Sep. 17, 2020

Development News: United nations general assembly 2020 or 75th is in progress.

With the elections of Turkish diplomat, H. E . Volkan Bozkir, the 75th general assembly of the United nations, the policy making body of close to 193 world nations including the USA started on the16th of September 2020 in New York city USA.
The hybrid assembly will have member heads of states address the body through recorded speeches presented to the president.
Covid 19 and it,s related Socio-economic problems will take center stage this year 2020.
The secretary general in his first press conference for UNGA 75 , gave a list of issues which will be addressed including ,1 Covid19 vaccines 2 Climate change 3 Racism and discrimination 4 Disarmament and nuclear proliferation.
The chief executive officer of the UN system , in answer to a question about the recently signed Abraham accord at the White House, said the agreement is the right of member states to make as sovereign states, though the inclusion of stopping annexation o lands by Isreal is a good thing, that helps the two states agreements for the Palestinians and Israelis.
The SG said the Covid19 vaccine when available must become public good , not the preserve of rich nations and will be made available and accessible to poor and rich countries.
The UN executive officer called for renewed negociations and peace talks in troubled spots like Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and Middle East.
The UN leadership continues to condemn and discourage unprofitable nationalism, showing the many successes in needed multilateralism.
With Trump administration taking the united states away from many UN bodies like Human rights commission and WHO, many fear the uncertainties of a 2nd Trump term in office for the UN .
Any president or delegation that wants to participate physically , must quarantine 14 days before access to the New York UN building.
Those heads of states who could not address the UN before physically under American refusal to issue Visas can take advantage of the first virtual UNGA to do so.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo

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