Jan. 20, 2021

Global health Updates: President Biden orders the USA back and Dr Anthony Fauci to address the WHO.

Video, Dr Ntu7⁷ba Akwo Thompson in Washington DC USA for the Biden/Harris inauguration for three days .

President Biden has signed an order, authorizing the United States to return to the World health organization or WHO ,the main global health multilateral agency or Global health body .
Former President Trump had blamed the global health body for not holding the Chinese government accountable for the Corona Virus pandemic or global outbreak.
Former President Trump openly made his contentions public and said he was to pull the USA out of the body in 2020 and wrote to congress of his intend to do so.
Dr. ANTHONY FAUCI ,the appointed health adviser to president Biden has been authorized to speak or address the health body on Thursday, and some of the intended USA suggestions for reforms .
Dr Alez Azar , the outgoing Trump administration health minister or Secretary, said during the USA address at the world health assembly the policy making arm of the WHO in 2020 ,that America wanted reforms and needed to hold member states accountable like China .
A commission to give account of WHO,s preparedness and response to the Covid19 Pandemic was put in place last year and WHO bioscientists are presently in China ,working on the origin of the Sars CoV2 virus .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson International leader and communicator. Certified professional and expert Global USA [Communication].

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