Sep. 24, 2022

Join Global Energy Majors at AEW 2022 in Cape Town this October

A suite of leading global energy majors to the likes of Kosmos Energy; Chevron; ExxonMobil and bp have driven exploration and production on the African continent for years, with the aim of unlocking the true potential of Africa’s oil and gas resources. Now, these very majors are looking at partnering with regional players in pursuit of energy diversification and monetization.

As an energy player, are you interested in connecting with international majors? Are you looking at strengthening your own footprint across key basins in Africa? If so, African Energy Week 2022 is the place to be.

By registering and attending the event this October, you will be able to meet and directly engage with the world’s top energy majors, placing your brand among the leading international oil companies active across the continent.

Join African Energy Week on October 18-22 and let’s make energy poverty history one partnership at a time.


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