Jun. 28, 2016

Global health presentations at American association of nurse practitioners conference 2016

Global health presentations were made in multiple sessions during the just ended annual conference of the American association of nurse practitioners . In one of the sessions ,participants were given insight as to the answer to the question , "are short term medical missions useful ". During the closing day , in a session having five speakers doing six minutes talks each, participants listened to the joys of faith based medical missions overseas , over view of Zika virus , doing clinical examination on refugees , besides a general scientific understanding of global health from Ms Amy Moore of the Texas tech university health sciences center . It is worth noting that a black lady with the USA military present, advised those who were interested in global health not to limit their search to faith based organisations but also check out USAID , PEACE CORPS , US military and other government global health engagements .In a post presentation interview with Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba , Ms Moore said gobla health can be done here in the united states and not only abroad among poor people , this was in line with her understanding and definition of global health [involving global populations ]. DR AKWO THOMPSON NTUBA

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