Jun. 5, 2022

International news and diplomacy : India PM Modi addressed the Rotary USA Convention

The head of state and government of India , prime minister Modi addressed the opening general session of the 2022 Rotary International 2022 convention hosted by Houston and the USA at the George Brown convention center down town on Sunday 6/5/2022.
PM Modi spoke to a crowd of more than 11.000 members and participants of the more than one million member international humanitarian organization .
His excellency Modi thanked Rotarians for the great humanitarian assistance and partnership work they do in his country of India that is the outgoing international president of Rotary represented by Shekhar Mehta .
PM Modi underscored the importance of peace and solidarity among nations and the role his government plays in India and the United nations to secure global peace .
The Indian prime minister said some never believed that India with more than one billion people would be able to control the Covid-19 epidemic but have proven the pessimists and doubters wrong with ore than two billion Covid-19 vaccine shots administered in India and part of the success of the Indian Covid- 19 vaccination program builds on the work done in partnership with Rotary in the Polio vaccinations.
PM Modi talked about the renewable energy work as part of striving towards the sustainable development goals with the emphasis of India working in the climate initiative with the objective of net zero by 2070 for India .
PM Mody announced that 24th of June 2022 is international day of Yoga and invited Rotary to participate and support the events
, talking about the mental, physical , intellectual and spiritual benefits leading to wellness and wellbeing .
The prime minister wished the international humanitarian organization well in it,s global endeavors .
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson

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