Mar. 12, 2019

Global petroleum and energy leaders participating in IHS Markit world summit

Quoting Daniel Yergin , vice chairman , IHS Markit ,

Quoting Daniel Yergin , vice chairman , IHS Markit , " The great energy innovation enterprise is part of a very large experiment that is seeking to answer two enormous questions : Whether the world will have the energy it needs to support a $130 trillion economy two decades from now and to what and what extent will it come from carbon fuels ? The experiment is definitely not some thing just for the future . As the Energy innovation Pioneers help demonstrate, it has already begun .
America has positioned it self as a knew world oil and gas leader . The new data and reports show that in three years America will be in front of Russia as oil an exporter and in five years match Saudi Arabia in the first place , as a global oil exporter , all driven by USA Shale which is mostly used in the petrochemical , shipping and aviation companies .
China has fallen as the number one importer of oil recently with the slowing in growth of the Chinese economy .
Answering a question on Africa by Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson , chief of health and development magazine and media , the global oil leaders said , Africa is seeing new oil and gas production in four new countries as Nigeria , Ghana, Equatorial Guinea , Kenya and South Sudan made a strong case for investments in their countries .
Daniel Yergin has been clear in questions related to global competition in an Era where president Putin has brought Russia back to the world scene as a great geopolitical player , after interventions in Syria and Israel . Brexit and its consequences in the global markets were discussed and put in perspective while the roles of India and the crisis in Venezuela were factored into the discussions which are done under ; policy , leadership , strategic management , finance and investment , sustainability and climate change and innovations in all the alluded at the Agora space or section .
The US secretary of state will be a special Key note speaker of the CERAWEEK global energy conference in the oil and energy capital of the world , Houston Texas on Tuesday at 6;30 pm at the Ball room of the Hilton Hotel Down Town .
Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson

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