntuba , Akwo Thompson

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