May. 24, 2021


Global health commodities are traded in the international markets and global health experts, with much insight in the working of international trade and investments in health care commodities, continue to play a vital role in making the world healthier.
Research and development of global health commodities like vaccines and therapeutics require a lot of money which may go into billions of US dollars of investments.
The global health body of the UN [WHO] has invested many billions of dollars in getting covid 19 health commodities to member states though much is still expected as it is said.
The current situation in India that has caused the serum institute of India to fall short of producing the required covid 19 vaccines for export is troubling.
Middle and low-income countries are asking those restrictions on health commodities intellectual property rights be lifted so that covid vaccines can be made on all the continents.
Sinopharm from china and Sputnik from Russia are covid vaccines in circulation in different countries. it must be noted that sovereign states have the right to cater to the medical and health needs of their populations, reasons why certain nations cannot go into Russia and or china and say use Moderna or J and J vaccines,
In global health diplomacy, international trade laws and restrictions may be a problem. Iran blamed the USA during wha73 for trade restrictions imposed on their country through organizations like the world trade organization and the united nations, saying it has led to many of their nationals dead from covid 19.
The world health organization is the main global health diplomacy body and in its,s WHA74, will be addressing some of these issues related to trade in medical and health commodities, asking that covid 19 vaccines technologies be shared freely with member states and restrictions in intellectual property rights over covid 19 vaccines be lifted.
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson, international leader, and communicator certified professional and expert in global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.

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