Sep. 17, 2020

Texas Covid 19 News: Mayor S. Turner of Houston response to governor Abbot, s reopening order.

Mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston held a briefing to inform his city residents on the state of Covid19 preparedness and response ,and also shared some thoughts on the post Texas Covid 19 resurgence opening executive order by Governor Gregg Abbott.
The mayor gave the recent numbers of new cases of Corona virus positive tests and deaths .
The slides of the state of Houston shows that the resurgence curve have bent tremendously though not to the below 5% the city leaders have as goal .
The mayor says caution should be the watch word as Houston and Texas approach the next coming days, weeks and months , especially as children are about to return to school physically and other events to begin .
He frowns at 75 % reopening of certain sectors of the Texas economy, using the slides to show how bad the numbers became in April and May 2020 after the state was reopened without much precautions.
The mayor says the numbers are down but the virus has not left.
Mayor Turner calls on Houstonians and Texas to cooperate ,so that the below 5% positivity rates can be realized.
The mayor answered questions from Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo on managing risk instead of elimination of the virus, knowing the is no vaccine or cure available yet.
Mayor Turner said the chief medical officer Dr David Persse and directors of related departments have a plan should things get bad again like it did in April and May, reassuring Houstonians to cooperate and fear not.
Others who were present are mayor proterm Dave Martin, Houston fire Chief Pena and Dr David Persse.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo

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