Jun. 17, 2022

African American GOP convention delegate on Faith , Family and Freedom

The president of the Texas Minority Coalition , Stanley Cofer is a delegate at the Texas republican party convention 2022 taking place in the city of Houston at the George Brown Convention center and spoke with the editor of Healthndevelopment magazien and media , Dr .Akwo Ntuba Thompson on three important issues of this time and season in American politics and life.
Faith is very important he says and went back to the founding of the USA , on Judeo-Christian values , world views and traditions , putting God in the center point of the founding of the nation .Minister Cofer belief that the democratic left has pushed out faith in American politics and way of lifer and the nation is suffering the consequences .
To the conservative party minister delegate at their Texas convention 2022 , the is a mis -understanding of the separation of Church and state or religion and politics doctrine in the USA.
Minister Cofer beliefs that the first amendment protects the holding of religious beliefs and practice there of by all residents in the USA .
Family issues are the second major concern to Cofer whop says the is a family crisis in America . He cites statistics that says a huge percentage of African American children are born out of marriage with single parents raising children , a situation that affects the household incomes of minorities especially blacks forcing single parents to do multiple jobs to cater for the needs of their families .
Minister Cofer blames the left or democrats for promoting policies that break the family structures and institutions and contributing to the problems of families .
Freedom as an issue to him is centered around a number of things like teaching history to kids at school . He disagrees with the predominantly black liberal democratic leadership that advocates for the teaching of Critical race theory in schools , saying the Texas minority coalition is for the teaching of the whole or totality American history not some sections of and or part . Cofer believes that emphasizing on the race part of the history and the negative effects on the minority blacks creates a victim mentality in the kids who see them selves as inferior to others and victims . Minister Cofer says blacks and whites stood side by side historically to fight against slavery .
The Texas minority coalition he leads , is working on the issues alluded , mitigating the consequences on the minority communities . You can learn more by visiting his organization site at www.texasminoritycoalition.org
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson , international political leader , Physician and Communicator . Certified professional and expert Global health USA . Adviser of prime ministers and presidents

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