Jan. 3, 2022


The city of Houston began it,s 2022 council sessions with the 01/04/2022 session for the public.
The Afghan woman in the video broke down in 2021 crying as she pleaded with the city councilors who are entry-level politicians to help her .
Since only one person can address the councilors with the mayor sitting as chair of a council he was never elected as councilor into, the man who came up to help her may be translate was sent away, making her communicate in cries and sobs.
Animals will do any and everything to unite and or protect their families while humans may careless about their situation and cries.
Mayor Turner has referred her to the YMCA and two other nonprofits in Houston to help her and I wished she did not even go before the city council because it is not food or water handouts she needs from that YMCA or whatever they are called.
Trump and others said they should not have brought them here to America in the first place as if Trump and his parents who originated from distant lands out of America created these lands of the Indian Americans.
The city council could not help her, that is why a local government entity was referring her to nonprofits who can not openly say their challenges because they get money each time a person like that is registered with them.
Women are the weaker sex as the Bible rightfully shows and depend strongly on relationships to survive and reasons why you cannot separate her from her children and or husband and think she will ever be okay .
The American government that brought the people here should do all in their powers to unite them with the families as she was crying and saying, not some helpless nonprofit that will give her sand witches and bottles of water after collecting her information.
War and terrorism start overseas because of greed and satanic need for control by certain nationals in certain nations and once it starts, it is hard to stop.
Gadaffi wanted to make himself life president of Libya and allowed the opposition to bring the west to destroy Libya, creating crying refugees.
In Cameroon people are internally displaced, women separated from families, others living in bushes because certain tribal groups have hijacked the government for more than 65 years, with 40 years as president while foolishly expecting the other nationals to be patriotic.
All races have cried in America because America is a land of immigrants. Anglophones fleeing persecution in the British nation ran to America only to cry and die in the hands of their fellow Britons who followed them to America, colonizing their own and killing them in senseless wars.
Afghans are not the Taliban nor Bin laden but are suffering from the mistakes of the wars in their country.
The USA federal government has the solutions to these tears, not some Houston local government that may not even know how complex these issues are .
Dr, Ntuba Akwo Thompson , international political leader, physician, and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.

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