Aug. 9, 2020

School Reopening in the USA and around the world is dependent on Safety from COVID 19

Preparation for the 2020-2021 School here is going on as expected though parents are not sure if their children will be using the school backpacks, books, and other school materials physically present in school, studying at home online or homeschooled by their parents.
At the St, Joseph church premises North of Jupiter in Richardson Texas, ladies were collecting backpack donations from parishioners and well-wishers in preparation for school resumption or opening. The religious schools or faith-based educational institutions are exempted from the regulation and control of the government entities and could open up for schooling when they think it is right and safe for their students to return to physical presence in School.
Governance and administrative authorities in the different Independent School districts are working hard to have their students and staff, including teachers return to safe environments at school.
President Trump and other Republican members of the USA Congress and senate continue to accuse Democrats of playing politics with the lives of young people, who they want to return to school immediately while the democrats accuse the republicans of being out of touch and out of reality with the national COVID 19 situation.
In Paris France, arrangements are made for Schools to resume like in other European countries where Sars Co2 viral transmission has been controlled.
Dr. Akwo Thomnpson Ntuba

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