Jun. 16, 2022

Abolish Abortion Texas makes the case for the Resolution to Abolish abortion at Texas GOP Convention

Mr. Bradley Pierce . president of the Abolish Abortion Texas non profit and his team are participating at the 2022 Texas Republican party convention 2022 at the George Brown Convention center Down Houston advocating for the resolution to Abolish Abortion in Texas .
The organization believes that babies are still murdered in Texas and can be saved by providing the equal protection of the laws to preborn children .
President Piece said he believes in Equal protection which simply means the same laws that protect any person born and alive should protect the unborn from conception .
They believe that opponents of Equal Protection for the PreBorn Children either do not believe a fetus is a person or Support violating the Constitution and God,s law.
Using citations in the Bible that include , 1 The Royal law in Mark 12:31 2 The The Golden Rule In Mathew 7: 12 and 3 True Justice and the 14 th amendment of the USA constitution that reads " No state shall deny to any person the equal protection of the laws " and the supreme court in Roe v Wade , 410 U.S 113 , 157-58n .54[1973] , they corroborate their stances .
You can read more about their non profit work to end abortion in Texas at their website at
www.AbolishAbortionTX.org .
Dr. Ntuba Thompson Akwo , international political leader , Physician and communicator . Certified professional and expert Global Health USA . Adviser of prime ministers and presidents .

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