May. 16, 2019

The black church & HIV ; The social justice imperative .

The Black Church & HIV Initiative Announcement
It has been our honor and pleasure to mobilize faith and community leaders to address HIV as a social justice issue among the Black community. We are excited to share that we successfully completed our CGI Commitment to Action and the work this initiative set out to do. As a result, the initiative will be coming to a close this month.
trained more than 2,000 faith leaders
on how to address HIV as a social justice issue from the pulpit and reached an estimated
1.4 million Black Church congregants
across the 30 U.S. cities with the greatest HIV burden as a result. We also:
We want to thank you and take a moment to reflect on the great work you have helped us to accomplish over the past six years. Together, we have
While this initiative has accomplished what it set out to do, the foundation laid for this important work is far from finished. The Black community still needs your help to keep
moving faith from awareness--to engagement--to ending HIV
. These tools are designed to help you address HIV from the pulpit and in your community. By taking action, you will make a difference in the lives of those living with or at risk for HIV. Start or renew your efforts to address HIV in your community today by visiting the
In tandem with our commitment’s completion and the initiative’s close,
We hope that this foundation and your continued work will help to eliminate the disproportionate and systemic burden of HIV on the Black community. If we can support you in this work, please email us at
The Black Church & HIV
 initiative started with you – and the systemic, nationwide change we aim to achieve happens one church and one community at a time.
The power of 
Our Sincere Regards,
The Black Church & HIV

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