Jan. 16, 2021

Houstonian criticizes long Mega Covid 19 vaccination wait time and other processes .

Mayor Sylvester Turner has refused to accept blame and responsibility for the long waiting time and lack of free parking at the minute Maid park mega Covid 19 vaccination clinics.
Most of the participants waited quietly in their seats for their turn to be vaccinated and were very appreciative of the opportunity to have the vaccine .
A very tiny proportion of people expressed their frustrations openly like the Houstonian in the attached video .
He spoke out loud in a group in which he sat when the mayor approached them to greet and find out how they were doing.
He openly accused the Mayor for poor performance in rolling out the vaccines while Mayor Sylvester Turner explained that he was not responsible for the long wait time .
Taking questions from Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson of healthndevelopment media outlet related to the successes of the event , he returned to the same accusations , insinuating at one point that Dr Akwo Thompson was defending the Mayor.
When asked why he was agitated when the Mayor was doing all in his power for all the 5000 people to be vaccinated?, he said the mayor is paid to do the job and he is not doing it .
When asked about other concerns besides long waiting time he may have,he said the was no parking .
The gentle man in question was then asked for his advice on how to improve the processes he complained about and he had no advice to give .
Houston Chronicle communicator asked the Mayor how he intends to address concerns of Houstonians like the complainant alluded after praising the city for many successes in the overall mega vaccination endeavor. Mayor Turner made it clear that vaccinating 5000 people in the same place on the same day is not an easy task and there must be complains here and there from a few people which was accepted.
To another question asked from a distance through the poll questions about technical failures , Mayor Turner was clear that the questioner did not understand the meaning of technical failure, as the was no technical failure recorded in the techniques used in administering the vaccines . All personnel involved in the vaccination process are trained , and the cold chained for the Moderna vaccines were properly managed . The computers were working well and many thousands were vaccinated without complains .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson, international leader and communicator. Certified professional and Expert Global health and Development USA [Communication].

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