Jul. 10, 2020

Low USA COVID19 Death numbers :Unaccounted COVID 19 deaths and better health care response

The head of the city of Houston medical and emergency response to COVID 19 pandemic Dr. David Persse on Thursday at the legacy room of city hall responded to concerns and questions that Houstonians and Americans are asking probably motivated by the statements from President Trump that the USA COVID 19 preparedness and response is great because of overall low death rates.
Dr. David. Persse has continued to emphasize that, the low death or mortality rates registered in Houston and Harris County can be explained on unreported COVID deaths and lag in reporting of death cases related to COVID 19 because attending Physicians must first give the cause of death before the state registry come out with death certificates with the cause of death which process could take several weeks.
As heard on the video, the expert on emergency medicine with the city of Houston explained his position clearly with graphs that Mayor Turner and Chief Of Police Art Aceveda took time to study as he spoke.
In Answering questions from Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba of Healthndevelopment Magazine, the first doing with why he does not talk about the successes at the intensive care units, emergencies and hospital beds that are leading many admitted with COVID 19 returning home safely. Dr. Persse said we can,t role out the contributions of our health care system.
Dr. Akwo Thompson followed up with the question of fetomaternal or transfer of the Corona Virus from mothers to babies in the womb[Uterus ].
It must be noted that many other factors are said to be responsible for the low death rates documented despite very high positive test results and hospital visits and or admissions, like asymptomatic cases in young people who report positive but do not always show up in the hospital or emergency rooms but can transmit the virus to others like seniors.
Houston and Harris County are now considered a hot spot for COVID 19 after a very very successful containment strategy and outcome data over many months as Rice Universiti studies showed.
Mayor Sylvester Turner has returned to the same measures which gave them great success in the first half of the year, asking for solidarity and cooperation from all Houstonians to help contain the present resurgence.
Dr. Akwo Ntuba Thompson

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