Aug. 14, 2018

New Ebola cases reported in the North Eastern part of the DRC .

 Director General of the World health organization  addressed the recent outbreak of Ebola in the Eastern part of the contry of Cobgo  in his 14 August 2018 press conference .

Dr Tedros and his team just returned from a visit to the new areas affected in the Democratic republic of the Congo after   immediately  after his organization and partners had declared  the nation controlled of Ebola .

  The director general of the  world health organization , Dr Tedros G  held a press conference with the assistant director General for emergencies on the 14 of August 2018 in Geneva addressing the state of the new Ebola outbreak in the North Eastern part of the country .

   He was worried following the findings he and his team gathered from their recent trip to the Eastern part of the DRC . The present statistics shows that 57 new cases have been reported  as of the press conference time  with 27 deaths compared to 53 cases and 29 deaths in total during the recently controlled outbreak .

  He said that seven health workers were affected and were  sent home with the rest of their co workers and new personnel brought in .

   Women and children are more affected in the recent outbreak  with women as care givers and children in close proximity to the women as possible  drivers .


    The minister of Health of Congo has already visited the environment and working with other partner organizations on the ground, including  Medecin san frontiers  and  UNICEF .

   Ring vaccination is going on , while treatment is also given to confirmed cases .

  The community leaders , including faith leaders are mobilized to help with prevention messages , contact tracing and support .

   Request for financial contributions has been made .He thanked   Bill Gates foundation , USA government , Japan and other countries that have already pledged to contribute funds .

   He listed some of the challenges that the present outbreak   poses  including , dense population , and red zones because of war which makes access difficult .

 The outbreak has not yet been declared a global public health emergency . 

    Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba

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