Oct. 1, 2020

Police Reform News: USA city mayors are working with their communities for change.

The united state's cities headed by mayors are working with their different constituents to bring about demanded police reforms following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Breonna Taylor in the Kentucky city of Louisville.
Our recent visit and travel to Louisville, KY, revealed the tensions between police departments and their taxpayer employers the people since the People are the city as they say in Houston.
President Barack Obama created the national police reforms task force of the 21st century, though most of the recommendations are only accepted today by many mayors and police departments after the demand from many city residents to do away with police departments and officers.
In the city of Minneapolis, mayor Frey is struggling with the demands of the residents even as many city councilors are refusing to vote on the requested changes.
It is one thing to form a police reform task force with recommendations and another to get the required city councilors to pass the recommendations into municipal laws.
Many mayors have taken actions by signing executive orders, changing police policies and practices, though many think they are not always enough and could be undone with time.
Mayor Sylvester Turner has received and presented the report of the task force on policing.
They made 104 recommendations under six major headings including changing the structure of the independent oversight board. Community policing and Crisis response.
The work of the task force has moved to phase two, which is execution and will require all on board including city councilors, police unions. Community leaders, residents, unions, and other stakeholders.
Mayor Turner is asking for the patience and participation of all groups involved and or affected by the recent police shootings and national protests to get engaged.
Dr. Akwo Ntuba Thompson

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