May. 16, 2021


Civic and federal government leadership of the USA based in Houston joined forces to address the Violence public health crisis in Houston and by extension in the American black community and the USA.
A huge crowd of blacks and Houston police officers joined the mayor Sylvester Turner, chief of police for Houston Troy Finner, congress members Sheila Jackson Lee and Al Green, local faith leaders, and the president of the Houston NAACP leader who happened to be a church leader.
The march started from the Jack Yates high school to the Texas Southern university sports arena where an awareness campaign and or rally took place with the leaders briefly speaking on the issue, suggesting the way forward.
It must be realized that violence in the USA is presently considered a public health crisis.
Homicides in Houston and other similar cities are high.
Late officer Preston, a former Houston police department officer killed by a resident of Houston was one of the two whose names were used as reasons for the march and anti-violence campaign, the other being George Floyd whose family was part of the event and spoke to the gathered crowd.
The chief of police spoke about the effects of violence and crimes committed by the very few bad community members and police officers.
Chief Troy Finner in a very smart and wisely chosen few words encouraged the communities and police-community to work together to make changes and reforms to decrease crimes and violence.
The mothers of young men and women who are mostly targetted and or killed challenged themselves and the community to stand for their children and do more to make sure they live long and fulfilled lives.
Congresswoman, Sheila Jackson Lee who has earned the title of mother and elder in these communities spoke out against the law that is being discussed for passage in the state assembly in texas for residents to be able to carry guns without license and authorization under certain conditions as a bad policy that will only increase the number of guns in the communities and lead to more violence using guns.
Congresswoman Jackson Lee said they will work on the gun buyback initiative as well as the GEORGE FLOYD bill in congress to be passed into law.
The march and rally was an opportunity to begin a long collaboration discussion and work together by the national association of the advancement of colored people and the Houston police department in addressing good community policing and reduction of violence by residents on police and police on residents.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo, the international leader and communicator, certified professional, and expert of global health and development [USA]. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.

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