Mar. 21, 2021


The Death of the Asians in Atlanta has opened up channels and opportunities for people across America to speak up against hate and hate crimes against any people groups.
Since the declaration of the sars cov 2 virus pandemic as a global health problem of global concern by the world health organization in March 2020 and former republican President Donald Trump calling it the Chinese virus, the Asian community has experienced much stigmatization and discriminations from certain individuals and or groups in the USA .
Hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have increased in numbers in major cities in the USA.
Asians like all the other minority communities have experienced hate, driven by racism and other factors.
When the is an economic downturn, national catastrophes, and disasters or terrorism, people associate certain people groups with them and take out their frustrations on them as targets.
While Caucasians were also killed by the gunman in the Atlanta spas shooting, making it difficult to conclude that the targets were Asian Americans alone, many Asian Americans do not buy the explanation that it was not Asian hate crimes, targetting Asians as others did in history in many parts of the country of the USA.
Those who are hating Asian Americans do not understand how much Asian Americans have been doing since March 2020, working with their city leaders and fellow Americans to contain the spread of coronavirus and help those suffering from covid 19 in the USA and around the world.
The protests around America, are a call for all to stand up and say stop hating any and all Americans not only blacks, Latinos, whites but Asians too .
The small number of those doing the racism, hate, and bigotry, are not all Americans and should never be used for generalization in condemnations.
They are a small number of people of all races who create problems that may make us want to generalize.
They are haters in all people groups and they must be singled out and made to bear responsibility and accountability for their actions .
Those who are leaders with millions of followers should stop calling viruses by the names of other nations. We should stop naming variants of viruses after other nations because that creates a stigma that may lead to hatred and discrimination.
America cannot afford to add Asian racism on top of black, Latino, and poor whites discrimination
President Biden has addressed the issue in Washington and Atlanta, asking the perpetrators to stop the hatred of Asians.
The protests in the different major cities in America are speaking awareness to the issues.
America is asking all the haters in all the racial groups in America to stop hating fellow Americas , be they Asians, blacks, whites and or Latinos.
Dr, Ntuba Ntuba Akwo Thompson , international leader, and communicator. certified professional and expert in global health USA, and adviser of prime ministers and presidents.

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