May. 26, 2022

National Riffle Association members defend their organization ,blaming politicians inaction .

Members of the national riffle association in the USA attending their annual meeting in Houston Texas USA are deflecting the blame for injuries and or deaths by guns to the accusers and politicians who they think are not doing enough to protect Americans .
Mr . Anthony who happens to be an NRA veteran member says the organization runs free gun safety classes besides other resources that they make available so that Americans can be protected by their first amendment rights without hurting others as they hunt with their guns and defend themselves and families .
Anthony believes that Guns are not the problem but the people who use them to commit crimes , saying banning guns in America will not stop injuries and violent crimes like operates in Mexico where crime is very very high though possession of firearms or guns are banned .
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson of Healthndevelopment magazine and media wanted to know what he thought about the mostly Latino children gunned down in Uvalde elementary school by 18 years old Salvador Ramus and he said his heart was broken for such a heinous act .
Mr . Anthony like other members of the NRA , who are in Houston Texas to celebrate their 150 anniversary has solutions to intentional injuries and violence by guns .
Mr Anthony and colleagues want the politicians to take responsibility for the injuries and deaths from guns , treating it as a global health and safety complex problem with multi disciplinary approach in solving it .
Anthony calls for resources for mental health care , address of school needs of youths like the late 18 years old deceased shooter .
Anthony believes that , should guns be taken away from Americans , other weapons used in violent crimes like knives will be increasingly used.
His friend who came with him said , politicians are selective of the cases they exploit for political reasons , citing Chicago where gun violence kills many children in Minority communities and they do nothing about it .
It must be noted that Injuries be they intentional and or non intentional can be caused by many factors like falls, road traffic accidents and non firearm arm weapons like knives or strangulation with cloths and the hands .
Gun violence injuries and or death has presently been declared a national public health epidemic by the American public health association and asking the country to address it as such .
Global health communication and promotion experts like Dr. Akwo , Ntuba Thompson continue to work with the Worth Health organization and the USA centers for disease control and prevention or CDC to control gun violence , injuries and deaths .
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson , international political leader, physician and communicator . certified professional and expert global health USA .Adviser of prime ministers and presidents .

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