Jul. 22, 2016

Philadelphia RNC delegate on issues of 2016 USA presidential elections .

Few hours to the acceptance speech of Mr Donald Trump to the republican national convention in Clevelqnd Ohio , Mr Christopher M . Vogler , delegate 1st congressional district Pensylvania , member PA republican state committee Philadelphia county , ward leader -55th ward spoke with the editor of health and development magazine .
He felt senator Crux behaved childish in not endorsing Donal Trump , gave three plat form issues which would make Mr Donald Trump to win in November , expressing great appreciation for the work done by the police in the city of Cleveland in keeping the peace during the convention . He does not intend to attend the demeocratic convention taking place in his city of Philadelphia from the 25-28th of July 2016, because it is for the democrats .
Dr Akwo , Thompson Ntuba

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