May. 25, 2022


Wednesday , May 25th , 2022 marks the 2nd anniversary of the Killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis by former police officer Deric Chauvin who is serving a prison term for his conviction for the crime .
The first ever George Floyd commemorative lecture took place at the African American Library at the Gregory school in Houston Texas .
Dr Miguell Ceasar the Manager of the museum library was the master of ceremony who introduced Dr Melanye Price , professor at Prairie View A & M University for her Special remarks .
Dr. Price talk about the life of Floyd in a Poetic narrative , emphasizing who , what and why Floyd was celebrated .
The director of the Houston Public library system , Dr. Rhea Lawson spoke about the importance of the African American library at the Gregory school and the history of that people group in America and African diaspora . Dr. Lawson announced that the creation of an auditorium that will make room for bigger events at the center and introduced the Commemorative lecture speaker , in the person of Houston Mayor the Honorable Sylvester Turner.
Mayor Turner Turner thanked all those who contributed in making the first or inaugural lecture happen .
Mayor Turner said it was a sad day with the killing of the Kids in Uvalde while saying that the same hate that led to the killing of Floyd , motivated the killings in Buffalo of 10 black people and the 19 children and 2 teachers in Uvalde Elementary school
Turner acknowledged the contributions of the death of George Floyd in precipitating police reforms in Houston , saying close to 80 of the 150 recommendations of the police reform commission under the leadership of Mr. Larry Paign have been realized .
Music in the event was performed by the Ridge Point High School Choir with Dr. John Cornelius as leader .
Dr. Ntuba, Akwo Thompson , international political leader, Physician and communicator . Certified professional and expert Global health USA . Adviser of prime ministers and presidents .

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