Sep. 24, 2022


You know that Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke is attacking our pro-life governor Greg Abbott on the abortion issue. That means Beto is attacking unborn babies.

And you know that Governor Abbott has been the most important line of defense for unborn babies from the abortion industry in Texas.

Beto and the abortion industry have placed a target on our pro-life governor's back. They want him out of office and replaced by Beto. And they are spending MILLIONS of dollars to do it.

It's time to fight back! The General Election is only a few weeks away.

Please donate $5, $25, $250, or more to defend unborn babies by defending and re-electing Governor Abbott and the other pro-life candidates.

Just click HERE.

Beto and his allies in the abortion industry hate Governor Abbott:

  • Governor Abbott signed the trigger law to completely protect unborn babies from abortion beginning at conception, the Human Life Protection Act. All 23 Texas abortion facilities have stopped killing babies indefinitely.

  • Governor Abbott approved $100,000,000 for the state's highly successful Alternatives to Abortion program, helping women for three years after the birth of their babies.

Beto wants to repeal the Human Life Protection Act. He wants to make abortion legal and available throughout pregnancy, right up to the moment of birth. He and his allies in the abortion industry want to defeat Governor Abbott and every member of the legislature who voted for these pro-life measures.

Nothing is more frightening that that!

Please make a donation today. For every $100, we will get 14 "PRO-LIFE, PRO-ABBOTT" signs in yards across our state.

Please help us today, and we can immediately get your donation to work defending Greg Abbott and other pro-life candidates!

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