May. 21, 2020

City of Houston USA advice residents to respect Covid19 prevention measures during memorial weekend.

After a successful world health assembly 2020 with most nations committing to do more to protect and safe their people from the effects of COVID 19, city of Houston, the fourth biggest city in the USA, held another COVID 19 press briefing to inform, communicate and educate the residents on the state of affairs in the city related to COVID 19.
The mayor was flanked by council member Pollard of District J, Houston Covid19 recovery Czar Marvin Odum, the chief nurse of the Micheal Duberky VA hospital Houston and wife of a Houstonian who died from Covid 19 related problems.
The mayor said "the pandemic has not ended, the threat to our health is not over, just because the businesses are opening up". Mayor Turner was clear that it was time to double down on control measures to stop the spread of the virus.
With 141 new cases added as of the 5/21/2020, Houston now records a total number of 6188 cases with 4 new death cases that bring the death count to a total count of 123. It must be noted that, as the is more robust testing going on with the many new sites free of charge for anybody interested to be tested, the numbers are going up and the infected are counseled and linked with case management services.
The chief nurse of the Houston VA, hospital spoke of their services and the loss of one of their nurses to COVID 19, asking the population to take the virus seriously, corroborating the prevention measures message of the wife of a Houstonian who recently died from COVID 19.
Mr. Marvin Odum also emphasized the need for social distancing and wearing of protective face coverings like masks.
The community is encouraged to respect preventive measures like social distancing during the memorial weekend celebrations.
Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba

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