Jun. 22, 2022

City of Houston and Police department head , Finner , asked to accept enhanced Library cards as ID

The city of Houston local government elected servants of the people who are the city according to the historical municipal leaders had advocacy calls from human rights residents demanding their rights to identification irrespective of their gender , religion , race , sex , immigration status or any other the other barriers that humans put in their path , making it impossible to inhabit parts of the Earth created by God of all races and people .
The speakers who addressed the city through the people,s representatives , made it clear that lack of identification continue to be a hindrance to their progress in life .
Homeless community , disabled , certain migrants , incarcerated returning to civic life , lgbtq people , victims of domestic violence , residents who are victims of disasters especially in Houston and Harris county with close to 6 months of hurricane season and multiple weather related issues are vulnerable and therefore must be allowed to take advantage of the enhanced library card provisions .
Supporters of the enhanced Library card request and acceptance in the city of Houston Council include Gallegos and Kubush .
The enhanced Library cards have the names and address of the owners with their pictures on them .
What most people who have brains in their head don,t understand is why Houston which is under the county jurisdiction of Harris county does not respect that which the county has put in place , making the advocates to come before city local government to demand the mayor and chief of police respect the cards and issue same at the city libraries of Harris county .
It is easy to run away from tough issues and or questions by saying we will look into it while the people keep going backward and forward without any thing done .
The defense that the state legislature must give approval before the cities of Harris county issues those enhanced cards may imply that San Antonio Harris county breaks the law in issuing the enhanced cards .
The city of New York has taken upon itself to issue local id cards to help it,s residents overcome barriers which in most part are socio-economic in nature , with the lack of id card a major issue for most residents who pay taxes even if they shop in stores .
While having the enhanced library cards at the county level may not look as easy as they try to make it , those who have them are positive that city of Houston local government leaders and the police department will respect those in circulation .
Some of the organizations behind the fight for respect of enhanced library cards as id cards are rights2justice and Texas Organizing project .
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson , international political leader , physician and communicator .Certified professional and expert Global health USA . Adviser of prime ministers and presidents

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