Dec. 6, 2021

Egypt and USA make the case for Energy transition and Cop27 partnerships .

The World petroleum congress taking place in the Houston Texas USA convention has positioned the global petroleum energy sector for the transition called for at the United nations and echoed in the just ended Conference of the party 26 on Climate in Glasgow .
The Egyptian minister of energy and the assistant minister for energy in the Biden Administration , Mr David M. Turk spoke about strategies their governments have in place to make the transition into clean affordable and available energy a reality .
Egypt priorities natural gas as their transitional fuel while looking at other environmentally friendly sources of energy which are available and affordable to many , reducing green house gases in the the process .
The minister said , Egypt has an ambitious plan of 100 % target by 2050 of zero emissions , and has created a national plan with a committee headed by the prime minister , having different projects to kick start the road map . The public transportation is to transition to electric rails and under ground metro to reduce emissions . The Egyptians have done outreaches with other countries emphasizing the USA on ways top collaborate and communicating on best practices in Carbon capture , use and or storage .They will also be working with the energy commission of the European Union .The country will stop fossil fuel subsidies and bring about Economic and structural reforms , working together with other nations as the host of COP27 .
The deputy secretary or minister of Energy for the USA , itemized five areas of focus of the Biden administration in their USA energy transition and climate action plans which are 1 Goals setting 2 Innovation 3 Deploy resources 4 Affordable and reliable supply 5 Partnerships [public -private partnerships ] .
Environmental justice across countries and at home in the build back better plan is factored into the USA plan .
The speakers in the ministerial plenary will be working with other partner countries of the united nations especially those of Africa including those present at the congress , who are Ghana , Nigeria, Angola , since Egypt is in Africa .
Dr, Ntuba , Akwo Thompson , international political leader, Physician and Communicator . Certified professional and expert Global Health USA . Adviser of Prime ministers and Presidents

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