Jun. 17, 2022

GOP Houston 2022 Convention delegate Casundra Brown on convention issue of Interest.

Texas federation of Republican women and are part of the presence and representatio0n at the Republican Texas Convention in the city of Houston , June 2022 building strong leaders for Texas like Minister Kasundra Brown , a delegate leader from district 23.
Delegate brown is concerned about the miseducation of the black folks , especially through the teaching of critical race theory to kids in Schools .
Ms. Brown says that critical race theory has a negative impact om black kids , making them feel inferior to whites and should be discontinued .She believes that the policies of the republican party are good for black Americans and should be supported as she ask her people to think for themselves instead of just following the crowd or what ever liberal democrats tell them to do .
Delegate brown detailly explained to Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson of health and development magazine and media how certain politicians are exploiting African Americans with ideologies and practices that does not help them as a people or race , disarming them in the process ..
She said African American values are conservative in the most part but blacks do not always vote their values .
She also said the best defense against bad guys with guns is good guys with guns .
Ms. Brown practices what she teaches from the Bible and calls on the United states to return to those values that have kept the country together unlike homosexuality and abortions which are destroying the communities .

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