Jun. 6, 2022


Ukraine participants at the on going 2022 Rotary International Convention in Houston Texas USA continue to get standing ovations and messages of support and solidarity from the rest of close to 11, 000 participants. .
The Physician member from Ukraine who spoke at the general session on Monday 6/6/2022 thank the different countries in Rotary international for their contributions as she narrated her challenges in providing surgical care to the wounded soldiers and civilian populations.
The Ukrainians spoke to Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson of Healthndevelopment magazine and media of their challenges , how they managed to travel to the USA for the convention and their options after the international convention in Houston Texas .
The Ukrainians appreciate the support of Americans and nationals of the nations represented at the Rotary International convention to do more , shining the light on the atrocities committed inside Ukraine and providing more humanitarian support .
The leadership of Rotary International at different times of the convention spoken about the contributions of Ukraine Rotarians in administering humanitarian resources including health and medical commodities in side Ukraine and in the border countries including Poland where the people are having refuge.
Rotary international held a special session on Ukraine related to peace and resolution of the conflict .
The conflict seem to be undermining the friendships and fellowships that Neighboring Russian Rotarians and Ukraine Rotarians were having over the years .
The are many who belief that the peace building and conflict resolution strategies and resources of Rotary International could still be helpful in bringing the war to an end .
Rotary international has raised more than 15 million USA dollars in assisting Ukrainians in side and or outside Ukraine and continues to do more .
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson

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