Mar. 15, 2021


Hon Mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston, a recognized national USA public figure and leader of the fourth biggest city and head of USA mayors come together on climate has praised the transformative police leadership of outgoing Houston police department chief Art Acevado who he hired out of Austin in 2016.
Mayor Turner, in his manner of exalting from the Biblical text, starting by saying the is a time and season for all, believing, this was the season and time for Acevado to also contribute to his nation in another city that happens to be Miami Florida, where chief Acevedo has accepted employment as police department head, starting in a few weeks time.
Mayor Turner said he knew chief Acevedo in Austin while he Turner was an honorable state lawmaker in the legislature and chief Art Acevedo, then the chief of police for Austin.
Turner said he hates to see Acevedo leave though he wished he and his family well as they go to their new service station and city.
Mayor Turner listed 4 major leadership abilities of the outgoing chief of police Acevado that served the Houston police department well among which are, 1 Relationship with people and communities 2 Style of policing which Acevedo calls community and policing of the 21st century 3 Ability to see the big picture and 4 leadership skill. Some of those skills alluded are found in Acevedo's, boss, as could be heard during the leadership dialogue discussions at CeraWeek 2021 , when mayor Turner as a USA recognized national leader and public figure spoke among a president and prime minister Moody of India on leadership.
Asked by Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson, if chief Acevado choose his career security over Houston and the people in leaving for Miami, as he has said he is influenced in that decision by the fact that Mayor Turner,s term in office is drawing to a close ?. The mayor said no, that Acevado like others have a right to chose when to leave, as he freely decided to leave Austin in 2016 to come to Houston at the request of the mayor.
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson of healthndevelopment magazine and media asked the mayor if his decision as to who will be appointed to the office of Houston police chief in the next few days will be influenced by city councilors? , against the history of a former city councilor who campaigned against Turner for the office of mayor in 2019, wished to do, going as far as saying he will dismiss chief Art Acevado if voted mayor, besides being known as the candidate of the fire union who was then creating problems for the present fire chief. Mayor Turner cited the great relationship he has with all his council members as most of them can testify.
Acevedo is credited for keeping Houston safe during the George Floyd riots and protests, making sure that no building or property in Houston was burned or destroyed, and he put his career and person on the line by going on air on national television to tell president Trump to shut up if he had nothing to good to say, especially as the rhetoric of Tump which others like senator Cruz in Houston have said went too far some times, was putting the lives of police officers at stake.
Chief Acevado has been an outspoken champion for the down and out. Many times Acevado was told to speak in Spanish for the sake of Spanish-speaking Americans and he never hesitated to do so.
Acevedo won the hearts of common people in Houston, Texas, and America when he was seen as one of the major city chief of police marching with the George Floyd protesters.
Chief Acevedo,s last major assignment in Houston Texas was securing the city for a safe trip to Houston by President Biden and his wife and safe return to Washington DC.
Mayor Sylvester Turner said chief Acevedo performed at an exemplary level in Houston and he knows that he will do a great job in Miami.
Dr. Ntuba Awo Thompson international leader and communicator. Certified professional and expert in global health USA.Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.

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