Feb. 14, 2022


In a press conference at the 22th floor of the Houston police department central headquarters office down town today the 2/14/2022 , mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston ,and chief of city police Troy Finner supported by congressional rep Shieler Jackson Lee and the family of 9 years old female Ashanti Grant , asked for prayers for the young Ashanti in critical medical care and assistance from the community to help track down the shooter .
The shooting of the 9 years old girl while she was sitting inside a car during the night of Tuesday at around the 9800 block of the South West freeway is likely related to road rage and the suspected accused is said to be a Hispanic male driving a white GMC pick up truck .
The city partners have raised 30 .000 dollars as announced by crime stoppers as reward for who ever has information about the shooter .
The mayor also advocates for the Transtar cameras to be put back to use , so that recordings of illegal activities on the roads of Houston can help law enforcement officers with cases like that of Ashanti .
Chief Troy Finner said even the streets have rules , as he vowed to work with all his department partners to bring the criminal to justice .
The family made a plea to the residents of the city who may have information about the shooter to come forward .
Injury and violence[gun] remain a global health issue and Houston seem to be dealing with an epidemic or sudden increase of new cases with each passing day .
Mitigating measures have been put in place to protect and promote public safety and the public health of Houstonians as Mme Lee says of the Mayor Turner One safe Houston recent project .
Road rage is a risk factor in these injurious gun shootings and Chief Finner is calling on Houstonians to learn how to deescalate by giving others their space in situations like that.
Any body with information about the suspected shooter should call HPD at 713-308-8800 or crime stoppers Houston .
Dr, Ntuba Akwo Thompson , international political leader , physician and communicator . Certified professional and expert global health USA . Adviser of prime ministers and presidents

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